How to Squad Stream on Twitch 2022 Guide. How to squad stream on twitch xbox one

These are games where the contribution of each team member counts. This means viewers often want to see every perspective, not just one.

How to use the new Squad Stream feature on Twitch

Twitch Squad Streaming is a new feature announced by Twitch in 2018 and released in 2019. It allows multiple Twitch streamers in multiple locations to stream on a single screen. Team broadcasts aren’t for everyone, and they may not work the way you think. To learn more, read on.

Team Twitch Stream allows Twitch viewers to watch up to five streamers simultaneously in the same window. While this can have many uses, from round table discussions to table games, the obvious and most common use for it is in team or team games like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and so on. It allows viewers to see the same action from different angles and perspectives.

How do I watch one?

The easiest way to find team streams on Twitch is to browse streams tagged with “team stream”. You can also browse the pages as normal and hope to find them randomly. Click on this stream to go to that channel normally. A banner will appear on the stream page indicating that the selected streamer is streaming the team and with whom they are on the team. There will also be a “View Team” button in the top right corner. A click that will take you to the team’s broadcast page.

Viewers can follow each streamer individually from the team’s broadcast page.

The team’s streaming page is like showing each streamer’s video in a separate window, except that it’s convenient in one window and you can easily switch between each streamer and their chat. You can only chat or cheer on the broadcast that is in the main (highest) position, as there is no team-wide chat. However, you can follow or subscribe by clicking the icons in any stream. You can control the volume and video quality for each separate streamer, although the audio options may be limited by streamers. Viewers can also follow or subscribe to each streamer individually on the team’s broadcast page. There is no “follow team” option or anything to track all streamers at once.

To start a team broadcast, click Add Channel and enter the name of the Twitch channel you want to invite. You can invite one to three other channels. Once all channels have accepted your invitations, click Stream Lineup to begin.

How to Squad Stream on Twitch [2022 Guide]

Live broadcasting with other streamers is a great way to help each other build a community and provides an easier way to create content. Team streaming is Twitch’s built-in way of allowing viewers to watch multiple streamers simultaneously, allowing them to watch the game from multiple angles on a single screen.

Team streaming is currently restricted to Twitch partners. If all members of a potential squad are Twitch streamers, here’s how you can set it up:

Click your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and go to “Creator Panel.”

Find “Squad Steam” in the dashboard menu.

Invite other partners to your branch.

When others join, you’ll be able to start broadcasting your line-up.

As a squad leader, you will be able to kick other members as needed. If you end your broadcast in front of other streamers, the first person to join your party will become the new leader.

How Many Streamers Can Squad Stream at a Time?

You can stream your party with up to 3 other streamers simultaneously (4 in total). Team streaming can help each content creator gain more exposure in other people’s communities and with people who want to watch team streams.

When streaming Squad, viewers will be able to see all participating broadcasters in the same window, allowing them to watch several different angles of the gameplay simultaneously.

Squad Stream Monetization

Twitch viewers will have the option to select one of the streamers as the one to appear in their main viewing window. If the viewer donates Bits or subscribes to the channel, support will go to the selected streamer (based on which it is located in the main window).

Ad revenue will be allocated according to which streamer each viewer has in their primary viewing window. Ads will only play on these.

Alternatives to Squad Streaming for Affiliates

Currently, team streaming is only available to Twitch partners, but partners can still group together, create group streams, and then ask viewers to watch from third-party software that will allow them to watch all the streams at the same time. There are several platforms that will allow viewers to set up the streamers they want to watch, such as MultiTwitch.

How to Watch Twitch Squad Mode

Whether you want to watch your favorite streamer stream with your friends in party mode or you want to watch anyone in the party stream category, this is how you can configure and use this feature:

Go to the channel of one of the streamers participating in the team event.

Click the “Follow” button under the “Follow” and “Subscribe” buttons.

The broadcaster you come from will be displayed at the top, all other channels will be listed below the channel.

To switch between streamers, click on their avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.

Note: If you subscribe, use Prime Gaming, or donate beats while streaming, your donations will go to them.

Non-gaming streams also receive more love. Search Creative and IRL (In Real Life) tags to find everything from cooking shows to ASMR videos to beauty tips and people who are just talking. Sports fans can enjoy NWHL, NWSL and Thursday Night NFL games. Even the greatest politicians are streaming on Twitch these days.

How to Use Squad Stream on Twitch

If you’re a Twitch streamer and want to start a teamcast, go to the creator’s dashboard and open the Stream Manager. Then click on the Quick Actions panel and find Team Stream. You will see My Branch (to start broadcasting the branch) and Invitations (to accept an invitation to one).

To start a team broadcast, click Add Channel and enter the name of the Twitch channel you want to invite. You can invite one to three other channels. Once all channels have accepted your invitations, click Stream Lineup to begin.

If you’re a Twitch viewer and want to watch your team’s stream, just look for the “Squad Stream” tag while browsing. Once you find one of them, you can watch a Squad Stream and click on each channel in turn to put it in the main slot.

Why Squad Stream Is Only Available to Twitch Partners

Squad Stream is currently available only to partners. However, Twitch plans to offer this feature to Affiliates and then all streamers. This is due to the “need for video quality options” which only Affiliates currently receive by default.

In short, video quality (or transcoding) options allow Twitch to customize streams on certain slots. Without this option, Twitch would try to deliver four streams simultaneously in 720p + resolution. Twitch covers in more detail in the Twitch blog post about Squad Stream.

Click your profile icon Select Creator Dashboard from the pop-up menu Click Streams Manager in the left panel Click the Plus (+) widget in the Quick Actions section

Twitch Platforms

Twitch has become a de facto streaming service for gamers as it is almost everywhere as mentioned before. Twitch has Mac and Windows applications; mobile applications for Android and iOS; Applications for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and now the Nintendo Switch app. You can also find Twitch apps for Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nvidia Shield. That said, you won’t officially find Twitch on Roku devices. You can download unofficial apps instead, but their operation is much less reliable.

Caffeine, a competitive streaming service that Twitch sometimes partners with on wider entertainment events, is only available online or on mobile devices. Facebook Gaming currently only supports Android devices, and is also part of the Facebook desktop site.

Discovering Streams

The Twitch home screen has evolved a lot over the years. In the past, some popular games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 dominated the Discover section, creating an element of identity with the section that should be about content discovery.

Twitch is now better at highlighting a wider variety of games and genres; now also includes Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, and Valorant. In addition, you can view a complete list of all live shows, browse games by genre, enter a keyword in the search box, or check snippets of highlights from users’ games. There is a lot of content on Twitch, but it’s easy enough to find something interesting.

Non-gaming streams also receive more love. Search Creative and IRL (In Real Life) tags to find everything from cooking shows to ASMR videos to beauty tips and people who are just talking. Sports fans can enjoy NWHL, NWSL and Thursday Night NFL games. Even the greatest politicians are streaming on Twitch these days.

If you want more ad-free channels or don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, Twitch gives you the option to subscribe to individual channels for $ 4.99, $ 9.99 or $ 24.99 per month. Broadcasters set subscription rewards, so fun add-ons vary by channel. You can also subscribe to channels with your friends.

Co-Streaming on Twitch

Co-Streaming describes streaming simultaneously with your own. Basically, you can use common streaming to initiate watching together with all stream followers. However, once again it should be noted that co-streaming is limited to certain Twitch licensed live events and programming.

Twitch maintains a (semi-regularly) updated guide that lists all the co-streaming events. As such, you need to be careful and aware of what you are trying to co-stream on Twitch. Furthermore, Twitch requires a special tag to be added to let people know that you are streaming together. Nevertheless, once you are confident that co-broadcasting the event is legal, you can refer to the rest of this guide.

The best way to co-stream (or just stream in general) with Twitch is to use a third-party app such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), vMix, or XSplit Broadcaster. These applications essentially made PCs for dual setup live streaming no longer needed.

Since OBS is the most popular third-party open source streaming and recording software (due to being open source), we’re going to show you how to use it for shared content streaming.

Co-Streaming with OBS

  • Install and run OBS (if you haven’t already done so)
  • In the Sources panel, click the Plus icon
  • Select a browser from the pop-up menu

OBS settings

Create or select a source

Twitch Stream Properties


Edit stream information

After you finish adding the tag, you can put the focus back on the OBS app. It should automatically start displaying your co-stream. When you are ready to live broadcast, you can click the Start Broadcast button in the control panel.

    Note: Once set up, OBS allows you to link to your Twitch account. In fact, the app makes connecting to a streaming account extremely easy. So, if this is your first time installing OBS, don’t skip the initial setup wizard. Follow the instructions and link your Twitch account.

Using X-Split Broadcaster to Co-Stream

The second most popular choice for Windows PC Twitch streamers is X-Split Broadcaster. In this section, we will show you how to use it for common streaming.

  • Launch X-Split Broadcaster
  • Click the Add Source button
  • Select a website from the pop-up menu

Shipper X-Split

    Note: It should be obvious, but before you can co-stream with X-Split, you need to make sure your Twitch account is linked to X-Split. You can use your account via the Broadcast menu. X-Split has a clever wizard that makes the whole process wonderfully simple. It is also important to have the latest version of the X-Split Broadcaster. Co-streaming with Twitch only works in X-Split 3.0.1 and above.

How to Squad Stream on Twitch

You may have come across this article expecting to find out like Squad Stream on Twitch. It’s very easy to get confused between team streaming and co-streaming. Both are very similar. Twitch’s Squad Stream feature allows you to stream up to four streamers in one window.

This is especially useful for streaming multiplayer gaming content. Collaboration via Team Streaming allows lesser known streamers to gain more traction and closeness in the community by collaborating with more famous streamers.

To create a Stream squad on Twitch, follow these steps:

  • Click on your profile icon
  • Select Creator Dashboard from the popup menu
  • Click Stream Manager from the left pane
  • Click the Plus (+) widget in the Quick Actions section

Quick Twitch Actions

Team stream

This is where you can invite your team to your stream or accept any invitations that may have been sent to you.

Can I co-stream with Twitch on Xbox?

While Microsoft allows co-streaming using Mixer, neither they nor Twitch have added any co-streaming support to any version of the Xbox.

However, you can still stream your content in one stream and encourage your followers to use a multi-streaming platform to collaboratively stream all collaborators with whom you can collaborate.

Can I co-stream with Twitch on Mobile?

Unfortunately, you cannot stream from the Twitch mobile app. Also, at the time of writing this article, there were no third-party apps to facilitate co-streaming or team streaming via your mobile device.

Nevertheless, while it is technically impossible to co-stream with the Twitch mobile app, you can host other channels. To access the hosting feature from the mobile app, please do the following:

Technically, it might not be collaborative streaming or group streaming, but it allows collaboration with other creators.

Can I co-stream on the Playstation?

There is no built-in way to stream collaboratively from any version of PlayStation. However, there are ways to get around this limitation.

For example, you can use the camera to transfer your gameplay to your computer and then use OBS for co-streaming. Hopefully Sony and / or Twitch will add a collaborative and team streaming feature in the future.

Can you watch two Twitch streams at once?

If you are a Twitch supporter and want to watch multiple streams at once, you can use a service like Multistream or Twitchtheater. All you need are the URLs of the channels you want to stream and these solutions do the rest.

You can also watch two or more streams simultaneously by viewing a team stream.

Can you stream on multiple Twitch accounts?

If you have enough bandwidth and resources, you can stream content from multiple Twitch accounts simultaneously. All you need to do is set up multiple accounts on Twitch using unique email addresses.

You can then use different web browsers or standalone tabs to access and stream these accounts from different channels.

Are Alt accounts allowed on Twitch?

Unfortunately, alternate (alt) accounts are not allowed on Twitch. This is contrary to the Twitch Terms of Service. According to the TOS, using multiple accounts can in fact permanently ban Twitch streaming.

Squad Stream is currently available only to partners. However, Twitch plans to offer this feature to Affiliates and then all streamers. This is due to the “need for video quality options” which only Affiliates currently receive by default.

What Are The Benefits Of Squad Streaming On Twitch?

At first glance, Squad Streaming may not seem very beneficial. You may be wondering if it’s just audience sharing with other users.

This is true, but you also get the same exposure, if not more, on your channel.

Today, there are many multiplayer or co-op games that receive huge views on Twitch. These include Warzone, PUBG, Fortnite, and many other large-scale multiplayer games.

These are games where the contribution of each team member counts. This means viewers often want to see every perspective, not just one.

Squad Streaming has four different perspectives in League of Legends

If you’re in a lobby or team with someone more famous on Twitch (this happens often), it’s likely a lot of viewers will choose your stream over yours.

On the other hand, if you are using Squad Streaming, there is a total viewer count and viewers don’t have to choose one channel from the others.

This means that the followers of the popular streamer you play with will pay as much attention to you as they would to them.

Imagine the number of new followers or subscribers you might gain from their community if your results become the highlight of your broadcast!

Twitch Squad Streaming is one of the best methods on the platform to help smaller streamers build their community through larger channels. Twitch even mentioned this in his official Team Streaming article.


Now you know how to initiate a squad broadcast and have added a powerful new tool to your arsenal. If you are currently focused on growing your channel, taking advantage of it will help you achieve positive results.

Be sure to help smaller streamers by giving them the ability to co-stream with you if your channel is more established than their channel. After all, everyone deserves the opportunity to grow!

How to get viewers on Twitch

How to play live on Twitch

Delaying a Twitch Stream

Bojan is a video game developer and technology enthusiast. The combination of these two passions allows him to keep you informed about everything that is new in this rapidly changing digital world.

If you are participating in branch streaming, it is recommended that you turn on the low delay setting in the panel. Twitch also recommends third-party voice apps for team streamers.

How to Watch Squad Stream on Twitch?

Viewers will be able to jump in from the creator’s page on a computer and mobile device, zoom in on the broadcast they want to focus on while keeping an eye on others, and chat with each creator’s community at the same time. Not only does this mean more angles from which to watch the action, but it also provides more exposure for novice creators.

As a viewer, you can chat or cheer with Bits on any channel that is in the main slot. Options to follow or subscribe appear when you hover over a team member’s avatar at the top of the screen or on that member’s video player.

If you tune in to an individual streamer that is streaming with your team, you can press a button to switch to a view that shows the entire team – or you can search for teams right in the overview view. There you can click on any team member to switch to them, while everyone else is playing in the smaller window below. You will see chat for whatever stream you are currently focusing on.

If you are using the Twitch mobile app, you can also watch in team mode. Viewers can watch up to 3 channels simultaneously. For teams with 4 channels, viewers will be able to choose which 3 out of 4 are shown. Team viewing is limited to 3 in the mobile app due to the need to provide a consistent, optimal experience for all audiences.

For viewers looking specifically for Squad broadcasts, Twitch has created a dedicated tag that only includes those broadcasts.

Pros and Cons of Twitch Squad Feature


  1. Have up to four people join together and all their streams appear on the same page.
  2. You can manage your permissions in the channel settings.
  3. Viewers can watch in team mode via the Twitch mobile app.


  1. Only available to Twitch partners, the elite of their proven and praised members. However, the company plans to make it available to affiliates and all other participants as it further increases its transcoding capacity.
  2. Ads appear while watching a stream. However, the ads will only play on the channel that is in the main slot. Viewers will not be able to switch views while the ad is playing.
  3. Past broadcasts will not show multiple streams.
  4. Extensions will be disabled for viewers watching in team mode. However, extensions will still work for viewers who are watching in non-team mode.
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