Is Among Us multiplayer game safe for children. Who is the imposter game

While crew members are asked to complete a to-do list, the cheater blends in and removes crew members one by one. When a player reports a corpse killed by a cheater, a discussion is triggered to vote for who they think is a cheater.

How to Play

Among Us is part survival, part puzzle and part murder mystery. He sees a crew of up to ten people on the ship trying to complete basic tasks to keep the ship moving. The conflict is that at least one person is called an impostor who will not be doing tasks at all, but will instead try to kill everyone on board. Crew members must complete their tasks in trying to locate the impostor. If they don’t do this before the game is over, the cheater wins.

Since Crew and Impostor have very different playstyles, we’ve broken down the way you play them here, although there is a certain crossover.

How to Play Among Us as a Crewmate

Screenshot of (371) .png

Select online or local to join a game. Here you can choose if you want to create or join a game and if you are looking for a game with 1, 2 or 3 cheats. Learn more about all settings in Rules and Settings: How to Create the Best Game Guide Among Us.

  1. You won’t know if you’re a crew member or a cheater until the game starts.
  2. To control your character, use the keyboard and mouse or just the mouse, while the speed of each can be adjusted by the host. What you choose are just personal preferences.
  3. The phones have a touchpad with an analog stick for getting around.
  4. To complete the tasks, you need to go to the appropriate room and either click the object directly or click the “Use” button in the lower right corner. From then on, each task is fairly self-explanatory.
  5. If you find a dead body, you can click “Report” in the lower right corner. This will be a convened team meeting where you can discuss where you found the body, find out if anyone else has been killed, and share your suspicions. However, you don’t need to report the body if you see it.
  6. You can also make an emergency call using the button in the center of the map.
  7. After the discussions you vote. You can skip the vote. If skipping has the most votes or there is a tie, no one will be kicked.
  8. In order to win the game, you must complete all the tasks before the Cheater kills the crew.
  9. When you are killed, you can continue to perform tasks as a ghost to help your team, but you cannot communicate.

Screenshot (331) .png

Set in a snowy wasteland with nothing but fur and your wits, it’s your job to survive the cold and hungry stomach long enough to complete tasks and call for help. Unless you are a traitor, in which case your mission is to lead an unsuspecting crew member into the wilds, shoot him in the back, then drop it on the bear.

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Among Us is a PEGI 7 rated online multiplayer game that allows up to 10 players to assume the roles of “Crewmates” or “Cheaters”. The object of the game is for crew members to identify players who are cheaters in the game. The cheaters in the game have to secretly sabotage the ship’s tasks and kill the crew members before they can finish their tasks.

What is good about the game?

Promotes communication and teamwork to achieve the ultimate goal of finding a cheater. It’s also a thrill for scammers who try to hide their identity. The same goes for crew members who need to clear their name lest they get rejected and have to carry out their tasks while their lives are in the balance.

Statistics on Twitch, the popular game streaming platform, show that from August to October 2020, over 25 million hours of Among Us streams were watched. So why is it so popular?

It is simple to play, “extremely social” and requires a lot of teamwork and interaction with others, which is a key ingredient to the success of other multiplayer games. There is a level of customization of avatars and the game itself. It can also be played on multiple platforms (PC and mobile).

Since Crew and Impostor have very different playstyles, we’ve broken down the way you play them here, although there is a certain crossover.


The main objective of the Impostor (s) is to kill enough crew members to have the same number of cheaters and crew members before all tasks are completed.

Impostor numbers shown in red when creating a game to host.

All Cheaters cannot perform any tasks; however, they receive a fake to-do list as a general clue to fake and blend in with a crew member. Additionally, Cheaters have the ability to sabotage to force crew members to fix problems, and some kill all crew members if not resolved in time. This ability can be used in many different ways, such as drawing crew members away from a dead body or concealing a kill.

Fraudsters can win in two ways:

  • Crew members are eliminated by walking away, killing or ejecting until they no longer have the majority of votes (one crew member remaining per cheat).
  • Performing critical Sabotage that is not resolved in time.

Fraudsters primarily eliminate crew members by a combination of killing them in-game and manipulating or confusing the crew to kick out innocent players. Crew members who leave, hang up or are ejected also contribute to this goal.

Probability of Being An Impostor

Depending on the game options in the game, there may be from one to three cheaters. Cheaters are selected randomly at the start of the game. Therefore, each player has an equal chance of becoming a Cheater. This chance does not change whether any players have cheat or crew status, or have a color; it is consistently random between all players.

If, after you throw out one of them, there are still other Scam artists, that Scammer will become a ghost. However, if no Scammer is left alive, the Crew immediately wins. As a ghost, Scammers can still sabotage the map to help other Scammers win, but they cannot kill, talk to other living Scammers, ventilate, or vote.


Violet has red backlighting around it, meaning they are close enough to be killed.

Fraudsters can kill crew members. Killing a crew member leaves a dead body where they were killed and a crew member turns into a ghost. Kills have a 10-60 second cooldown and the kill distance is short, normal, or long depending on the game options.

According to An Impostor, during the killing, the player’s body breaks in two, where after a few seconds it falls to the ground, revealing its bone. When a kill occurs, the Impostor will teleport to the player in a flood of gray scribbles, and the body will collapse after a few seconds. In the view of the victim of a crew member when her body falls to the ground, an animation is displayed that can appear in different ways: a crew member is shot, stabbed several times, a cheater’s tongue pierced, broken neck or shot by a Laser Impostor (the last animation will be played) only if Impostor is wearing the Right Hand skin).

Cooldown on kill is reduced to 10 seconds in the first round, before any emergency encounters, and set to the standard cooldown after killing someone or calling an emergency encounter.

Kill cooldown is paused when Cheater uses one of the following:

The killing also forces the Impostor to immediately relocate to the crew member’s location, essentially teleporting there leaving a faint trace of its presence at the previous location. The teleport distance will vary depending on the kill range in Options.


A scammer can sabotage, creating a problem that crew members have to wait, ignore, or fix. Fraudsters can fix their Sabotage, which can help them avoid suspicion. Ghost scammers can also Sabotage. On Skeld and Polus, Fraudsters can lock doors to make it difficult for players to move or hide suspicious activity. Ghosts cannot repair a sabotage.

Reactor melting, oxygen depletion, resetting the seismic stabilizers and preventing a disaster are sabotages that, if not fixed, will bring immediate winnings for the cheaters. Fixing lights or sabotaging communications are sabotages that won’t win, but will make it harder for crew members to complete objectives or identify cheaters. Fraudsters can use sabotages to create fun opportunities or distract the crew. Tamper also prevents the use of the emergency button, except for tampering the door.

Fraudsters can hide in the vents. Air vents allow cheaters to hide or quickly move around the map. A fraudster can use the vent when he is close enough to everyone in the vicinity. However, hiding in the vent shaft pauses the cooldowns of both Kill and Sabotage until the Scammer exits the shaft. The admin map can still spot scammers hiding in the room’s vents.


When a player is near a dead body, the report button becomes useful. Like Crew, Fraudsters can use this ability to report dead bodies anywhere. When reporting, an emergency meeting begins where crew members can discuss who the Cheater is. Fraudsters can use the report button to gain trust or for various other reasons.

The crooks also have a use ability which allows them to interact with the emergency button, admin map, security cameras, vital and the door log. The ability to use can also be used by cheaters to solve sabotages.

While crew members are asked to complete a to-do list, the cheater blends in and removes crew members one by one. When a player reports a corpse killed by a cheater, a discussion is triggered to vote for who they think is a cheater.

Will playing Among Us make my child violent or more aggressive?

No. As we said in our parents’ guide to Fortnite, numerous studies prove that violent video games do not increase aggression in children. There is a small chance that playing too long and too often will affect your child’s mood, but this is likely less a function of specific in-game activity or content, but rather a sign that your child may have a tendency to focus on games.

The Among Us app is currently available for download on mobile devices (Android and iOS), Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. The mobile app is free to download and play, but the PC and Switch versions cost: CAD 5.69 for the PC version via Steam and CAD 6.30 for the Switch version via the Nintendo eShop. As long as your kids have access to a phone or tablet, they can use online features without spending any money. Moreover, they don’t even have to create an account like they do with other online games like Minecraft and Fortnite, so there’s no need to enter an email address. Among us, you can usually also play on the Chromebook, the laptops that kids use the most, as long as the Chromebook has access to the Google Play Store. The game also offers cross-platform play,so your child can play with friends no matter which version they are playing.

Does Among Us lure kids into spending money within the game?

While the game is completely free, there are downloadable content (also known as DLC) that your kids can ask to purchase for the mobile and PC versions. Much like Fortnite, these packs are cosmetic and won’t affect how the game is played or help your child win – they just change the appearance of the characters on the screen. The base game features a variety of colorful costumes that your character can wear, as well as fun hats, including an inflatable flamingo, a chef’s toque, a toilet plunger, or an Elvis-style pompadour. With the DLC, you can buy skins (i.e outfits), funnier hats (like a flowerpot or brain snail), and even pets that follow you in the game. All of these prices range from $ 400 to $ 4.

Each game can have four to 10 players, so if your child decides to play a public online game, they’ll likely be playing with people they don’t know. However, there is no voice chat feature in the game itself, so unless your child connects to an external voice chat service like Zoom or Discord, they won’t be talking to strangers directly. There is a text chat feature in the game, but as previously mentioned, this is only open during “crisis encounters” and these only last around 30 seconds. Even so, they may be exposed to harassment or comments that are racist, sexist, or homophobic during these meetings as chats are not moderated (although there is a setting to enable elementary chat censorship which blocks profanity).

If your child is playing with a specific group of friends, he or she is likely to play a private game that requires you to enter a code so no strangers can get in.

We hope we’ve given you enough information about games with social deductions to gain your trust. We should both be safe right now – unless you are .. oh god .. oh god—

The math behind being an impostor

Each Among Us game has a fixed number of players, and some of them are randomly selected to be cheats. For example, if eight people play and the system chooses two bad players, 2/8 = 1/4 astronauts become cheaters. Therefore, before starting the game and surrendering the roles, there is a 1/4 = 25% chance that one particular player will be a villain.

When you finish the game and the distrust blooms in the hearts of all players, you start a new game. The rules are the same: there is a 25% chance of becoming a cheater. However, we can intuitively say that someone new is more likely to be the bad guy. After all, in the last game there were two cheats and six crew members, so we had three times as many respected space engineers.

The property described above is what clever mathematicians call binomial probability. In short, it is a random process that we repeat several times and each time there are two possible outcomes with the same probability.

For example, let’s take three games and consider two cheaters out of eight players. What is the probability that one particular player will be twice a cheater?

The chance to play as a cheat in the game is 2/8 = 25% and being a crew member is 6/8 = 75%. Next we have to consider in which of the three games our player was a cheater: it was either the first and the second, the first and the third, or the second and third; let’s call them options (1), (2) and (3, respectively.

In case (1), there was a 25% chance of becoming a cheat in the first game, a 25% chance of becoming one in the second, and a 75% chance of not being one in the last. We multiply these values ​​to get

Similarly, for (2) and (3) we get

We can see that the number remains the same. In conclusion, if we add the results of the three options, we get

4.6875% + 4.6875% + 4.6875% = 14.0625% ,

that is, the probability that the player will be a cheater in two of the three games.

Finally, to give you a taste of some nice looking math formulas, let’s describe a general case. If the probability of being a cheater is p, then the chance to play a good guy is 1 pp. Therefore, the probability that a player will be a cheater k times in n games is equal to

P (n, k) = C (n, k) * pᵏ * (1-p) ⁿ⁻ᵏ ,

where C (n, k) is the number of combinations of k elements in the set of n-elements.

Play “Among Us” like a pro

We’ve covered how to use this calculator, and after the exhaustive explanation above, we’re pretty sure the math behind it is crystal clear. But that’s not all we have to offer! In this section, you’ll find some simple tips and tricks to help you become the best crew detective and / or the best murderous alien in disguise this spaceship has ever seen.

Be wise in carrying out your tasks. While completing them quickly is one way to win, it’s hard to do it before the crooks have managed to kill everyone. Consider spending time in the security or administrative areas – you may finally gather some key information that will allow you to single out cheaters and win faster than when completing tasks.

Don’t waste emergency appointments without good reason. This is why:

Don’t rely too much on the taskbar. Watching someone complete a task and judging their credibility by monitoring the taskbar is a common technique for crew members, but it doesn’t always work. First, a good cheater will ensure that you only deviate from the assignment if the bar is rising through someone’s honest work. And while it can be annoying, this game can lag very long, depending on each player’s individual connection. Trusting the taskbar too much can lead to making very bad decisions.

Safety is in numbers. Who would have thought we’d tell you to rely on the numbers for all things, huh? But believe us, this is not because of our calculator omni obsession with numbers. Traveling in groups of N + 1, where N is the number of cheats (so usually it would be groups of three or two, but hey – we won’t tell you how to play) will make the cheat job extremely difficult!

Avoid 50/50 accusations. This is a common mistake. Try to avoid situations where only you or one other person may be. In that case, it is almost certain that you will be disfellowshipped sooner or later. Nobody can argue with the “if I don’t vote yellow” power, right?

Don’t overdo it with ventilation. You have to remember that being in the air outlet the entire game can make you restless. The crew may realize that no one has seen you in ages and you will likely run out of a good alibi! Also, be smart about getting in and out of the air vent. If you just jump out of it without paying much attention to your surroundings, you might get caught! Another good idea with vents is to remember which ones are visible on cameras and avoid using them if possible. If you keep all these points in mind, the vents can be an invaluable asset when completing missions.

Among us - ventilation

Press this tamper button. The sabotages are amazing. You can use them in many different ways. Causing an O2 crisis can be a huge distraction from the body you killed on the opposite side of the map. Turning off the lights will help a lot if your crew is smart enough to stay in groups. And on maps where you can lock the door (you can’t do that in Mir’s HQ), you can use this to bring some chaos to the game and upset the crew members! And the best part? You can still sabotage while you are disfellowshipped. In 2+ cheat games, the help of a co-killer from beyond the grave can be invaluable.

Statistics on Twitch, the popular game streaming platform, show that from August to October 2020, over 25 million hours of Among Us streams were watched. So why is it so popular?


The bottom of the ocean of Europe is not a good place to discover that one of your crew members is a traitor. Barotrauma is an extremely complex cooperative survival game that contains more than a pinch of horror. Your submarine crew is tasked with completing a difficult mission and must work together to survive in the nasty depths of Jupiter’s moon. Each session plays out completely different, like a horror movie with an ever-changing storyline. The tasks are difficult and can go wrong in many ways, even before you throw a traitor into the mix.

Unlike other games on this list, Barotrauma does not revolve around traitor mechanics – when you set up a multiplayer game, you can set “traitors” to “yes”, “no” or “maybe” – the latter are some tense games where you’re not even sure if someone will get you. Every human, that is. This giant eel is sure to get you. Either way, the only way to survive is through communication – and even then your chances don’t look great.

A transformed monster with claws extended in Deception


Deceit is a social deduction FPS game of infecting your friends with a deadly virus. There are six players in each round, two of whom have been infected with Monstrous Inflammation, and you are all locked in a dungeon.

There are two phases as you progress through a dungeon towards a great escape. During the day, infected people look for juicy blood bags, and everyone runs around collecting items and deciding if they should vote each other. You vote for the person you want to get rid of by shooting or stabbing them. Efficient. You don’t have to use your words. During the blackout phase you will have to find and place fuses to get to the next area, but the infected will turn into monsters and run around, biting people.

Body is found in GMOD Trouble in Terrorist Town

Fraudsters primarily eliminate crew members by a combination of killing them in-game and manipulating or confusing the crew to kick out innocent players. Crew members who leave, hang up or are ejected also contribute to this goal.

Among Us Imposter Glitch: Here’s How To Be The Imposter In Every Game

among us

Among Us is a popular mobile game that has long been popular on social media. Many popular gamers and streamers have been playing this game from the very beginning. This game also gained popularity on social media as many players talked about it. Read more to find out about Among Us.

Among Us imposter glitch

Players ask questions like How to be a Cheater in Among Us. There is no official way to become a cheat in every game, but some players have come up with the technique to be a cheat every time. In order to help you out, we were able to write down the steps to fix this scammer glitch among us. Read on to find out how to become a cheater in Among Us.

  • Step 1: Open the Among Us app.
  • Step 2: Enter your character’s name.
  • Step 3: Select the number of cheats in the game.
  • Step 4: Create a game with these settings.
  • Step 5: Wait for players to join this room.
  • Step 6: Go to the computer and choose the color of your character.
  • Step 7: Right before the waiting time expires, go back to the computer.
  • Step 8: Change the color of your character until the match starts. This may increase your chances of becoming a cheater in this game.

More about Among Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer space game that has recently gained popularity among the gaming community. The game is available for Android, iOS and even Microsoft Windows. Due to the PUBg ban, many Indian game streamers were looking for something new to play.

Among us, it has become their priority as YouTube has been dominated by the number of players broadcasting this mystery game related to space. Not only Indian YouTubers, this trend has gone viral all over the world as well. Pewdiepie also streamed a lot while playing this game with his friends. Seeing PuffBallUnited focus on the first game is certainly explained after the amount of attention it has recently received.

A little story about Among Us 2 has been posted on the official Innersloth website. The story is about “The Future Among Us” and she said they had “a lot to do” and they just had to prioritize and focus on their energy. The developers also released an official statement in the same story that explained why Among Us 2 was canceled. The statement was issued by PuffBallUnited, which is also a co-founder of Innersloth. This news was also posted on their official Twitter accounts and received a lot of attention.

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