Is Among Us multiplayer game safe for children. Who is the imposter game

While crew members are asked to complete a to-do list, the cheater blends in and removes crew members one by one. When a player reports a corpse killed by a cheater, a discussion is triggered to vote for who they think is a cheater.

How to Play

Among Us is part survival, part puzzle and part murder mystery. He sees a crew of up to ten people on the ship trying to complete basic tasks to keep the ship moving. The conflict is that at least one person is called an impostor who will not be doing tasks at all, but will instead try to kill everyone on board. Crew members must complete their tasks in trying to locate the impostor. If they don’t do this before the game is over, the cheater wins.

Since Crew and Impostor have very different playstyles, we’ve broken down the way you play them here, although there is a certain crossover.

How to Play Among Us as a Crewmate

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Select online or local to join a game. Here you can choose if you want to create or join a game and if you are looking for a game with 1, 2 or 3 cheats. Learn more about all settings in Rules and Settings: How to Create the Best Game Guide Among Us.

  1. You won’t know if you’re a crew member or a cheater until the game starts.
  2. To control your character, use the keyboard and mouse or just the mouse, while the speed of each can be adjusted by the host. What you choose are just personal preferences.
  3. The phones have a touchpad with an analog stick for getting around.
  4. To complete the tasks, you need to go to the appropriate room and either click the object directly or click the “Use” button in the lower right corner. From then on, each task is fairly self-explanatory.
  5. If you find a dead body, you can click “Report” in the lower right corner. This will be a convened team meeting where you can discuss where you found the body, find out if anyone else has been killed, and share your suspicions. However, you don’t need to report the body if you see it.
  6. You can also make an emergency call using the button in the center of the map.
  7. After the discussions you vote. You can skip the vote. If skipping has the most votes or there is a tie, no one will be kicked.
  8. In order to win the game, you must complete all the tasks before the Cheater kills the crew.
  9. When you are killed, you can continue to perform tasks as a ghost to help your team, but you cannot communicate.

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Set in a snowy wasteland with nothing but fur and your wits, it’s your job to survive the cold and hungry stomach long enough to complete tasks and call for help. Unless you are a traitor, in which case your mission is to lead an unsuspecting crew member into the wilds, shoot him in the back, then drop it on the bear.

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