How to pay off Amazon purchases over time. How to get a payment plan on amazon

I have a subscription with this retailer so it is sent automatically every two months. Only that is worth the money for me. In my busy life, the more I automate, the more time I can spend on what’s really important.


Amazon Pay gives Amazon customers a secure, trusted, and convenient way to sign in and pay for purchases on your website. Customers use Amazon login to share their profile information (name, email address, and zip code) and access their shipping address and payment method stored in their Amazon account to complete their purchase.

This guide details how to enable automatic payments for subscriptions or other regular payment scenarios using an API-based integration called Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon, which gives you more flexibility and customization to your payment needs.

With the automatic payment feature, customers can pre-authorize payments for future purchases. This allows the customer’s Amazon account to be charged regularly for subscriptions and billing based on usage without the customer having to authorize the payment each time.

Note: Amazon Pay is designed and developed to be used in a web browser only. Our service cannot be used as part of a native application (including but not limited to iOS, Android, RIM, and Windows operating systems). Amazon Pay reserves the right to suspend the payment account of any user of our services who has implemented our service as part of a native application.

Important prerequisites

The following are the prerequisites for using Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon:

  • Previous experience in using HTML, JavaScript, and XML in an application.
  • Previous experience in using a web service.
  • Acquaintance with the Seller Center.
  • Ability to support asynchronous payment processing. For more information, see Syncing systems with Amazon Pay.
  • Seller ID (also called Seller ID) for the Amazon Pay seller. Amazon Pay Merchant account must be provided with Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon. You can create an Amazon Pay Merchant account or share an existing Merchant account with Amazon Pay and sign in to Amazon by signing up for Amazon Pay on the Amazon Pay website.

Amazon only allows you to purchase certain products with a payment plan. Currently, customers can use the payment plan in the following categories and products:


You can finance purchases directly from Amazon, through an Amazon co-branded credit card, or with a third-party tool or credit card, while avoiding interest charges.

The content on this website is accurate at the time of publication; however, some of our partner offers may have expired. View our list of the best credit cards or use our CardMatch ™ tool to find the cards that fit your needs. Terms and conditions apply to the offers listed on this page.

If you’ve had an eye on a few big items from but would rather not pay the full cost upfront, you’re in luck.

Amazon supports a wide variety of payment plans and flexible payment options, whether you’re financing your purchase through the website itself, signing up for a co-branded Amazon credit card, using a third-party financing tool to keep interest low, or you’re using with initial offer APR 0.

Here’s everything you need to know about paying off Amazon purchases over time and hopefully avoiding interest along the way.

Guide to Amazon financing

  • Does Amazon offer payment plans?
  • Amazon monthly payments
  • Amazon credit card financing options
  • Amazon Equal Pay Financing
  • Amazon Special Financing
  • Other Amazon Financing Options

Yes. While the terms are fairly rigid, Amazon does offer payment plans for eligible products to eligible customers. The site also works with a number of credit card companies – including Synchrony Bank, Chase, and Citi – to offer cardholders flexible payment options.

Typically, your best bet, both in terms of flexibility and cost, will be Amazon’s own monthly payment program, 0% promotional financing with an Amazon credit card, or a new 0% APR credit card.

If you are planning to purchase an item from Amazon Monthly Payments and if you are eligible for Monthly Payments, you can certainly download any item from the Amazon Product Category.

Is There a Credit Limit?

Unlike other BNPL services, Amazon does not provide a credit limit as it does not offer a line of credit. It is just another payment method offered by the seller that makes it easier to pay off certain items.

No, the service does not affect your creditworthiness in any way, which may be the case with other BNPL applications. However, your payment activity on the credit card associated with the service may affect your credit score.

Does Amazon BNPL Check Credit?

While other BNPL services require soft or hard credit checks when applying, Amazon does not use your credit report to determine if you qualify for the program. Therefore, applying for BNPL will not harm your creditworthiness.

Does Amazon BNPL Report Your Activity to Credit Bureaus?

Amazon does not report your BNPL payments to credit bureaus. But the credit card you linked to the service is almost certainly yes. So, while using the Amazon service itself will not necessarily increase or harm your credit, you can still help your credit by paying your associated credit card on time or harm your credit without paying it on time. While this means that you can’t use the program to build your credit history, it also means late payments won’t hurt your creditworthiness.

What Credit Score Do You Need To Use Amazon BNPL?

There is no minimum creditworthiness requirement as Amazon does not perform a credit check when you select monthly payments as your payment method.

Instead, the seller uses four main eligibility criteria:

  • You must live in the USA
  • Your Amazon account has been active for the past year.
  • You need a valid credit card associated with your Amazon account – debit cards are not accepted with this program.
  • You must have a good payment history with the seller.

Amazon may also take into account other factors such as your transaction history and the nature and price of the eligible product.

Certain Capital One credit cards cannot be used with the program.

Does Amazon BNPL Charge Interest?

Amazon does not charge interest when you use the BNPL service. Of course, you can either pay the next installment in advance or pay off the entire balance ahead of schedule.

Since there is no interest associated with it, the only benefit of prepaying your balance early is that you don’t have to track your incoming payments, especially if you use the program to make multiple purchases at once.

Does Amazon BNPL Charge Fees?

No, Amazon does not charge for using the BNPL program.

While its own monthly payment plan is the most convenient, you can choose from other payment options at Amazon, including special financing, equal pay financing, or using it. For example, if you used Equal Pay to split your $ 600 purchase over six months, as well as you made $ 400 in other new purchases during the billing period, your total balance is 150,000. Your interest savings balance, however, would only be $ 500 – that’s your $ 400 in new purchases plus a monthly payment of $ 100. APR credit cards intro. Remember, however, that you will only be entitled to most of them with a positive payment history.

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Amazon offers its customers a range of benefits such as Free Prime Shipping, Amazon Prime Video, Kindle Library Access, and more!

Buy Products from with interest-free Monthly Payments

If you are planning to purchase an item from Amazon Monthly Payments and if you are eligible for Monthly Payments, you can certainly download any item from the Amazon Product Category.

The process for purchasing any Amazon products with payment option this month is very easy, and you can get it in three steps if you have any Amazon store card that qualifies for interest-free monthly payments with an expiration date of over 140 days.

To buy an Amazon item from one product category:

Step 1: First of all, just add this item to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Step 2: On the checkout page, you need to select the store tab as your payment option.

Step 3: Now the option will show you the option of special financing or equal monthly payments (whichever is applicable) and you can view it and complete your purchase.

Step 4: If the cart is eligible for multiple promotional financing, it will be automatically displayed on the checkout page. You must select a maximum payment time within the range displayed on the screen at the time of purchase.

You can only buy one item per product category with this monthly payment option from your account.

If you meet Amazon’s Terms and Conditions, you must be a US resident and have an Amazon account of at least one year old. The Amazon family of devices such as the Firestick, Kindle, and more also use this monthly payment option, which is available for purchase.

amazon monthly payments img

Note: You can also do this with a Visa Amazon Rewards signature card, if you have one. You can log into your Amazon account and apply for such cards (Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card, Amazon Store Card) online.

‘Buy Now Pay Later’ for Amazon U.K. Users

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