How to Remotely Troubleshoot Your Relative s Computer. How to control friends computer

Windows offers several built-in remote support tools over the Internet. These tools allow you to remotely control someone else’s computer, so you can help them troubleshoot problems while you talk to them on the phone. They work similar to Remote Desktop, but are available in all versions of Windows and are easy to set up.

How to Remotely Troubleshoot Your Relative’s Computer

If you’re the designated “tech person” in your family or group of friends, here’s how to access your computer from a distance, Mac, or PC to see what’s going on.

Being tech savvy is a gift and a curse. When you know how to repair computers, you become a “computer person” to everyone you know. However, you can’t always solve problems personally.

If you use the same platform as the person you are helping – both on Windows and both on macOS – remote support is very simple and you don’t need to install any additional software. Helping someone on a different platform becomes a bit more difficult, but we’ll give you the right tools for the job.

Quick Assist: Windows 10 to Windows 10

Windows has two remote assistance tools built into the operating system: Quick Assistance, which is new to Windows 10, and Windows Remote Assistance, available on Windows 7, 8, and 10. If you and your friend are both using the system Windows 10, you’ll want to use Quick Assist. As the name suggests, it is faster and easier than its older cousin.

Open the Start menu and search for Quick Help or run the application from the Windows Accessories folder in the Start menu.

In the window that appears, click Help someone else under Help. Sign in with your Microsoft account (you need a Microsoft account for help, but your friend or relative doesn’t) and you’ll receive a six-digit code that expires in 10 minutes.

If you’re not already talking to the other person, give them a call – guiding them through the process is much easier over the phone than by email. Ask them to run quick help, and then in the Get Help section, enter the six-digit code you gave them from the screen.

After entering the code, you will be asked to allow access to your screen. You will then be able to use their computer as if you were sitting in front of it. You can even use the Remote Reboot option to restart your computer and automatically re-initiate the Quick Assist connection. After all, half of your computer problems are solved by turning it off and on again.

There are many software solutions for Windows 10 that you should consider. And business use is just the tip of the iceberg. Using it to help your friends manage your computer is one option that can come in handy.

What is Remote Computer Support?

Remote PC support is a way to help someone fix their computer or fix a problem over the Internet. By using applications like LogMeIn, you can control another user’s computer from anywhere in the world or let a technician take control of your computer.

If you or someone you know has computer problems, you can always connect remotely to a HelloTech technician. Just visit the HelloTech remote computer support site and a remote technician will be there to help you solve your problem 24/7.

How to Remotely Control a Mac Computer From Another Mac

The easiest way to remotely control your Mac is to use the Screen Sharing app. This program allows you to quickly access another user’s computer from a Mac computer. You can then take control of their mouse and keyboard to fix any issues they have.

One of the best things about the Mac screen sharing app is its simplicity. After opening the app, just enter the Apple ID of the other user. They will then get a notification in the top right corner of their screen letting them know that you are trying to remotely control their computer. Your first and last name will also appear in this notification so they will know it is not from a stranger.

After clicking the Accept button in the notification and allowing your computer to be remotely controlled, you will have full access to move any files and change settings. This means you can start fixing their problems immediately, rather than trying to solve problems over the phone.

You can even extend the screen sharing window to full screen on your computer, which will make you feel like you are sitting right in front of their computer.

How to remotely control a Mac from another Mac

Once you’ve finished troubleshooting, you can easily close the Screen Sharing app. The second user can also stop screen sharing at any time by clicking the screen sharing logo in the Apple menu bar.

If you want to know more about how to remotely control your Mac, check out our detailed guide to using Screen Sharing here.

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Some of them are easy to install and are mainly for daily use, others are advanced tools and offer better performance in professional environments.

How to Remote Access a PC Using Remote Desktop Tools

The remote desktop solution allows you to access your computer, its files and applications from another device via an internet connection. Remote desktop software accomplishes this by streaming real-time video from the computer you are trying to access. Some remote desktop tools allow you to make these remote connections from a smartphone, tablet, and even over a data network.

Remote Desktop Tools are easy to use and, depending on the solution you choose, can be set up fairly quickly. If you are a Windows user and want to allow remote access to your computer connection, there are many options available. The most obvious and cost effective of these options is the built-in Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) utility. As a fully integrated tool, RDC is very effective in establishing remote Windows-to-Windows connections. This tool allows you to remotely connect to your desktop computer by using a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client.

Unfortunately, RDC does not support cross-platform remote access and is not particularly user-friendly. For enterprise-class remote desktop software, it is better to implement a more comprehensive and scalable solution.

Many remote desktop alternatives offer a range of more advanced remote access features. When selecting remote access software, prioritizing the following capabilities will provide more options when accessing a computer remotely.

Multi-Monitor Support

Multiple monitor workstations are becoming more common, so it is important that the remote desktop solution you choose supports multiple monitor environments. For ease of use, the remote access tool should be able to quickly switch between user monitors.

Live Chat

If you are providing support, you must be able to quickly and easily communicate with users during active sessions. The live chat feature is especially useful when you need to ask end users questions about an issue they are experiencing. Ideally, the remote access software implemented will offer multiple chat options such as pre-session chat, in-session chat, VoIP calling capability, and video chat features. Correspondence should be possible without interrupting the session.

Built-In Ticketing System

For businesses that use remote access for support, the built-in ticketing system can greatly improve team performance. The built-in or integrated ticketing system allows you to track user requests without leaving the console of the remote desktop solution. This centralizes support operations and can provide other benefits, including combining correspondence logs with tickets to create a searchable history of past support requests and customer information.

Remote File Access

Technicians and other IT professionals are often on the move. For this reason, being able to access important files from anywhere can be very convenient and potentially increase productivity. For example, if support technicians sometimes work remotely, the remote file access features will keep them securely viewing work documents, even when working from home.

Advanced Security

Remote access activities can create vulnerabilities if not properly secured. For secure remote access, we recommend choosing a remote access solution with advanced encryption protocols, multi-factor permissions, and multi-factor authentication.

Choosing the Right Remote Access Tools

For a comprehensive enterprise-grade remote access tool, we recommend implementing SolarWinds® Dameware® Remote Everywhere (DRE) or SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support (DRS). Both of these solutions enable quick, easy and secure remote access.

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