How to tame a pig in Minecraft

In this Minecraft Pig Farming Guide, we’re going to show you how to tame pigs.

How to tame a pig in Minecraft

how to tame a pig from Minecraft

Want to learn more about how to tame a pig in Minecraft? Pigs are the oldest passive mob in the game, so they won’t attack you even if provoked. Dropping raw pork chops when killed, they restore three hunger points each (eight when cooked), making them a decent food source to fuel your adventures.

Like most passive mobs, they can be tamed, which makes setting up a Minecraft pig farm quite simple. It’s not particularly difficult, but if you’re not sure what to do, I’ll cover you in this guide.

pigs are common passive mobs in Minecraft. They are friendly which makes them a wonderful pet. Pigs are not only a good-natured mob, they are also used to deliver

Can You Feed Pigs In Minecraft?

What do pigs eat in Minecraft?

You can feed pigs in Minecraft. In fact, players can easily feed the pigs. Being a passive mob, they easily convince them with food to become your companion.

The player can feed the pigs with three food items – carrots, potatoes and beets. All three of these foods are pigs’ favorite meals.

The animals in Minecraft are fed primarily for three purposes – taming, breeding, and healing.

pigs provide many benefits in Minecraft. They can carry items, they can be used for farming and become a car for players. They are like horses, but have a smaller capacity and are less demanding to maintain.

pigs are found naturally throughout the Minecraft world, with the exception of biomes such as the snow tundra and the forested Badlands. They most often spawn in groups of 4 or more individuals, and 95% of the spawning pigs are adults. Only 5% are young piglets.

In Java Edition, Pigs spawn in locations with light levels of 9 or higher. They live in grassy biomes and are affordable due to their passive nature.

Bedrock Edition – In the Bedrock Edition, pigs can be viewed in groups 1-3. They are above the grass blocks at light level 7 or more.

With the exception of snow-covered tundra and forested plateaus, pigs graze and roam the grassy world.

If the player wants to tame them, he should try to look for them in grassy places in Minecraft. Pigs can be fed with any food they like to eat to tame them. If the player shows them carrots, potatoes or beets within 6 blocks, they follow the player.

Once you’ve tamed a pig, you can breed it to create an entire farm. Pigs care for your food supply by providing meat with your meal.

Now let’s look at the main reasons why you should feed these humble creatures.

1. Taming – Once the pig has been fed, they trust and follow the player. If you are 6 blocks away, the pig will follow you. Just feed him once and let him come to you.

2. For breeding – Two of them are needed for breeding pigs. Pigs are as easy to breed as they are easy to tame. Feed them a carrot and it will put them into love mode. Pigs need 5 minutes to give birth to a piglet.

3. For gaining experience points – After killing the pig, it drops experience points. An adult pig will drop approximately 1-3 experience balls. When killed, they also drop a raw pork chop. The player can cook it for a delicious meal. Additionally, adding a plunder spell to your weapon will increase the number of dropped Raw Pork Chops to 6. Additionally, killing an adult pig with fire will cause a cooked Pork Chops to be dropped.

4. Ride them – Pigs other than horses are the only animal in Minecraft that can be equipped with a saddle. But to control their movement, show them the carrot in front of them with the stick. It also makes the pigs run faster. It can reach full speed of 5.2 blocks per second by following the carrot. However, there is a loss of shelf life which can be replenished by feeding the carrots. The player can then use another carrot on a stick and continue doing so until you reach your destination.

5. For faster growth – The normal growth time for piglets is 20 minutes. It can be reduced by feeding it with carrots, potatoes or beets. Feeding piglets can increase growth by 10%.

The above points are the main reasons why it is worth feeding the pig in Minecraft. These points apply to all animals in Minecraft. Almost every animal is fed for taming, reproduction and healing. Dropped item can vary from player to player.

Giving players a food product builds trust between them. Maintains a stronger bond between the player and the animal.

pigs in Minecraft are one of the most lovable animals. Due to their pink color and lovable nature, they are easy to get along with and help the player in a variety of ways throughout the game when properly used, are some of the most useful mobs in the game.

Players can use them to carry items. Pigs can carry items on them just like horses do. They can carry things too far away, helping the player to bring more items back home.

In addition, if the player is tired, they can use them as a ride on a long journey. This will help the player to protect their energy and move quickly. Pigs can move at a speed of 5.2 blocks / sec. This speed is higher than the player’s speed, which is only 4 blocks / s.

Another useful benefit of feeding a pig is that it can be used as a food item later in the game. When pigs are killed, they drop items. If an adult pig is killed, it will lose 1-3 experience points. And if the pig has been bred, the number of items dropped increases.

So you have seen that taming a pig has many valuable benefits.

But what about all the food items pigs eat in Minecraft?

pigs are one of the most famous peaceful mobs in Minecraft. These little creatures roam the world eating grass, carrots, and potatoes.

5 Best uses for pigs in Minecraft

#1 – Food

Players new to their Minecraft worlds will definitely need food. Since pig mobs appear quite often in Minecraft, players will easily find them.

Slaughtered pigs drop one to three raw pork chops. Moreover, if the player kills the pig while it is on fire, the pork chop will cook and the cooked pork chop will fall out instead.

More advanced players who have a 3 looting spell on their swords can get one to six pork chops from one pig.

#2 – Breeding

pigs are one of the easiest mobs to breed in Minecraft. Players breed their pigs for many reasons, mainly for XP and getting more pigs. When pigs are bred, they’ll drop from one to seven XP, so players can expect to gain no matter what by feeding their pink pets.

pigs are very easy to breed, players can feed them carrots, potatoes or beets and expect the pigs to copulate. To breed a pig, players should get one of the three foods mentioned above and right-click on two different pigs that are close to each other. Hearts will appear around these pigs and they will come closer to each other. After the piglet appears, the player will collect XP and see a cute pig!

#3 – Riding

What makes pigs so much fun is the fact that players can ride them. You can only ride pigs with a saddle and a carrot on a stick, but this party is great fun. Pigs can travel at speeds of up to 5.2 m / s, which is a bit faster than the slow horse in Minecraft.

Riders need three leather items, two strings, and two iron bars to make a saddle. To make carrots on a stick, all you need is a fishing rod and a carrot. Players can combine the two to make a carrot on a stick and control their pig.

#4 – Farm stable

Farm stables are always a nice addition to any player’s farm or home, but no barn is complete without lots of pigs. Pigs are very easy to move into pens and stables.

All the player has to do is get a potato, a carrot or a beetroot and keep it in their hotbar around a wild pig. Players should stay within six blocks of the pig and the pig will follow the player all the way back to base.

Players can find pigs most often in the plains biomes. Forest biomes also work very well. The only biomes that pigs do not breed are snow-capped tundra and the forested Badland plateaus. Pigs spawn only at light levels above seven, so it’s best to look during the day and in bright places.

#5 – Getting rid of excess foods

One of the best ways to get rid of excess food is to feed it to pigs. Since pigs eat beetroot, carrots, and potatoes, they’re great for eating an excess of them.

These three plants tend to grow rapidly and produce a lot of additional food. Players will find that even on small farms, these three crops will produce more than enough food to support players. Often, after several harvests, they fill an entire crate or more.

Wondering, “What do pigs eat in Minecraft”? Feeding them is a way of reproducing them. Click here to read about the other benefits of feeding them food.

Where can I find pigs in Minecraft?

In Survival Mode, pigs will spawn:

  1. On almost every grass block. The exceptions are the forested Badlands plateau and the snow tundra.
  2. In the Minecraft village. They are in stables, animal pens or in the butcher’s yard.

In Creative Mode, you can find an item called Pig Spawn Egg.

So, we found out that Minecraft pigs eat carrots, potatoes, and beets and spawn on each grassy block. You should also make them happy by feeding them every once in a while to make sure they’re sticking up. It won’t be a good idea to hurt them if you plan on breeding them.

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