How To MetroPcS Free Phone Upgrade A Complete Guide. Metro pcs when can i upgrade

Their interface is also good. Its menu is based on a basic understanding of the smartphone, you can operate it. You also get good storage space. So you don’t have to fight other overpriced phones when mid-range Samsung can serve you well.

Upgrade MetroPCS Phones During COVID19: T-Mobile Shows the Way

In this pandemic situation of COVID-10 Corona Virus, the wireless network provider T-mobile is joining forces with many other wireless service providers. With this new initiative, the company’s motive is to provide relief to customers during a pandemic. With many other amenities, the company offers the option to upgrade MetroPCS phones during Covid-19.

Why Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

Metro, owned by T-Mobile, offers many of the best monthly rental plans. All plans include unlimited calls, texts and data. You need to check your requirements before updating. Plus, you can always add extra features available on Metro PCS plans that are inexpensive and still active.

In 2015, MetroPCS merged with T-Mobile, and all metro PCS phone users were transferred to the company’s LTE network. The merger affected old phone users whose Metro PCS phones were unable to connect to the latest LTE wireless band. As a result, old users had to update the Metro.

How to Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

How to update MetroPCS phones? The update process is not that difficult and it will not take that long to complete it. T-Mobile is releasing and adding many new features for its old and new users. Existing subscribers can use some of the latest MetroPCS upgrade phones very easily. But if you are not a Metro Phone user, you can still take advantage of the offer by purchasing a new MetroPCS phone.

Recently, MetroPCS by T-Mobile introduced many offers for its users, as well as many new smartphones and huge discounts on other MetroPCS phones available.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

When you purchase any MetroPCS phone, you are automatically entitled to update every 90 days after activating the phone, up to four times a year.

If you still want to upgrade your phone before the 90 days is up, you must pay the full cost of the phone you selected. This can be done at any time, but only through the My Metro App.

How Metro by T-Mobile Is Responding to Coronavirus?

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic affects everyone’s lives. But the company provided some relief by offering a lot of deals like unlimited international calls, unlimited data, extra data from hotspots for the next two months. Doesn’t that sound exciting and does it bring relief from this difficult situation? Let’s read on and find out what exactly they offer.

HotSpot Data: – Each T-Mobile wireless plan that includes HotSpot Mobile data entitles you to receive an additional 10 GB of hotspot data per month for the next two months.

International calling: – The company provides free worldwide calls, but this is limited to selected mobile and landline numbers only.

Mobile Data: – Customers whose plan had limited data will now get unlimited data for the next 60 days.

Metro Retail Stores: – All authorized metro stores are temporarily closed within shopping malls. Other stores or authorized dealers in remote areas have limited opening hours or are fully closed until further notice.

You can even share your internet with such devices instead of buying MiFis, which makes your life easier. As we said, the latest smartphones allow you to connect to home security systems via the Internet to monitor your premises from a distance.

What Phones are Available for MetroPcs Phone upgrade?

Currently, the owner of the company is T-Mobile and as for T-Mobile it offers one of the best nationwide coverage. They use GSM technology to keep their customers connected so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Network technology is the deciding factor because if the phone you want uses another network technology like CDMA, it can be difficult to get your phone updated. Below is a list of some of the companies that offer phones under MetroPcS;


Samsung Electronics is known for supplying flagship and mid-range smartphones such as the recently launched A series. Phones offer a good quality camera, ample internal memory, a user-friendly interface and much more that depends on the type of phone you choose.


Motorola has recently released the G series, which are good phones too. It’s also a company that offers a free phone when you switch to MetroPcS, something not many companies offer. The phones have nice features like fast processing, good quality camera and lots of internal memory


Apple recently launched the iPhone 11 series, which has been discounted for its triple camera design. However, most people like these phones because of the ecosystem built into them. They also offer the best performance, camera quality and user-friendly interface.

This phone manufacturer definitely doesn’t have a large market share, but it does offer some really good phones. The company prides itself on using reliable processors to build the best performance when loading applications. You also get a user-friendly interface, high-quality camera, and more.

Other phone companies include LG, Razor, Huawei, and many more. As long as the phone accepts GSM technology, it will work with Metro. However, make sure you buy an unlocked phone from an authorized retailer.

Does MetroPCS give free phones with activation?

Everyone wants a free phone, and MetroPCS is the ticket to this offer. At Metro PCS, you’ll get free phones, but you’ll also get data, calling and SMS offers this year. MetroPCS Announces Initial Phone Lineup for Existing and Future Customers, Free MetroPCS Activated Phones, Some of the Hottest Phone Models You’ll Love.

Recently, MetroPCS said it reaches 99% of all US residents. This means that if you prepare a free MetroPCS phone with activation, you will get the most reliable network. Note that like other mobile collaboration providers, MetroPCS and T – Mobile keep updating their promotions and offers for consumers.

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