How to Open the Buy Menu in CS: GO. How to make buy zone anywhere csgo

It is no understatement to suggest that the CZ75 was one of the most difficult pistols, or even a weapon, to balance Valve. In one and a half years between the summer of 2014 and December 2015, CZ75 received 6 (!) Nerfs and buffs. That’s more than the M4A1-S has had in all of its CS: GO life.

CSGO Danger Zone: Tips on how to win

The incredibly popular battle royale trend has finally arrived at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The makers of CSGO, dubbed Danger Zone, have implemented their own take on the popular genre.

While the general idea remains the same, there are some iteration differences in the CSGO genre. For starters, there are up to 18 players on the map called Blacksite. This means that the games are fairly short, typically 10 to 20 minutes. Another significant difference is the implementation of drones. From the very beginning, players can order packages using a tablet provided by drones. This is perhaps one of the most unique features in the Danger Zone as players can compensate for a lack of gear, weapons, and usability by simply purchasing them.

Each battle royale differs in some respects in terms of strategies that can potentially give you an edge over your opponents. It is no different in the Danger Zone. Below are various tips and tricks that are not so obvious from the start and can lead to a smoother and faster victory.

Tip #1: Scout your territory beforehand

Once locked in your drop zone, you are transported and very slowly lowered to the rope from the helicopter. This gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the environment in which you land. Looking not only for enemy players, but also for all kinds of chests (especially the red ones that contain weapons) should be your priority. This will give you a target after landing. Instead of running like a headless chicken and potentially not finding any loot, make sure you find at least something to run for.

This tip should be paired with the previous one. Imagine the enemy player falling fairly close to you and let’s say he sees that precious red gun box as well – how can you get there faster? Well, by holding down “E” by default you can let go of the helicopter rope before reaching the ground. This can be very helpful in situations where a lot of players are lunging around you and you need those extra few seconds. Be careful though, as fall damage is very high, even in the Danger Zone, so make sure your fall decision is right.

Sometimes game developers do something so completely surprising that everyone is partly shocked and partly delighted. Shocked that they cannot grasp the consequences and horrified that they are actually trying to defend it.

Default Buy Menu Key

By default, the game assigns the E key to the purchase menu. As long as you are at the respawn point, you can press E and bring up the purchase menu. Then you can prepare and go on a killing spree.

buy a menu

But what if you want to open your shopping menu elsewhere on the map? Tell me, when are you playing on a private server or exercising offline?

To do this, you need to turn on the developer console.

How to Use Buy Anywhere

  1. Summon the console.
  2. Type the following command: mp_buy_anywhere 1.
    Thanks to this, everyone will have access to the purchase menu anywhere on the map. But you can also set the time. Otherwise, you may not be able to buy anything after the round has started.
  3. Enter the following command in the console: mp_buytime 6000.
    The cool thing about buy_everywhere is that you can use it to customize the playing field. For example, you can enable it for both teams or just one side.
  4. Enter the following command to enable the terrorist purchase menu: mp_buy_anywhere 2.
  5. Here is the command for counter-terrorists: mp_buy_anywhere 3.
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Is the E Key Annoying You?

Some players prefer to use the E key to pick up their weapons. Therefore, it can be annoying when you accidentally call up the purchase menu near the spawn. Or on maps with mp_buy_anywhere turned on.

Fortunately, there is an command to disconnect the E key from the purchase menu:

  1. Start the console.
  2. Enter the following line: cl_use_opens_buy_menu 0.
    This will bind the E key, the “Use” key, only to “use” actions such as picking up weapons and more. It will no longer display the purchase menu, no matter what mod is enabled on the map.
  3. Enter the following command to re-enable the menu: cl_use_opens_buy_menu 1.

Each battle royale differs in some respects in terms of strategies that can potentially give you an edge over your opponents. It is no different in the Danger Zone. Below are various tips and tricks that are not so obvious from the start and can lead to a smoother and faster victory.

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Use mp_afterroundmoney 16,000, which will give you and everyone else up to 16,000 money at the beginning of each round.

It looks like the maximum amount a player can have is 65,535, the command I am currently using to achieve this is:

It allows a maximum money of 60,000

For more than 16 thousand..

Open the console and write:

Note: This will only give you 16,000 money, so you will have to repeat the referral if you spend everything.

Which unfortunately forces him to re-put in command each round. The 3ventic solution works much better.

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Speaking of disposable ponies, the Tec-9 was another infamous handgun that could play a CS: GO game in no time. No bombing sites were safe when the Terrorists were force-buying as this T-only gun was so crazy in terms of performance that Valve weakened ALL of the guns to the ground in 2017.


In Danger Zone you respawn in a selected part of the map where you have to collect stuff, there are 4 ways to get items.

  • Purchasing via tablet.
  • Buying through the door.
  • Opening boxes.
  • Land grabs / players who died.

When you play solo you want to try and be prepared for anyone who comes from different angles, anyone with a drone upgrade can see your drone. So, while most people are alive, avoid buying anything from the tablet except the upgrades as they don’t deliver the drone, rather you pull out a MicroSD chip or something and install immediately, for this reason try to earn money by exploring, surviving, saving hostages and blowing up safes. While the weapon works as intended, items may spawn and other new / old tools may function differently. They are remarkable.

Decoys are now known as diversion grenades and allow you to throw them to simulate footsteps and also show presence on the radar, so you can use this in the end-game (less than 5 people) so the net can catch fire as someone is there but not has.

C4 can be set up anywhere and have a module installed on it that allows you to find the nearest safe. Explosion c4 can open the safe, but you can also hold E on the safe without (or with) c4 to plant the charges on the safe, it’s not a resource you need but only a feature of the safe, however it takes 10 seconds and most of the safes are on the safe open space, so you need to keep an eye on the radar to make sure no one is approaching.

breach Charges work like C4 in Call Of Duty games where you throw a charge and have a remote detanator, each charge is tied to an item. So if you dropped the payload then with the remote and someone picks it up, they can set the payload. You can also pick them up with a usage key. (Default: E) Offenses can also open a door that costs money to open.

Start Phase

When you start approaching the center or outskirts of the map to prevent early engagement as you don’t want the RNG to bless someone and be destroyed by the RNG. Take time to prepare and find items. Your goal is to raise money to buy HI-RES upgrade, you do so by avoiding players and completing objectives. If you are close to someone who only has a pistol, try to stab them with fists or a melee weapon that is not a knife due to the punch it receives. They can also be pulled from projectiles.

This starts when a few people are left and the game also increases the speed at which the danger zone moves. At this point, you may still not have the high-res upgrade, but supply drops will spawn from the sky, they spawn rarely, so chances are you will manage to go to one that lacks presence, so you’ll likely get a decent weapon from the airdrop.

After you get high definition and have weapons that you can attack humans, you can purchase medishots / ammo with your drone as long as you stay on the move.

The high definition update is useful as it shows you exactly where they are.

Avoid getting involved until you get a high definition upgrade and then follow them while having the information advantage.

Each battle royale differs in some respects in terms of strategies that can potentially give you an edge over your opponents. It is no different in the Danger Zone. Below are various tips and tricks that are not so obvious from the start and can lead to a smoother and faster victory.

Tip #6: Explore and get rich

You can easily get extra cash by exploring. Exploring your surroundings and moving to other hexagons gives you some cash and sometimes it shows up on your personal tablet. It is also marked with a green checkmark to the left next to the current amount of money. Definitely what to keep in mind if you are one of those pesky campers who stay in the home zone only to get one last kill to win the game.

Bonus tip: Refrain from throwing stuff at drones

While holding a hammer or wrench, you can throw it using the right mouse button. Unfortunately, at the moment it is impossible to break crates carried by drones. The hammer just flew through the crate like thin air. Trust me, I’ve tried this many times but to no avail.

What are your own tips for playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s new Battle Royale mode? Let us know in the comments below! And as always, be sure to follow us on Daily Esports for your daily dose of fresh insights into esports highlights.

Apparently the gun was incapacitated the whole time, but no one really figured it out. This continued for 5 months until everyone and their mom complained about the price, at which point Valve made fun of the doubters when they raised the price:

The ultimate “What the hell happened?”

Okay, let’s admit it, we’re cheating with it because it has never been to Global Offensive (if you’re gonna quadruple about Danger Zone, we’re gonna kick your ass), but I just couldn’t write a blog like this without mentioning it: Shield Tactical.

Whoever thought introducing an Immortality Potion in an FPS game was a good idea is probably the same one who thought the R8 Revolver was a great idea. The shield, which cost a huge 3,500,200 and could only be used with a knife or a pistol, was quick to equip, making you impenetrable at the front, essentially becoming a kind of roadblock.

In an era without a Molotov, and when it took a lot of skill to throw high-explosive grenades, you were basically immortal with a shield if you knew how to handle it. For some reason, he had never seen any professional game.

Few examples exist today, but this one represents a pretty good example of a typical pub of the time. WARNING ABOUT HEADPHONES

Today the weapon has been lowered to the ground and he rarely sees any slack. It is about as useful as JDM without AWP. Hold on, it’s just as useful as JDM period .


Automatic delivery of tablets

The store can be accessed by pressing * b * (automatic key). This is a system where you can order drone gear to get it delivered to you, other players see these drones so watch out for players hungry for gear. Equipment from Tablet Delivery System can be ordered through cash which can be found throughout Blacksite. The drone will reach you in a minute or two depending on your location and will produce a subtle propeller sound to let people nearby know where the drone is. The drone can be tracked by your radar. The drone shop changes with every match or throughout the game, so there’s always something new for sale.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Guide to danger zones


Tablet / radar can be accessed by pressing * Tab * (auto key) which gives you map and incoming zones. The map contains information about activity on Blacksite. The yellow hexagons resemble enemy activity, the more yellow the hexagon, the more players there are in that hexagonal area. Your tablet can be upgraded with Tablet Update Chips, which can be found scattered across the map. This increases your knowledge of the intelligence on the map. The information you collect can give you progress on the upcoming ‘Danger Zones’ path, more accurate player movements, drone tracking, and drop locations.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Guide to danger zones
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Guide to danger zones
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Guide to danger zones
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Guide to danger zones


Missions are little extras that add an extra challenge to the Danger Zone. For completing these challenges, you will receive cash for weapons and other equipment. Read the missions below to understand what to do and how they work.


The hostages can be found at the landmarks on the map, they are in yellow costumes with a bag over their heads and their hands tied. You can take these hostages, once you pick them up, the tablet will tell you where to take the hostage, the rescue area is marked with the letter “R” on the tablet’s radar. Hostages pose more of a challenge in the game as you can only carry small arms or handguns while carrying them. Your character also moves a bit slower when carrying a hostage. To add to the challenge, hostages also take a few seconds to pick up. Taking them to the rescue area will give you a cash bonus.


Contracts can be found scattered across the map. They come in the form of black folders with a crosshair symbol on the front (as seen in the photo). After opening the case, you can pick up a sheet of paper or contracr, which will give you a high-value kill job; who is another player. This player is usually the player with the most kills or the best equipment, basically an MVP. When a player is killed, you will receive a cash bonus and equipment that can be targeted.


There are also safes at landmarks. Safes cannot be unlocked with a combination, but can be with the handy C4 that accidentally comes with the safe. Placing C4 will take a few seconds and will work the same as C4 bombs in normal CS: GO multiplayer. Once the bomb is planted, it cannot be disarmed and make sure you are not in the blast radius to avoid getting killed by the explosion. The blast radius is a real disadvantage to you, as you are sent back from the safe and give other players the opportunity to steal what rightfully belongs to you. Not to help, but the constant build-up of screech before the bomb finally explodes helps draw attention to nearby players. And if they didn’t hear the beeping, they surely heard the explosion, which meansthat you should always be vigilant when looting a safe.

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