How to unlock Manifested Pages in Destiny 2; s Festival of the Lost

festival of the Lost is back in Destiny 2, so here’s where the vendor is located and how to unlock Manifested Pages by converting Ghost Pages.

How to unlock Manifested Pages in Destiny 2&’s Festival of the Lost

lost Destiny Festival 2

The Festival of Lost returns in Destiny 2, bringing with it a new seller and currency for players to contact and collect. They’re called the Manifested Pages and they’re key to new knowledge of the Destiny universe.

Eva Levante has returned to the Tower in Destiny 2, meaning Festival of the Lost is taking place again, and this time she has brought a strange new addition with her.

The Book of the Forgotten has many secrets and will be happy to reveal them if you want to turn a few pages with it.

That’s all you need to know about the new provider and how to create Manifested Pages in the Lost Festival.


Eva Levante in Destiny 2

The Book of the Forgotten is on the right side of Eva’s station in the Tower. Contains forgotten legends and the folklore of Destiny’s world.

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