How to Make a Smooth Stone in Minecraft; Quick Guide

Minecraft is a great game where you can spend your time creating huge buildings and crafting items to reach your ultimate goal. The game allows users to harvest crops

How to Make a Smooth Stone in Minecraft – Quick Guide

How to make a smooth stone in Minecraft

Minecraft is a great game where you can spend your time creating huge buildings and crafting items to reach your ultimate goal. The game allows users to collect different types of items and further refine them into new items. Cobblestone is the most popular type of stone, which apart from wood is a great starting element and is easily accessible. Cobblestones can be turned into swords, pickaxes or refined as smooth stones.

In this guide, we take a look at the steps required to refine ordinary cobblestones into smooth stone. Few people focus on a smooth stone item as they are looking for rare items like quartz etc to build a house. But there are a few things you will need a smooth stone, so let’s check out how to refine a smooth stone.

Crafting a stone in Minecraft is a fairly easy process and can be crafted with just one item. Read on to find out how to make Stone in Minecraft.

How to make Stone in Minecraft?

Materials required:

Cobblestone is the only item you’ll need to create stones in Minecraft.

Crafting a Stone in Survival Mode:

Step 1: Load the oven menu

The first step is to open the furnace to display the furnace menu on the screen.

Step 2: Add fuel to the stove

In the next step, you need to add some fuel to the stove lower fuel box. You can use coal as fuel to make stones.

Step 3: Add items

Since the only item required is cobblestone, it can simply be placed in the top box of the furnace. When you do this, you will see flames cooking the item. Once the paving stones are properly cooked in the oven, the stone will appear in the chest on the right.

Step 4: Put the stone in your inventory

Once the stone is ready in your furnace, you can transfer it to your inventory.

Smooth Stone is a great addition to any Minecraft players arsenal… We cover all the best ways to get it and how to use it… Extra content within reach!…

Required Materials

To make a smooth stone, you need one ingredient: the stone. 1 stone block equals 1 smooth stone block.

It sounds simple, but there is a catch. Smooth stone is created by smelting stone. This means that you will need a stove and a fuel source.

Now, to get the stone, you will have to melt the pavement. So the furnace is key to the whole process.

Pavement is obtained by mining stone with a pickaxe. Once you get the pavement, you can turn it into a stove.

Using the furnace, you can melt the pavement back to stone, and the stone to smooth stone. It must be a pain in the ass!

When you are looking for a fuel source you have many options! Some are easier to get than others.

Wooden planks are probably the easiest to find, but only smell 1.5 pieces per plank. Charcoal and coal smelt 8 pieces per piece. A block of coal will melt 80 pieces, but the best fuel is a bucket of lava which will melt 100 pieces.

Lava is quite hard to come by early in the game, so wood or coal is the easiest choice.

Players can make almost anything from basic stone blocks in Minecraft, including buildings and even a different look of stone blocks.

Chiseled Stone Bricks

Carved stone blocks have several steps that players need to complete. First, stone is needed to make basic stone bricks. Then the basic stone bricks can be turned into stone brick slabs. Then connect the stone slabs with the bricks to get carved bricks. Even though these bricks are the most complex to make, the final look is worth it; gives a unique silhouette to any building or wall.

With each of these blocks, players can build any building of their dreams, for example an entire Destiny 2 game rebuilt in Minecraft.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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