How to play the Outriders demo on PS4 and PS5

Download the Outriders demo for PS4 and PS5 today. This cooperative shooter takes place on the alien planet Enoch, where a powerful energy storm gives colonists superhuman abilities.

How to play the Outriders demo on PS4 and PS5

Outriders gunslinger

source: Square Enix

Outriders was scheduled to be released on February 25, before being pushed back to April 1. To sort of celebrate this opening date, People Can Fly and Square Enix have decided to release an open demo on all platforms today. This demo is much larger than what other games offer, it lasts around three hours and offers players the chance to play the beginning of the game – main quests, side quests and everything else, along with the ability to enable cross-play.

You can download the Outriders Demo for PS4 and PS5 to start testing the character classes you want to use after its April release. While it can be played solo, Outriders requires an online connection. The demo will stay active until the game is released and after it is finished, so you don’t have to worry about playing it right away.

Although the first few hours are open, players will be limited to level 7. The demo does not support trophies, but your achievements and progress will carry over to the full version. The demo is around 22GB for PS4 and PS5, but may be larger when decompressed.

How to download the Outriders demo on PS4 and PS5

Outriders' demo times

source: Square Enix

Demo Outriders will start at 12:00 EST / 9:00 PT on February 25, 2021. Preloading is not available.

  1. Turn on your PS4 or PS5.
  2. Go to PlayStation Store.
  3. Search for Outriders.
  4. Select the Outriders demo.
  5. Select Download Demo.

Similarly on PC, you can go to and follow the same steps. Once the demo is launched, it will be available for download as long as you are logged into your account. You can find Demo Outriders here.

With any luck, Outriders could become one of the best PS5 games after launch, but we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out. If people have problems with the demo, the developers will have to take them into account and fix what is needed.

Co-op shooter

Outriders Box Art


Go to the alien planet Enoch

A mysterious signal sends humanity to a distant, alien planet, where a powerful energy storm gives the colonists superhuman abilities. Choose from four character classes in this drop-in, drop-out co-op shooter that can be played solo or with up to three friends.

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People Can Fly announced a massive demo for Outriders, its original IP address. Moreover, players can upload data for the full game for free.

The Outriders demo lets you play the first couple hours for free, which just makes sense

Outriders Fire Gun

source: Square Enix

The game demos cover the entire range. Sometimes you’ll get a quick 10-minute demo, like the last Maiden in Resident Evil Village. Other times, you’ll get what People Can Fly and Square Enix show off in Outriders, a three-player co-op loot shooter coming April 1. When the Outriders demo launches on February 25, players will be given approximately three hours of history to play, which is basically the entire prologue and opening chapter.

It also seems that players won’t lose much of what the end product has to offer in those first few hours. Each of the four classes will be playable similar to the multiplayer mode. Players can go through the main story, but also side quests, the latter of which can be repeated.

Most players will also be able to play it, as it will be available on current and next-generation systems – Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and PS5 – and Steam (the demo will not be available on the Stadia or Epic Games Store yet and will not be available yet) it is clear if there are plans). Crossplay is available during the demo, though it’s not turned on by default, so you can play with your friends on other systems. Most importantly, there is cross-progression in the final version, so if a player decides to jump into the full game, they can transfer all their data.

This is not just a demo. Players have the chance to play for the first few hours of the game for free, which is rare for larger releases.

“We wanted to show a few basic things about our game and we realized that to show it, we have to slowly involve new players and it must be two hours of play,” said creative director Bartek Kmita.

It’s a huge showpiece for the game, originally scheduled to be released in late 2020, but like most of the video games that were due out last year, it has been delayed.

Monster Outriders

source: Square Enix

The media started playing this part of the game in 2019 when People Can Fly first showed Outriders, and we can say it’s extensive. Players get all the setup – why did you land on a new planet, what’s going on, what makes the expedition go crazy, how you get your powers and clues to a general secret you uncover – all while having the chance to play with the four classes and start finding yours favorite style of play. Since you can fine-tune your character with different weapons and powers, being able to experiment before releasing is almost like getting the upper hand. At that time, there were only three classes available to us, Pyromancer, Trickster and Devastator, but now Technomancer is also available. You’ll even get the chance to face the game’s first overhauled boss, Gauss.

“Perhaps for some games it feels like 2-3 hours of gameplay is a huge chunk, but in our game it’s really a very small part.”

However, in 2019, we didn’t get to play many of the side quests that are now available. In the Outriders broadcast on Wednesday, the developers revealed that some of them are not even immediately available during the demo version. Rather, you have to unlock certain conditions to play them, forcing the player to explore the road after completing the main quest.

The developers said they considered leaving the player in the middle of the game for the demo, but chose not to. First, it will allow those unfamiliar with the mix of shooting and supernatural powers, as well as RPG systems, to get used to combat. They also said they needed the game systems tutorial capability, so it made the most sense to start the game all over again.

“We have a complex game,” said Kmita. “Perhaps for some games it feels like 2-3 hours of gameplay is a huge chunk, but in our game it’s really a very small part.”

Outriders demo release time

source: Square Enix

The demo will be available on February 25 at 12:00 EST / 9:00 PST, but the official release times can be seen above. The demo has no expiry date, which People Can Fly says will be available even after release. Your character will be limited to level 7, world levels (the game’s difficulty system that can scale with you) will be limited to level 5, and the amount of resources to try will be limited, but this is all typical of the early-game. As previously mentioned, some side quests will also be available only after completing the main quest.

Then when you’re done you can play with other classes (I played Trickster and Pyromancer during my 2019 gameplay and it helps to get different perspectives and try new things) or just wait for the final build. Just move your data and jump to the next areas of the game. If you want, you can even play the demo on the current-gen console and then move on to the next-gen as there are free next-gen upgrades available. The developers wanted to make it as easy as possible for players to try out the game, and with over a month remaining until the release of this new multiplayer shooter, there’s plenty of time for a few hours of fun.

Outriders will be released on April 1, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, Stadia and PC.

A new looter shooter

Outriders Box Art


Join forces to solve the mystery of the anomaly

In Outriders, you and up to two friends can join forces to uncover the mystery of the anomaly and deal with the violence on Enoch. Then you can try out new weapons and powers along the way.

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Outriders demo end date, length, seizure and progress transfer.

How long is the Outriders demo?

The Outriders demo features a prologue and the first chapter of the game, and takes most players two to three hours to complete. There is no time limit so you can of course play as long as you like – one player even played the demo for 254 hours in just 15 days…

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