How to unlock characters in Genshin Impact

Your goal in Genshin Impact is to build the best team possible. It’s all about winning the Fate. Here’s how to unlock new characters in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock characters in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free open-world RPG that is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but if BOTW includes elements of a mobile game. Developer miHoYo is better known for mobile RPGs, but Genishin Impact exploded in the console scene in late 2020. While the base game is free, Genshin Impact is still a gatch game at the end of the day. Gatcha games are built with players spending in-game currency for a chance to unlock random items. These are similar to how microtransactions work in other free games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone. These in-game purchases are one way to unlock new characters in Genshin Impact; however, they are not the only way. Here’s everything you need to know about how to unlock characters in Genshin Impact.

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Learn how to get more characters of different types in Genshin Impact with this handy walkthrough including currencies, banners, and more.

Keep track of events

Every six weeks, Genshin Impact usually undergoes a major update that always brings a few temporary events into the game. While this pattern has not been officially recognized by Mihoyo, players have noticed that one event every two updates typically grants players a free four-star character. In the past, these free four-star characters included Fischl in Update 1.1, any four-star Liyue character selected by the player in Update 1.3, and Diona in Update 1.5.

Due to this pattern, many gamers speculated that Genshin Impact would bring players another free four-star character in Update 1.7, which is due out in just a few weeks. Even if this turns out to be untrue, participating in these events is still a great way to earn Primogems.

Nothing makes Genshin Impact players more fun than getting their favorite character.

4 methods to obtain characters in Genshin Impact

4) Starglitter Exchange shop

The Starglitter Store is a great way to get free characters. Genshin Impact players can access this store by going to the Paimon menu, clicking the Store option, and then scrolling down to Paimon Deals.

Characters are added to the store and will be refreshed monthly. Currently, the Starglitter Exchange is the place to take over Beidou and Noelle. There seems to be a constant character rotation on the Starglitter Exchange store, although Genshin Impact has not confirmed this.

To purchase an item from the Starglitter Store, players must use the Masterless Starglitter Coupon. The cost of one character in this shop is 34 Star Glitter without a Master.

They can earn that particular currency by earning a 4-star or 5-star character and weapon from the Wish Banner.

3) Wish Banner

wishes, commonly known as Banners, are the perfect gacha system in Genshin Impact. There are two character banners in Genshin Impact: a Character Event Wish and a Standard Wish.

It is recommended that Genshin Strikes players spend their Primogems on a Character Banner, rather than a Standard Banner. This is because the guaranteed 5-star character banner will be a 100% playable character, not a weapon, unlike the standard banner.

However, a stroke requires 160 Primogems, and ten strokes are 1,600 Primogems. The number is not small, especially considering how difficult it is to collect Primogems in Genshin Impact.

Therefore, players are advised to spend money only if their favorite 4-star or limited 5-star characters are on the character banner.

novice Player Wish for New Players (Image via Eckogen, Youtube)

The beginner wishes banner for new players to Genshin Impact deserves a special mention. Beginners are always reluctant to try their luck with this banner, but it is a blessing in disaster.

The beginner wish banner only appears at the beginning of the game and disappears after players wish 20 times. Since this banner is adapted to new users in Genshin Impact, it only costs 8 Familiar Ticket (1,280 Primogems) instead of 10 Familiar Ticket.

2) Events

Genshin Impact players must keep track of the new events with each new update. The game receives a major update every six weeks, which always brings new limited events to the game.

Although Genshin Impact did not recognize this pattern, players have noticed that one event comes out every two updates and regularly gives them a free 4-star character.

1) Spiral Abyss

Just like the Beginner’s Wish Banner, there is also another Limited Beginner’s Event. Genshin Impact players can earn Xiangling by filling Floor 3, Chamber 3 in the Spiral Abyss.

The Spiral Abyss will be unlocked when Traveler reaches adventure rank 20. The Abyss is a floor-based dungeon where players lead their party through increasingly difficult floors, earning combat bonuses along the way.

Once Genshin Impact players manage to clear Floor 3, Chamber 3 in Spiral Abyss, they can go to the event page above and claim their free Xiangling.

All the new and upcoming characters we can pull on in future updates

Genshin Impact new characters in 2.3 and beyond


Gorou is another character from Inazuma – he is also featured in Kazuha’s vocal lines. She is a four-star Geo Bow user with cute ears and a stylish tail. Despite his comic appearance, Gorou is actually a general of the Sangonomiya troops. Gorou is a strong leader on the battlefield and becomes fierce in every battle he takes part in. Fans are already eagerly awaiting the release date of the Gorou Banner, which falls in the second half of the Genshin Impact 2.3 update.

Arataki Itto ‧ Hanamizaka Heroic

The first and greatest leader of the Arataki gang

Fast as the wind and powerful as thunder, he is a fearless man whose blood flows through the veins of the Oni. # GenshinImpact

– Genshin Impact (@GenshinImpact) October 11, 2021

Arataki Itto

We first heard Arataki Itto, the head of the Arataki Gang, in Sayu’s and Yoimiya’s vocal lines. Itto is a Geo user who appears as part of the storyline of the Genshin Impact 2.3 update. Like Gorou, he will arrive in the game in the second half of Update 2.3, but is a five-star character. For more information on the Geo Claymore, see the Genshin Impact Itto banner guide.

Yae Miko

Yae Miko is the priest in charge of the Temple of the Great Narukami in Inazuma. Seems to be a Catalyst electro user. Yae Miko will meet the Traveler several times throughout Inazuma’s story. Yae Miko won’t become a playable character in Update 2.2, but we hope to see her in future updates.

Yun Jin ‧ Lucida scene
The current director of the Yun-Han opera company

He is the director of the Yun-Han opera troupe and is also a famous figure on the opera stage in Liyue Harbor. # GenshinImpact

– Genshin Impact (@GenshinImpact) November 22, 2021

Yun jin

Yun Jin is a Geo Polearm user officially disclosed by Mihoyo on Twitter. References to Yun Jin appear on several vocal lines for existing characters – she is an NPC who works at Heyu Tea House. Its in-game model was first discovered by the Lumie dataminer in January. Yun Jin was spotted in the background of the Moonchase cutscene. According to Twitter user Tangzhu_Tz, Yun Jin will appear as a new character in Update 2.4.

Genshin Impact Shenhe, woman with silvery hair tied back with a red ribbon, holding a polearm


Shenhe was also officially announced by Mihoyo along with Yun Jin. Players initially believed that this character’s name was Shenli, which is actually the Chinese reading of Ayaka’s name. However, Shenhe means the Crane god – which led players to correctly conclude that Shenhe is a human form of Cloud Retainer, an Adeptus NPC who lives on Mount Aozang in Liyue. It appears to be a Cryo Polearm user.


Twitter user Dimbreath found references to a character named Yelan in the game’s files. This could be the character above, which appears to be visually similar to Fu Hua from Honkai Impact.


Ayato is Ayaka’s older brother, head of the Kamisato clan and Commissar of Yashiro. She appears on several vocal lines of Inazuman characters, including Raiden Shogun, Sayu, and Ayaka. There is no concrete evidence that Ayato will be playable, but it is important to the plot. According to Nobumori, he is proficient in the use of swords and polearms.

Dainsleif, a potential new character of Genshin Impact, wielding magical powers and wearing a dark blue cape


Dainsleif, The Bough Keeper, was officially announced by Mihoyo at the Tokyo Game Show – however, no release date was given. His voice actor has been announced, but we don’t know when he might arrive.

Dainsleif comes from the Khaenri’ah, an underground kingdom that is not part of Teyvat itself – so perhaps one day in the future we will meet Dainsleif as we explore his homeland.

Genshin Impact Yaoyao shares sweets with other characters during the festival


Yaoyao is an adorable NPC that is mentioned in several of the character’s voice lines. Previously, she was Xiangling’s younger girlfriend when they both studied with the same chef, but now she has become Genshin Impact Ganyu’s assistant.

He appears in the official artwork above, which could also give us some clues as to when he can join us in the game. The play features Yaoyao with Qiqi at the Mid-Autumn Festival – so its release may coincide with a festival. She was extracted from the data as a four-star Dendro Catalyst user, which is intriguing as we currently don’t have any Dendro users available yet.

Kate is a character with an electro sword.
Sayu, baby. He is a character of Anemo Claymore

– Zeniet (@Zeniet) October 20, 2020

In addition to Sayu, another new character model featured in the tweet above is reportedly Kate, an Electro Sword user from Mondstadt. That’s all we know about her for now, but we’ll let you know if we have more information.

Genshin Impact a potential new Baizhu hero, wearing glasses and wearing a white snake around his neck


Baizhu is NPC Genshin Impact and owns Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue. He has a vision of Dendro that made fans believe he could one day be a playable character – although we’ll have to wait for Dendro’s full implementation in the elemental reaction table.

Genshin Impact Cyno is lurking in the swirling sand

Cyno was revealed in the Teyvat Chapter Story Preview – he is a Pole Weapon holder from Sumer, one of the future Genshin Impact regions that we will visit in later updates.


Collei is a character from Sumer in the official manga of Genshin Impact. She was infused with the remains of the Archon by the clairvoyant Barnabus, but was helped by Cyno and Amber to suppress it.

Two Genshin IMPact figures in the spotlight, disguised as mages

Lyney and Lynette

Lyney and Lynette are revealed in the same teaser video – they are a pair of twins, possibly dressed like magicians – come from Fontaine, a region inspired by France. It is speculated that they could be recruited as a couple and could swap places in battle – though that might just be a cool idea.

Potential genshin Influence on the new character of Iansan wearing animal skulls and summoning a flame


Iansan was also revealed in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline movie, Natlan section. We believe she is a Pyro user, but we will have to wait until we visit Natlan to learn more about her.

A possible new character Genshin Impact Scaramouche stroking his chin thoughtfully while standing in front of the temple


Scaramouche is number 6 among the Eleven Harbors of Fatui; introduces himself as the “vagabond of Inazuma,” who tries to betray and kill the Traveler during the Unrequited Stars: Destiny Star event. Gamers believe he will eventually become a playable character and speculate that he may be an Electro Catalyst user.


Il Dottore is another of the Eleven Trailers. His name means “The Doctor,” but considering his appearance in the official manga, he’s more interested in using people for research and experiments.


Pulcinella is the fifth of the Eleven Harbors of Fatua – all that’s known about them is that they incorporated Tartaglia into Fatua after he re-emerged from the Abyss.

These are all new Genshin Impact characters that we think have a reasonable chance of making an appearance in the game, but as we learn more about the Genshin Impact tradition, we’ll keep adding new candidates as we discover them. Tired of wishful thinking – it’s time to focus on the characters you already have; Here are the best Genshin Impact characters for beginners and the best Genshin Impact weapons to equip them with.

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