How to set up a water cooling kit for PC. How to watercool your pc

However, if you’re building a budget PC or PC without one of the top-tier CPUs, liquid cooling becomes a more aesthetic luxury.

Why don’t you custom water-cool your PC?

We wonder what’s stopping you from starting water cooling, specifically custom water cooling.

System name Neon Master
Editor AMD Ryzen 5900x
Motherboard x570 Aorus Master F35d
Cooling H115i RGB Platinum 280mm
Memory G.Skill Neo 32GB @ 3800 MT / s C16
Graphic cards RTX 3080 Tuf OC
Storage 980 PRO 2 TB / MP600 2 TB
Display (s) LG 27GL850-b / LG C1 65″
Thing Phanteks evolves X
Audio devices DT 1990 Pro / Scarlett
Charger Seasonal Prime Ultra Titanium 1000W
Mouse Scimitar Pro
Keyboard K95 Platinum


System name Black box
Editor Intel Xeon E3-1260L v5
Motherboard MSI E3 KRAIT Gaming v5
Cooling Tt tower + Tt 120 mm fan
Memory G.Skill 16GB 3600 C18
Graphic cards Asus GTX 970 Mini
Storage Kingston A2000 512 Gb / s NVME
Display (s) AOC 24 “Freesync 1ms 75Hz
Thing Corsair 450D with high air flow.
Audio devices There’s no need.
Charger FSP Aurum 650W
Mouse Yes
Keyboard Of course
Software W10 Pro 64-bit

Too much maintenance for a 1C or 2C difference between the best air coolers and the good AIOs
I prefer a decent AIO for its ease of installation, appearance and space saving.
Custom loops are a joke, as are comments trying to justify their use.

hard pipe fittings are usually only replaced with the outer diameter which must match the outer diameter for hard pipe. The most common sizes are 1/2 inch (13 mm) and 5/8 inch (16 mm).

Choosing a water cooling kit for PC

Screenshot by Corsair

Many reputable brands such as Thermaltake, Cooler Master and NZXT produce liquid cooling kits in various sizes with different functions. The liquid cooling kits are available in sizes from 120 to 360 millimeters, with features such as RGB lighting and OLED screens.

Choosing the right water cooling kit depends on many factors. The kit should be compatible with your computer’s CPU and should match your computer’s case. It should also provide adequate system cooling. Overall, 240mm options like the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240 fit most standard ATX cases and provide significantly better cooling than smaller 120mm options like the Asus ROG RYUO. Larger 360mm AIOs like the Arctic Liquid Freezer II often provide the best cooling, but take up more space and are often more expensive than smaller options.

Planning the installation

Most PC cases have multiple heatsink mounting locations. Often the radiator can be mounted on the front, top or bottom of the case. It’s best to decide in advance where the radiator will fit to avoid problems. Once you have decided where to install the radiator, you can mount the fans on it using the long screws provided. Modern fans usually have an arrow or some type of marking to indicate the direction of the air flow.

Most AIO fans come with a variety of mounting brackets to fit either Intel or AMD processors. Each type of bracket is only compatible with one type of processor and it is very important that you use the correct bracket to mount the waterblock.

The mounting bracket attaches to the processor using the backplate on the back of the motherboard. Some motherboards already have a compatible backplate installed, while others will require a new backplate to install the AIO. Most water cooling kits come with a backplate that is compatible with Intel or AMD processors for easy installation. Many modern cases allow users to replace the backplate without removing the motherboard. In some cases, users have to remove the entire motherboard to install the backplate.

Cooling fluids – there is a whole lot of them, most often they are full water changes. I had no experience with them, but I heard mostly good things about them. Frozen Cpu offers a whole lot of different types.

When stock CPU coolers just don’t cut it

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