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Gameplay: Gameplay is about exploring the planet, often in search of the Vault. The journey includes adventure exploration, vehicle driving, leveling up, lots of loot and shooting. In the meantime, you will complete main and side quests.

The Best Borderlands Games, Ranked

The Borderlands series has had sequels, pre-sequels, spin-offs – but which one is the best?

It may be hard to believe, but the original Borderlands launched this beloved series over a decade ago in 2009. The series has since become a staple of the multiplayer collection and its colorful and creative worlds are filled with an endless array of weapons with everything you can ask for from an RPG shooter, no matter how much you’ve played before.

But besides its unique graphic style and the endless variety of weapons for players to choose from, Borderlands also offers an excellent story that is fun and dramatic. None of the games in the series ever take anything seriously longer than necessary for the story to work, which makes them not only great fun but also a refreshing change from the more serious tone of most shooters.

7 Borderlands Legends

Most Borderlands games are well known and respected – Borderlands Legends is none of those things, however. This iOS exclusive game blends the action and strategy RPG genres using an overhead view where players control a game of Brick, Roland, Lilith and Mordecai from the original game.

The game never received favorable reviews, partly because much of what made Borderlands so great has been lost in the move to mobile. Even so, the main idea behind the game was explored, and another, more sophisticated attempt at a later date might have made it work. Ultimately, however, the game was removed from the App Store with no sign of Borderlands returning to mobile gaming in the future.

Includes the Definitive Version of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. This means that it includes all available DLC for both titles.

Borderlands games in order of release



Borderlands first hit the scene in 2009 and immediately won the hearts of players with its expressive style and frantic, fun gameplay. The game turned out to be a huge success, and rightly so, and it has lost none of its spark or creativity in the following games. In addition, thanks to the remaster, it has aged well and remains playable to this day as it was when it was released 12 years ago.

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