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Laptop legend: Core i9 12900HK and RTX 3080 Ti tested

The latest Intel and Nvidia hardware in the MSI GE76 Raider.

Today is a good day because we can finally talk about Intel’s 12th generation laptop processors and the new Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti Laptop graphics cards. We tested the MSI GE76 Raider, a high-performance machine that features every company’s flagship parts for this generation, and the performance is simply amazing. The 12900K and RTX 3080 Ti remain some of the best gaming devices available for desktops – despite frustrating pricing and availability issues – so it was fun to see how the mobile versions perform. In that first look, we tested the GE76 against its 2021 counterpart, in both gaming benchmarks and content creation benchmarks.

First, let’s briefly introduce the star of today’s show – GE76 Raider. It’s an incredibly powerful machine, especially in its top configuration that we’re testing today. In addition to the Core i9 12900HK and RTX 3080 Ti 175W laptop GPU, there’s 32GB of DDR5-4800 dual-channel RAM, a 17.3-inch 360Hz display, and two 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSDs. All of this hardware is housed in a generous chassis, keeping components relatively cool without resorting to jet-class fan noise. Perhaps not surprisingly, this tight machine costs $ 4,199 paired with an even more elaborate 4K 120Hz screen – we’re assuming the 360Hz option we’ve tested isn’t much cheaper.

Here are the full specification of our inspection unit:

  • 14-core Intel Core i9 12900HK (6P + 8E) processor
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop Graphics Card (175 W
  • 2 x 16 GB DDR5-4800 RAM
  • 2 Samsung MZVL22 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs with a capacity of 1 TB
  • 17.3 inch IPS 1080p 360Hz display
  • 99.99 Wh battery

Content creation benchmarks

First, let’s take a look at how CPU and RAM work together in two authoring benchmarks – video transcoding in Handbrake and 3D rendering in Cinebench R20.

The GE76 Raider ’22 performs remarkably well right from the start, even in balanced mode, with a single-core Cinebench R20 score of 703 and a multi-core score of 6370. It’s the fastest processor we’ve ever recorded for a laptop and is on the same tone as the 12600K desktop Core i5 . With MSI’s “extreme mode” enabled, it is slightly raised to 715 and 6432.

cbsingle cbmulti hbh264 hbhevc

In our video transcoding test, we take a piece of Patreon footage and transcode it into H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) formats using Handbrake with the CRF 18 setting as production standard. Unlike our desktops, GE76 laptops also offer the option of using Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) technology, which uses integrated graphics to accelerate your workload. Our standard H.264 and HEVC results are impressive, and the GE76 ’22 supports 38.41fps H.264 and 16.38fps H.265 in extreme mode (along with moderate fan noise). These are the best results in the charts, although the lead is only three percent over the Zephyrus M16 with the Core i9 11900H. With QSV enabled, these frame rates go up significantly – all the way to 97.53 fps for H.264 and 31.56 fps for H.265.This is the case with the extreme mode enabled; in Balanced mode we get a more reasonable (but still impressive) 77.24 fps and 51.69 fps.

Then we’ll move on to the star of the show: real gaming performance. We tested the top 2022 GE76 Raider against its 2021 counterpart, so we can get an idea of ​​how much extra performance can be unlocked when switching from the Core i9 11980HK to 12900HK, as well as a jump from the RTX 3080 to the RTX 3080 Ti. We also got the results of selecting other high-end 2021 laptops from Asus and Gigabyte to provide a little extra context. Here’s how each machine stacks up for the future.

  • MSI GE76 Raider 2022: Core i9 12900HK + RTX 3080 Ti
  • MSI GE76 Raider 2021: Core i9 11980HK + RTX 3080
  • Aorus 17G: Core i7 11800H + RTX 3070
  • Zephyrus G15: Ryzen 9 5900HS + RTX 3080
  • Zephyrus M16: Core i9 11900H + RTX 3070
  • X13 Flow: Core i9 5980HS + GTX 1650

As mentioned, the gaming laptop is designed with a strip of light throughout the device that can create an endless combination of colors to suit your gaming mood. When it comes to connectivity, the device comes with an endless combination of high-speed connections with Thunderbolt 4, a full-size SD-express card reader, etc.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15-ec2097nr

High quality, perfect processor and related hardware, fast. Win 11 took a little getting used to, and in the end, I was able to get all the apps I wanted (Task Manager, Resource Monitor, Control Panel, etc) as desktop icons or toolbar links. I haven’t installed Steam or any games yet as I mainly use it in MATLAB. My laptop is primarily a backup for my HP OMEN Desktop PC. My only concern is still the touchpad because here in the southwestern United States, at certain times of the year fine silica dust gets on everything and eventually destroys the touchpad tool, rendering the computer useless. Sealing the touchpad with a durable, flexible (polyurethane?) Membrane would solve this problem. (This was a problem with other HP laptops.)

It’s definitely worth buying and waiting. Solid performance (boots up quickly, runs quietly), excellent display.

OMEN Laptop 15-ek1097nr

I wanted a mid-range gaming notebook that didn’t look like one. It has a professional look (doesn’t look like a gamer) and a powerful performance! Delivery within 48 hours. It worked perfectly from the moment it was turned on. It has been working perfectly since I bought it about a month ago. Extremely happy.

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Whatever you need from an intel i9 laptop, we can help you find the model that suits your needs. Let’s compare the top-rated laptops first, then the top 10 to see what they offer.

Best i9 Laptop – Comparison Table including Processor Performance/GHz, SSD/RAM, GPU, Display, and more!

  • RGB keyboard for each key for maximum personalization
  • High-Resolution Audio Technology
  • Dragon Center software for easy adjustment of various laptop settings
  • Light, elegant appearance
  • Includes ultra-fast SSD storage that can be expanded up to 8TB
  • Excellent battery life of up to 10 hours of use
  • Apple’s T2 security chip for the best privacy
  • Two 4k monitors
  • Top line performance
  • The set includes an active Asus stylus
  • High performance suitable for gaming
  • 300 Hz display ensures smooth gameplay
  • Perfect thermal cooling system
  • Light, discreet black design
  • Durable all-metal housing
  • Expandable SSD and RAM
  • Excellent battery life
  • 8th generation Intel Core i9-8950HK
  • 15.6-inch 4K panel is equipped with an anti-reflective coating for better screen visibility (3840 x 2160) on the touch screen
  • 14 hours of mixed use on the Dell XPS 9570
  • Overclocked GPU and CPU: nvidia geforce gtx 1080 8gb gddr5x with unlocked 8th gen Intel i9-8950 core
  • 144 Hz refresh rate 17.3 ahva full hd ips gaming panel with nvidia g-sync and 3 ms response time
  • 2 SSDs with a capacity of 256 GB in raid0 for a total capacity of 512 GB. 2 TB sshd drive. 32 GB DDR4 2666 m
  • Copper tunnels independently cool the CPU and GPU dual 12v fans with anti-dust technology
  • I9-8950hk (6 Core, 12MB Cache up to 5.0 GHz)
  • Nvidia geforce gtx 1080 8 gb ddr5x overclocked
  • 17.3 ″ qhd (2560 × 1440) 120 Hz 400 nits tn + wvm g-sync anti-glare with eye tracking tobii
  • 32GB RAM (2x16GB) DDR4 2666MHz
  • 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD
  • Screenpad plus: 14 inch additional 4k touch screen
  • Nvidia geforce rtx 2080 super 8gb gddr6 with rog boost
  • The latest Intel Core 10th generation i9-10980hk processor
  • 4k ultra hd 15.6 3840 × 2160 ips pantone display approved for use
  • 32gb ddr4 3200mhz ram | 1TB pcie nvme m.2 ssd in raid 0 (1 + 1)
  • Rog intelligent cooling system with active aerodynamic plus (aas) and thermal grizzly
  • Rog aura synchronization system with RGB keyboard
  • 17.3 ″ fhd (1920 × 1080) 300 Hz 3 ms ips level nvidia geforce rtx2080 super max-q 8 g gddr6
  • Core i9-10980hk 2.4 – 5.3 GHz wi-fi killer ax1650 (2 * 2 ax)
  • 1TB NVME SSD 32GB (16G * 2) DDR4 2666MHZ 2 Slots Max Memory 64GB
  • Dynaudio 2w * 2 Speakers 4-cell (82wh) 230w slim lithium polymer

The 10 Best Core i9 Laptops – Reviews

We know that with so many options available, choosing an Intel i9 laptop to suit all your needs can be daunting.

To help you find the best i9 laptop, we looked at the most popular models available and compared them in key areas such as performance, display, graphics, and battery life. We’ll also look at which are better for gaming, watching videos, editing photos, working, and so on.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at what’s on the market right now and how it compares…

Almost every year, Intel introduces a new generation of processors to the market, and the resulting family of chips introduces a number of improvements as it provides more power and better performance from the typical, repeatable annual updates. However, with the introduction of Alder Lake, Intel has made a much bigger change by introducing a completely new chip architecture.


– Slightly bulky design

– No optimal I / O ports

Powered by the super responsive Intel Core i9 chipset with 30% better performance

Long battery life, optimized performance and multitasking

Greater productivity with two SSD slots for better storage

Pleasant and clear image on a 15.6-inch QHD display with a refresh rate of 240 Hz

Powerful gaming performance with an RTX 30 Series GPU configuration

MSI is a brand that needs no introduction. Powerful, elegant and packed with the latest features, the MSI GE66 Raider is just a dream come true. The device is equipped with the latest 11th generation Intel Core i9 processor, all in an elegant and efficient housing.

It is a fully armed gaming kit that will transform your gameplay and take it to the absolute next level with no complaints. The unique diagonal design is a first at MSI, making this unique piece perfect for versatile gaming setups.

The spacecraft-inspired design of this laptop features aurora lighting around the device that enhances overall performance and appearance. Mystical lighting components are enough to attract game enthusiasts with the first glance.

Moving further towards in-device performance and gaming experience, the MSI GE66 Raider is powered by the latest 11th Gen Intel Core i9 processor with an octa-core chipset and a clock speed of up to 5.5 GHz. The laptop supported by Turbo Boost technology provides excellent multitasking and gaming experience that exceeds the expectations of users.

The latest chipset supports 30% higher performance and is supported by 2x L3 cache compared to the i7 processor for better performance. The latest processor additionally paves the way for next-generation PCIe Gen4 x16 bandwidth that maximizes not only gaming but professional performance as well.

In addition to the basic CPU configuration, the GE66 Raider is further supported by the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 GPU, which ensures top gaming performance without compromise. The GPU is backed by the latest 2nd Gen. RTX NVIDIA architecture, which supports streaming multiprocessors, tensor cores and the latest AI features.

The GPU also offers a choice between “Discrete Graphics Mode” or “MSHybrid Graphics Mode” with graphics switching technology for improved performance and performance. The overclocking function with an adjustable GPU core clock and increased performance allows players to play their games in extreme modes.

Coming back to the display and visual mapping on the device, the GE66 Raider offers a combination of sharp, clear and smooth display. The display and visual functions of the device are tailored to the needs of gamers with an excellent refresh rate and better display modes that allow players to experience every game they play.

As mentioned, the gaming laptop is designed with a strip of light throughout the device that can create an endless combination of colors to suit your gaming mood. When it comes to connectivity, the device comes with an endless combination of high-speed connections with Thunderbolt 4, a full-size SD-express card reader, etc.

The GE66 Raider comes with a 99.9Wh battery for longer battery life and pristine performance all day long. In addition, the device is supported by up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM with two SSD slots, which ensures optimal storage beyond the user’s expectations.

The 10th generation Intel Core i9 processor is a real powerhouse. MSI has ensured the maximum performance of this powerful processor without thermal throttling. Therefore, he has invested in the thermal architecture of his laptops with seven dedicated heatpipes to ensure extreme use without any problems.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo i9 laptop

  • The touchpad may be uncomfortably positioned
  • USB ports on the right side of the laptop
  • Very expensive

Intel Core i9-10980HK processor | RAM 32 GB | 15.6 inch display | GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super | 1 TB SSD X 2 hard drive (RAID 0) | Dimensions 14.2 x 10.8 x 0.8 inch | Weight 5.3 pounds

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo is something special, and the key to its uniqueness lies in the name itself. Dubbed the Duo, this Zephyrus features a second screen between the keyboard and the main display. The result is a laptop that is part gamer envy, part utility, part science fiction. And it has the right price.

When you open the cover of this Zephyrus Duo, the second display – which measures sharp 3840 × 1100 pixels – rises to a comfortable viewing angle (while also opening the air intake for additional cooling). The second display can be used for anything you want, but I suspect it will be very useful for players to view inventory, maps, and possibly YouTube or Discord while the game is playing on the main display. For creations, the second display is a great place for toolbars and palettes. It is also compatible with touch and stylus. It’s not the first laptop to boast a second display, but it’s the first I’ve seen that positions it to a comfortable viewing angle, and that makes a huge difference.

This model is powered by an Intel Core i9-10980HK processor and 32GB of RAM and also has a 2TB SSD (in fact a pair of 1TB drives combined with RAID 0 for ultra-fast performance. Speed ​​is appreciated, but make sure you have a reliable one backup, because failure of any of the drives will destroy all your data. The 15.6-inch display is a full 4K UHD screen with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. Not only is it equipped with Nvidia G-Sync for gamers, but developers will appreciate the display calibrated according to Pantone.

The large, comfortable keyboard is accompanied by the touchpad tilted to the right. Honestly, this is a love or hate setup; many people find the touchpad inconvenient and inconvenient, but you may also love it located on the right side of the case where it can be programmed to act as a full numeric keypad.

Unfortunately, Asus puts some ports on the right where cables can interfere with the mouse – there are a pair of USB 3.0 and USB-C ports. On the left you’ll find Audio and Power, and on the back you’ll find Ethernet, HDMI, and another USB 3.0.

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 i9 Laptop

  • Secondary display
  • 4K UHD touchscreen
  • The touchpad functions as a numeric keypad
  • The second screen is flat
  • No Ethernet
  • The ports on the right side may be in the way of the mouse

Intel Core i9-9980HK processor | RAM 32 GB | 15.6 inch display | GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super | 1 TB SSD hard drive | Dimensions 14.1 x 9.7 x 0.9 inch | Weight 5.5 pounds

Like its more technologically advanced cousin, the ROG Zephyrus Duo 15, this Asus ZenBook Pro Duo features a dual display. And by the most reasonable means, it is a powerful laptop. Built on the basis of an Intel Core i9-9980HK processor and 32 GB of RAM, as a large 1 TB SSD for storage, and the screen is supported by an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super card. And the 15.6-inch display goes beyond that – it’s not just a 4K UHD display with 3840 x 2160 pixels, but also a touchscreen – not something you often see in laptops in this class. The second screen – which Asus calls ScreenPad Plus – is a 3840 x 1100 display, also a touchpad. And it comes with its own stylus if you want to use it.

On the front of the ScreenPad Plus you’ll find a nice clicking keyboard and touchpad on the right side of the case. This is an unusual place for a trackpad, and one to which you may need to warm up, but its placement has some advantages. For example, it doubles as a numeric keypad, which is very handy and there’s a good chance you won’t be using the touchpad at all, in which case it’s a good idea to remove it from the keyboard.

There are a few other cool features – for example, the way the screen opens so that the hinge turns into a kickstand that raises the back of the laptop for both ergonomics and cooling. ZenBook comes with a Windows Hello compatible camera, so you can sign in to Windows using facial recognition.

But because of the way the screen rotates, there are no ports there – it’s all on the sides. The right side has a USB-C and USB 3.0 port along with audio, and the other side has HDMI and USB 3.0. There is no Ethernet, which is a serious shortage of a $ 3,000 laptop.

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includes 1 year of Premium support.


No interest if paid in full within 12 months for $ 799+^

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Alienware x17 Gaming Laptop

includes 1 year of Premium support.


No interest if paid in full within 12 months for $ 799+^

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Add the products you want to compare and quickly determine which one is best for your needs.

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It is a fully armed gaming kit that will transform your gameplay and take it to the absolute next level with no complaints. The unique diagonal design is a first at MSI, making this unique piece perfect for versatile gaming setups.

Test Results: Adobe Creative Suite

Then, here’s what we’ve seen from some benchmarks on some groundbreaking Adobe applications, with the help of a handy test extension.

Adobe Photoshop 22 CC

This extension is PugetBench for Photoshop, from the workstation maker Puget Systems, which uses version 22 of Adobe’s popular image editor to test the computer in common Photoshop actions. Like Handbrake, it’s much more of a real-world test as it uses a real-world productivity tool and measures how quickly the system can handle demanding tasks, such as applying masks and gradient fills, or filtering out field blur. Anyone who has used Photoshop for any fairly complex editing experience has first-hand experience of watching even the most powerful machines pull up the hill in the face of this kind of task. However, it also uses the full range of computer components, including memory, mass storage, and graphics processor.

Nevertheless, the Alder Lake-equipped MSI Raider achieved its best-ever result of 1,192 points, ahead of the previous leader, the Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 6 (1,083) and the upcoming MSI Raider 2021 (1,059).

Adobe Premiere Pro 15 CC

We’re using a different version of PugetBench with the Adobe Premiere Pro video editor, putting the system in front of a similarly demanding video manipulation sequence to really push the limits of the laptop. Like the Photoshop test, this is a more holistic test as it uses storage and graphics power as well as clean processing, but your CPU’s capabilities will have a big impact on its performance. And the 12th Gen MSI Raider Core i9 definitely performed well.

We don’t run this test on every PC we review, reserving it primarily for laptops and authoring workstations, but it seemed like Intel’s new processor should pass this test as content creation has become Intel’s primary focus on post-processing hardware and the need for video editing has become more common as more people than ever are uploading videos to YouTube and streaming through sites like Twitch.

Again, the MSI GE76 Raider, with a Core i9-12900HK processor, led the way with 771 points, the best we’ve ever seen in a laptop. The only other benchmark unit in our test suite that we ran this particular test on is the MSI Creator 17, which uses an older 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900H processor and scored a still impressive 622 points. The specific numbers don’t mean much with such a limited sample size, but the overarching conclusion is important – the 12th Gen CPU and the new GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card come together to make the MSI GE76 Raider a truly productive multimedia creation machine.

Intel Takes on Apple: Core i9 vs. M1 Max

But Alder Lake is competing with more than just last year’s Intel model. Apple has spent the last two years phasing out Intel-based Macs, replacing them with updated designs that include Apple’s own ARM-based processors, called Apple Silicon.

Intel’s transition to the new Hybrid Performance mixed-core architecture borrows largely from ARM’s own mixed-core approach, called big.LITTLE, which also combines high-performance and high-performance cores to provide better power and battery life.

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