How to Use your Xbox One Controller to a PC? And a Console with a PC Monitor. How to hook up xbox to monitor

If you want to connect your Xbox 360 console to a computer monitor because the TV is small or the picture quality is poor, let me show you how. Is that an expensive job you can ask no, only $ 10 in parts from my local Radioshack. Please leave a comment for me to get feedback

Monitors for Console Gaming

This is a detailed informative article. If you’re looking for specific model recommendations, visit this page for a wide selection of models that will take advantage of the latest gaming consoles.

As the name suggests, this website is about “computer monitors”. That is, screens intended for use with computers. But what is considered “computer” can of course be a fairly broad term. For the purposes of our tests and the data collected for reviews and articles, this simply means a desktop computer. This is what we have access to, our preferred tool for serious computers (ahem), and this is the perspective from which we write our reviews. A large part of each review is dedicated to the experience of playing on a specific monitor, because that’s what we like to test and indulge in, just like many of our readers.

But some people prefer to use game consoles, machines designed specifically for this purpose. Modern machines like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4) are basically just pretty lousy standard gaming PCs with a price and simplicity that really appeal to a lot of users. The main successors to these games, the PS5 and Xbox Series X, are the moderately powerful PCs at launch. This article essentially acknowledges this fact and is intended to provide detailed “question-and-answer” guidance for users who are considering using the monitor for such use. There are many intersections between what we can recommend for budget gamers and console gamers, but there are some limitations to consider that don’t apply to all PCs.

Shouldn’t I get a 120Hz+ monitor?

But due to the significant power increase compared to the previous generations, it is more widely supported. The Xbox Series S supports HDMI 2.1, but it’s not focused on high-definition gaming at high frame rates. However, the focus was certainly on 120Hz support at lower resolutions. Having a monitor capable of 120Hz would certainly make sense if you want to take advantage of titles that support this.

In contrast, serious (or rather competitive) PC gamers generally appreciate and can use monitors with enhanced refresh rates like 120Hz, 144Hz, 240Hz or even higher. They will want to play their titles at the highest possible frames per second and their monitor will be able to keep up, with the option of reducing the graphics settings to achieve this. Or they will update their system instead. Users who play more freely may also appreciate the increased refresh rates, and whether they are considered casual or competitive gamers, there is now a lot of interest in variable refresh rate (VRR) technologies that help smooth out the situation when the frame rate and the refresh rates are t synchronized.The Xbox One X and Series X / S consoles support AMD FreeSync technology over HDMI, which an increasing number of monitors are also supporting through Adaptive-Sync. PS5 supports HDMI 2.1 VRR.

144 Hz + is off the cards

144Hz+ is off the cards

If you’ve connected a high refresh rate monitor to your Xbox Series X or Series S console and are limited to 60Hz even though the monitor supports 120Hz over HDMI, there is a small fix that can help you. This is not required on all models and may disable FreeSync.

– Press the Xbox button on your controller and go to “Profile & System” (right tab).
– Select “Settings” – “General” – “TV & Display Options‘.
– Select ‘Video Fidelity and Scanning‘.
– Click the “Connection” drop-down list and change it from “Auto Detect (Recommended)” to “HDMI‘.
– The 120Hz refresh rate should now be selected back under ‘TV & Display Options‘.

To use the 120Hz feature on PlayStation 5, if your monitor supports 120Hz via HDMI, you may need to switch your system to ‘Performance Mode’. In some cases, the “Default Game” setting may also work. Just remember to switch it back to “Default Game” or use “Resolution Mode” if you play games where you prefer image quality to higher frame rates and refresh rates.

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After reading this article, you will learn how to choose the best monitor for your console gaming. While there are many factors that influence your gaming monitor selection: the games you play, the console you use and your budget, the overall specs of your gaming monitor to keep in mind are the resolution, refresh rate, and HDMI bandwidth.

5 things You Should Know Before You Buy a Best 4 Gaming Monitor for Console Gaming

Whether you’re a PC or console gamer, the monitor you use can make the difference between life and death in a game. To get the most out of your console gaming experience, you need not only a gaming PC with a powerful graphics solution, but also a monitor that displays stunning visuals without blurry images, flickering, tearing, and artifacts. We will help you choose a good monitor that will ensure smooth, addictive gameplay. Gamers focus on response time, refresh rate, color performance and connectivity for a great console gaming experience.

Let’s go over the three most important differences between console TVs and gaming monitors. More and more console gamers are switching to a dedicated gaming monitor to pair with an Xbox One or PS4 to take advantage of what was once exclusive PC gaming features.

The first step after going into this section is to check “4K TV details”. This should read information from the EDID monitor and present a checklist page of what is reported as compliant. This will help you set the appropriate settings in other sections.

How to Connect an Xbox One to a Monitor or TV: Finding the Right Display

Finding the right display for your Xbox One console is crucial. You will need a monitor or TV with a comfortable resolution and the appropriate ports. You’ll also want to consider the sound.

The Xbox One supports HDMI output, so you’ll want to look for a monitor with an HDMI port. All modern TVs support HDMI, and most modern monitors have one HDMI port.


If you’re planning on connecting your Xbox One console to a monitor or TV you haven’t purchased yet, make sure it includes at least one HDMI port.

You can buy adapters that convert your HDMI to VGA or DVI, but the experience won’t be as good as using HDMI. Amazon offers several HDMI to VGA adapters to choose from starting at $ 7.99. You can also buy a DVI to HDMI converter for around $ 6.


One of the most important things you need to pay attention to is the sound. Many monitors don’t have speakers, and if they do, you won’t want to rely on them for any online gaming encounters. You can connect external speakers to your Xbox One’s optical out port for sound. You can also connect any headphones to the Xbox One controller and get sound that way. It’s best to invest in Xbox One headphones.

How to Connect an Xbox One to a Monitor or TV

To connect your Xbox One console to a monitor or TV, unpack the free HDMI cable that came with the console. If your monitor or TV has a built-in HMDI port, simply plug one end into the Xbox One’s HDMI Out port.


Then connect the other end to the HDMI port on the screen. Monitors should start working immediately, but TVs may need to be switched to their input channels in order to work. The way to connect your TV to the INPUT depends on the make and model of the TV. Check the manual that came with your TV if you don’t know how.


Some configurations are more complicated. If you find that your Xbox One S console is not sending a 4K signal to your TV, or something is preventing the screen from working properly, you’ll need to open the Settings app on your console. To do this, press the glowing Xbox logo on the controller to bring up the Xbox guide. Here’s more information on troubleshooting Xbox One X 4K.

Then go to the Settings pane. It is on the right.

Select All Settings.

Now select Display & Sound from the menu on the left side of the display.



The Video Out menu allows you to decide what resolution your monitor or TV will get from your Xbox One console and what the refresh rate is.

You can also toggle the borders of some downloaded apps on your Xbox One console. The 4K TV details menu in the advanced video settings is great for troubleshooting 4K video issues.


Plantronics RIG 800LX

The incredibly comfortable RIG 800LX headset by Plantronics offers noise reduction, Dolby Atmos sound, and nearly double the battery life of other headsets.

These Xbox One headphones have everything you need for a solid gaming experience, including great sound, long battery life, and wireless connectivity. It has a small USB receiver that connects to your Xbox One console for audio and chat. The RIG 800LX uses 40mm drivers and includes a gooseneck microphone that mutes when folded.

Shape memory foam isolates the ears, and each speaker uses noise reduction technology to eliminate any sound that seeps through the insulating foam. There are knobs on the headset to control the sound balance, and the equalizer can be adjusted to your liking. The RIG 800LX can handle 24 hours of charging, so expect to charge them less than other headsets.

The RIG 800LX is also for gamers who care about style and comfort. The double headband keeps the accessory on the head, but loose enough that the head won’t start to ache during a really long gaming session. Her cups have cutouts for glasses. Plus, the entire headset is modular, so you can change the black headband to a different color at any time and match the headset to your Xbox Wireless Controller.

Yes, it is possible to use the laptop as a monitor with the Xbox360. You have to follow the same step-by-step procedure as mentioned above to connect your laptop to your Xbox One. Connect an HDMI cable from your laptop to your Xbox 360 console to display the screen.

Step 3: Hook Up the Speakers

Now turn on your Xbox console and monitor. You will immediately notice something WHERE THERE IS THE SOUND! Fortunately, the connection is very easy.

1. Disconnect the speakers from the computer. (If you don’t know what the speaker cable looks like, it’s green)

2. Take out the stereo RCA female to the 3.5mm male

3. Connect the RED and WHITE plugs of the VGA cable to the stereo RCA female to the 3.5mm male

4. Connect the speaker plug (green plug) to the female RCA stereo connector to the male 3.5mm

Take a look at the photos below for more details

Step 4: Testing Time!

Turn on your Xbox 360 console, monitor, and speakers. It works.
If that doesn’t work, review the steps. If it still doesn’t work, please email me.

Play Call of Duty 4, Halo or Rock Band because you have successfully completed this project.

All in-game images are copyright of Bungie Studios, Activision, Microsoft, and Infinity Ward.

Halo 3 is the copyright of Bungie Studios, USA and Microsoft, USA.
The Call of Duty trademark is an original creation of Activision and Infinity Ward, USA

HDMI is a standard connection that transfers video and audio from one device to another over a cable. There are a few things you should pay attention to when connecting your Xbox console and laptop via HDMI. You need to know the difference between HDMI input and HDMI output.

What Is Xbox 360 Gaming Console & How Does It Operate?

Xbox is basically a game console with an audio and video interface. This amazing game streaming console was developed by Microsoft along with other game consoles.

Xbox 360 is the second generation release from Microsoft. This one easily took the place of the best-selling and most famous online video game for Xbox.

Therefore, this console is made up of many individual video games. Moreover, these games can be easily played directly with the console and controllers.

Xbox 360 controller with 12 buttons and sensors to make game streaming even more iconic. Moreover, the availability of buttons with digital and analog functions, pressure sensors, mapping control, calibration sensors made the game cooler.

Besides, the best accessibility of the Xbox 360 console and controller is that it can be connected to larger monitors such as PCs, laptops or TVs. With this feature, game streaming becomes even more remarkable as you enjoy the best video and audio output of the game you are playing.

How to Connect Xbox 360 to PC Monitor with HDMI – Easy Ways

The first thing you need to do is check if your computer monitor has at least one of the VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports.

If so, then only then can you proceed to the process of connecting your Xbox 360 console to a PC monitor with an HDMI cable. Therefore, connecting via an HDMI cable will give you access to both digital picture and sound.

Then it’s time to get ready to connect your Xbox 360 console to the monitor (you can use a 21.5-inch to 120Hz gaming monitor). However, beforehand, make sure you have certain things you will need in this process.

xbox 360 for computer monitor

Necessary things you need when connecting your Xbox 360 console to a monitor:

  • Computer monitor
  • Xbox 360 video game console
  • RCA 3.5mm audio-video extension cable male to stereo female (high definition multimedia interface
  • AV HD adapter for the Xbox 360 console (if there is no HDMI port on the monitor)
  • VGA HD AV cable (in case both HDMI and Component port are not available on the monitor)

As we’re going all the way with ways to connect your Xbox 360 console to a PC monitor, be prepared with them. Just get the cables you’ll only need depending on your monitor ports.

Guidelines to Connect Xbox to Monitor Using HDMI!

If your monitor has HDMI ports and speakers (internal or external), here are the steps to follow-

  1. Plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the Xbox console.
  2. Then connect the other side of the adapter to the HDMI input port on the monitor.
  3. Then turn on the monitor and the Xbox console to check the video and audio configuration. If the audio is external, use a Bluetooth connection to get audio from the console.

If your computer monitor does not have an HDMI adapter port, scroll down for more information.

Connect Xbox 360 to Monitor with Component HD AV Adapter!

In the past, HD AV Component Cable came free with console packages. Moreover, you can use it on both TVs and computer monitors.

how to connect your Xbox 360 console to a computer monitor

So, the way to connect your Xbox 360 console to the monitor with an HD AV cable is-

  1. First, toggle to set up HDTV on the Component AV connector of your PC monitor.
  2. Then screw the HD AV cable connectors to the appropriate input (color) ports. In case your HD AV adapter has a composite yellow RCA connector, don’t worry about it, leave it unscrewed.
  3. Now plug the other end of the HD AV cable connector into the console’s component port.
  4. Check by turning on the console, Xbox and speaker, it will work.

Last but not least, method of connecting your Xbox 360 console to a PC monitor using a VGA HD AV cable.

Hook Up Xbox 360 to PC Monitor with VGA HD AV Cable!

If your PC monitor doesn’t have HDMI or Component port, go to VGA port connection. Even if the VGA port is not on the monitor, just get an adapter for it.

connect the xbox360

Before we begin, we should point out that the Xbox Series X only supports HDR when the console is running in 4K, so this will be dictated by the resolution you have previously set and whether or not you have successfully checked “Allow 4K.


Connecting the Xbox One console to a laptop turned out to be an alternative; this allows you to use your Xbox One console even when the TV is busy. As mentioned earlier, the two methods of connecting a laptop and an Xbox console are quick and simple to implement. The wireless method can be an alternative for those who have laptops without an HDMI input.

The negative aspect of using a laptop as an Xbox monitor instead of a TV is that it affects the quality of the graphics and you will have to adjust to playing on a smaller screen. Another issue is that not all laptops are manufactured with HDMI output ports. While Wi-Fi is an alternate method in this situation, it also has its downsides; for example, internet speed can disrupt the gaming experience.

Hope I have resolved your question on “How do I use my laptop as an Xbox One monitor?” If you’re still having trouble connecting your Xbox to your laptop, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help.

HDMI is a standard connection that transfers video and audio from one device to another over a cable. There are a few things you should pay attention to when connecting your Xbox console and laptop via HDMI. You need to know the difference between HDMI input and HDMI output.

Allow YCC 4:2:2 Setting

By default, the Xbox Series X outputs content with 444 colors (if possible) or with 420 colors (if compression is needed). This additional option for the YCC 422 is a bit more complicated and whether you enable it will depend on your monitor and the type of HDMI connection. Don’t assume you should turn it on every time! This is helpful if you first understand what chrominance sub-sampling is. As a bit of background, the chrominance sub-sampling levels are listed in a format such as 4: 4: 4, 4: 2: 2, or 4: 2: 0.

the 4: 4: 4 format is just the normal standard uncompressed color output where no sub-sampling is needed and means that for sample 4 (first digit) there are 4 horizontal samples (second digit) and 4 vertical samples (third digit). This is the norm and usually it is shown as YCbCr444 or just “RGB” in the PC graphics card settings. So 4: 4: 4 is uncompressed full color saturation and full color quality.

Photo courtesy of

however, the 4: 2: 2 and 4: 2: 0 modes require some color compression, leading to some loss of color levels and image quality. For example 4: 2: 2, the two chrominance components are sampled at half the luma sampling rate. The horizontal chrominance resolution is halved. In the case of 4: 2: 0 it is even more drastic sampling leading to further loss of color and image quality.

The purpose of chrominance sub-sampling is to reduce the bandwidth of the uncompressed video signal to allow the transmission of modern resolutions and refresh rates over older video connections with lower bandwidths. You don’t always need to use chroma sampling, but this will depend on the display and video connection you are using.

So do we want to enable the “allow YCC 422” option on the Xbox Series X?

4K 120Hz+ monitors with HDMI 2.1

OFF – You don’t need to turn this setting on if your monitor has HDMI 2.1, even at 4K 120Hz and 10-bit color, as there is enough bandwidth so you don’t need chroma sampling anyway. Leave it off

4K 120Hz + monitors with HDMI 2.0 only

ON – Only on older monitors with HDMI 2.0 connections, when 10-bit color is used, Xbox will have to drop the color saturation to match the lower HDMI 2.0 bandwidth. As we said above, in the “Fidelity Video & Overscan” section, we suggest leaving the color depth set to 8-bit, which will mean 8-bit and 444 chromaticity should be used for SDR content (no chromatic sub-sampling is needed). But HDR (including if you turned on “Auto HDR” to scale normal SDR content) is always output at 10-bit resolution, so this is where the YCC 422 setting comes in. This 10-bit HDR content will have to use sub-chroma – some kind of sampling and with this option turned on it will only lower you to 422 chroma, instead of the default 420 chroma. Some screens may default to 10 bits at 420, then change to 8 bits at 422 when that is on. This may vary and it is likely then debatable which option is better. For simplicity’s sake, we think it’s probably easier to enable this setting for screens that don’t have HDMI 2.0 to protect the color if possible.

1440p and 1080p 120Hz+ monitors (with HDMI 2.0)

OFF – You will not need to use chroma sampling as HDMI 2.0 bandwidth is sufficient for 1440p and 1080p at 120Hz and with 10-bit color depth.

Calibrate HDR for Games Section

This step is based on the recommendations of HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group), a group founded by Microsoft and Sony to provide “best practices for HDR game content creators, gaming platforms, and TV manufacturers.” This should ensure the proper HDR tone mapping in games. For TVs, you would like to enable HGiG where it is supported, but on desktop monitors, unfortunately, you won’t find it. However, it’s worth reviewing the console’s Quick HDR Calibration feature, using this section to help you adjust things like peak brightness etc. It’s quick and easy to follow.

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