How to unlock Manifested Pages in Destiny 2; s Festival of the Lost

festival of the Lost is back in Destiny 2, so here’s where the vendor is located and how to unlock Manifested Pages by converting Ghost Pages.

How to unlock Manifested Pages in Destiny 2&’s Festival of the Lost

lost Destiny Festival 2

The Festival of Lost returns in Destiny 2, bringing with it a new seller and currency for players to contact and collect. They’re called the Manifested Pages and they’re key to new knowledge of the Destiny universe.

Eva Levante has returned to the Tower in Destiny 2, meaning Festival of the Lost is taking place again, and this time she has brought a strange new addition with her.

The Book of the Forgotten has many secrets and will be happy to reveal them if you want to turn a few pages with it.

That’s all you need to know about the new provider and how to create Manifested Pages in the Lost Festival.


Eva Levante in Destiny 2

The Book of the Forgotten is on the right side of Eva’s station in the Tower. Contains forgotten legends and the folklore of Destiny’s world.

The Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2021 event is live now The Keepers will stand under the skies of endless night. Trusting each other and their new Eliksni allies, Vex

Everyone’s Invited

New players, veterans, season pass holders, or free players – no matter how you play Destiny 2, Eva Levante invites you to attend the festivities. Meet her near the Statue of Heroes in the Tower and begin your mission to unlock some of the most eye-catching armor in the game.

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes

Your adventure will take you through the speeding landscape of the European Sky Zone and provide you with daily elemental boosts. Even if you attended the celebration last year, there are some new Bungie twists and rewards in 2021 that are worth checking out.

The Destiny 2 Year End event has kicked off, bringing players all the content they’ve been waiting for over the holidays.

New Legendary Fusion Rifle – Glacioclasm

In addition to the cosmetics up for grabs, there’s a new fusion rifle, the Legendary Glacioclasm.

According to, it offers some interesting perks such as Killing Wing, Surplus, Demolitionist, Swashbuckler, Unrelenting and many more.

And that’s all! Time to jump in and enjoy the Guardians celebrations.

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Destiny 2: Getting Started Haunted Sectors Destiny 2 players can now explore Haunted Sectors during the seasonal Halloween event that Bungie hosts annually, Festival of the Lost

How to Complete Steps 4 to 7 of the Gone But Not Forgotten Quest

Step 4 is to defeat at least one of the headless creatures respawning in the haunted sector and complete the activity by defeating the last boss. It is a relatively short activity and its main purpose is collecting Candies and transforming Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages.

The fifth step asks the players to return to the Tower to talk to Eva Levante, which will result in a short message being sent from her and the sixth step of the quest. This will cause players to exit Eva Levante &’s menu and head right to find the Book of the Forgotten.

Players will then have to take over any of the purchasable sides, which for now will be one of them. Then, the seventh and final step of the quest is simply talking to Eva Levante one last time to claim your rewards – namely the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle with random attachments, 50 candy and a Void Dream Emblem.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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