How to Run A Computer Performance (Benchmark) Test on Windows. How to benchmark pc

The Novabench test process is faster than many other full test suites. In our test system it took about a minute while other test suites took much longer.

The 10 Best Free Benchmark Programs for Windows

Use this fantastic and free Windows test software to fix system problems and keep it up-to-date.

You have just overclocked your GPU or installed a new hardware component on your computer. Is it working? Benchmarks are a great way to take a snapshot of your PC’s performance, and the best benchmarking software is often free.

Whether you want to gauge how poorly or how well your computer is performing, there is a comparative tool to help everyone. Don’t wait for someone else to test your computer to fix the problem!

General Performance

Benchmarking software usually allows you to overclock or change fan speed settings. These options allow users to configure hardware changes through software. Keep in mind that testing a computer is a bit more complex than simply running the software.

Head over to our article on how to perform a benchmark like a pro to find out how to accurately compare components.

1. CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a free test software that will provide users with a complete overview of the computer’s hardware specifications, especially regarding the CPU.

It also includes motherboard, RAM and graphics card specifications, making it an excellent all-round program for visualizing hardware brands and models. You can even save a TXT file with the information using the Tools option.

Download: CPU-Z for Windows (Free)

2. HWMonitor

HWMonitor is a PC testing software that visualizes the make and model of hardware components in your PC and displays specific parameters live.

These parameters include energy consumption, fan speeds, usage percentage, clock speed, and temperature. This can be crucial as problems like overheating of a component in your computer can lead to frequent computer crashes.

HWMonitor’s simple interface makes all values ​​easy to display and understand. Of course, you can also save this information for further troubleshooting with the File option.

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