Is Heroes of the Storm worth playing in 2022. Which heroes of the storm character should i play

The game receives new content periodically, but this is only a small amount compared to the support the game had a few years ago when over 100 people were actively working on HotS.

HOTS Tier List (January 2022) Heroes of the Storm Characters

Heroes of the Storm is an online team-based multiplayer game where two teams of five players face each other in a battle to destroy the core of an enemy team. It is one of the more unique MOBA games as it offers many different maps and heroes. In this article, we will discuss the Heroes of the Storm tier list.

A tier list is a list of items, people, or entities ranked by their relative quality. Heroes of the Storm has had many different heroes over the years, and while each of them brings something unique to the game, not every hero is created equal. While some are definitely better than others, each has a role to play in the game.

However, figuring out which heroes are the best to play can be tricky. This is especially true if you are new to the game. The HOTS tier list will help you understand which characters are the best and which should be avoided.

This roster lists the heroes from the best to the worst in Heroes of the Storm, based on their current state. As new versions of the game become available, each hero will be reviewed and updated accordingly. So keep your eyes peeled for future updates!

Now let’s start this article with a bit of information about the game.

Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) – A Quick Introduction

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA-style game that was released in June 2015. The game was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, which also publishes World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and Overwatch.

Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) - short introduction

HOTS gameplay is very similar to other popular MOBAs such as League of Legends and Dota II. Players are placed in five-on-five matches where they have to work together to destroy the enemy base.

Each hero has a set of different skills that they can use to help their team or harm the other team. There are three lanes on each map, and it’s important for players to know where enemy lane heroes are headed, and where allied heroes should go if they want optimal experience.

A unique mechanic in HOTS is the talent system. Each hero has different talents to choose from in levels one, four, and seven. A player has to spend gold to buy these new skills, and it’s important for players to be strategic about what they choose, otherwise their character could become very weak.

Currently, there are over ninety different heroes in Heroes of the Storm, each with unique skills and playstyle. Thus, it is difficult for the player to choose the right hero for the job. That’s why we’ve compiled the Heroes of the Storm tier list.

Now, without further ado, here is the Heroes of the Storm tier list.

Tank: Their job is to protect their allies and absorb damage. Heroes in this category usually have a lot of health and skills that can help them survive longer in team fights.

Is Heroes of the Storm a good and fun game?

Heroes of the Storm offers fast-paced, action-packed games where both micro and macro are important. (Photo: Blizzard)

One of the major criticisms you often hear from MOBA purists when they talk about HotS is that Heroes of the Storm is “a simple and casual MOBA game,” but the truth is, HotS is just a different kind of MOBA.

Unlike Dota 2 and LoL, where one good player can “move” the entire team, HotS is heavily focused on team play and coordination as there is a shared experience across the team rather than individual leveling for each hero.

Also, unlike all other MOBA games, Heroes of the Storm has not one but 15 unique battlegrounds with different objectives, layouts, camps, tricks, cores, and more!

Combined with the unique and well-designed heroes, it makes every match different and you’ll never feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again.

Simply put, Heroes of the Storm is a fun, dynamic and addictive MOBA game, with endless hectic action and very little downtime, but with equally important micro and macro gameplay.

Ultimately, you’ll have to try the game yourself to see if you like what it has to offer, but we assure you that you will most likely have a lot of fun learning about the new heroes and maps.

Is HotS dead or still alive in 2022?

Many people interested in starting a game of Heroes of the Storm are concerned that the game is dead and no one is playing it anymore. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

While it’s not as popular in Heroes of the Storm as it was at its peak, it is still played by a lot of people, and if you play in large regions like North America or Europe, you’ll be able to find a quick match in less than a minute at almost any time day.

The same goes for ARAM (all random, all averages) where finding matches is almost instantaneous, while with ranked you will usually have to queue for a few minutes or longer depending on your rank.

All in all, the player base is still huge and healthy as HotS has dedicated fans who are playing the game no matter what is currently going on with the game or with Blizzard. One of the biggest advantages of HotS is the fact that Blizzard fans get the chance to play with all the characters they grew up with, which is why countless Diablo, Warcraft, Overwatch, and Starcraft fans still play it.

At its peak in 2017, HotS was almost as popular as Dota 2, and while those times are long gone, HotS would still easily be among the 20 most played games on Steam if the game were available there.

Combined with the unique and well-designed heroes, it makes every match different and you’ll never feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again.

Heroes of the Storm roles

There are four primary roles in HOTS: Warrior, Assassin, Support, and Specialist.

Warriors are brutes who can last a long time in combat. They often lack damage, which they make up for with enormous health pools and abilities that control fights; attacks that can stun, slow down or move enemies. Having at least one of these is crucial for your team, although many teams will take two.

The killers, on the other hand, are quite the opposite. They lack health, but deal enormous damage. Some are ranged fighters, like Valla or Kael’thas, while others are melee fighters and need to be at the center of the fight to do their job. You will often need two Assassins.

Supporters by doing exactly what their name implies enable allied champions to perform at their best by healing and abilities to keep them safe. A good team always needs one support, and they usually stick with the Killer to keep their health pool topped up.

The names of champions that do not fit into any of the above categories are Specialists. They can really be anyone. These heroes are often weird or somehow unique with abilities focused on one particular niche. If you want to fill this gap, HOTS specialists can do so.

To really understand what each of these roles do, let’s take a look at some of the best HOTS heroes for beginners.

Best Heroes of the Storm Warrior: Johanna

Johanna's hotels

Derived from Diablo, Johanna is quite easy to learn. She has a lot of innate resilience, her talents are quite strong, and she can do a little of everything. With its Punishment and Shield Glare abilities, it makes it harder for enemies to escape and can deal a lot of damage, while Damnation offers a great way to kill enemy minions or relocate a large portion of the enemy team during fights.

Her trait is a good “Get out of jail for free” card: Iron Skin makes her unstoppable (immune to stuns, slows, etc.) and gives Johanna a thick shield that can withstand the oncoming damage.

Melee Assassin: These champions deal massive damage and want to get close to other enemy champions so they can deal massive damage to them.

Strong (Tier S)

At this level, we have a list of strong heroes to pick in front of the enemy team or get banned at the start of the draft.

Johanna is a juggernaut who can protect allied heroes in a variety of ways, control a crowd of enemy heroes, and deal decent damage for her role.

While it’s not easy to play, Dehaka can be a great addition to most team lineups, especially on large maps. Provides wave cleaning, crowd control, and global presence.

Brightwing is doing great in the metagame, largely thanks to her incredibly good single target healing, being global, and strong crowd control.

Thanks to the short cooldown of Purge, Rehgar can often save his companions from enemy crowd control, which is extremely useful at high levels of the game. Overall we think he is a strong healer.

Annoying crowd control and the powerful healing he has at his disposal make Stukov one of the best healers in the game. Combine it with a tank that can set enemy heroes for it and watch it wreak havoc.

Decent (Tier 2)

At this tier, we have a list of decent champions whose effectiveness is highly dependent on the situation they’re in, so think twice before choosing them.

Even though he’s labeled Tank in the game, we consider Cho to be a solid melee Killer for your squad, as he can do some solid damage but can’t really commit and / or choose for his squad. Pull it out along with Tank, Solo Laner and Healer for maximum value.

Right now, the best way to play Deathwing is to have him in number four as the Ranged Assassin. You can play him occasionally as a Solo Laner and sometimes even as a melee assassin, but these ways of playing with him are much easier to counter.

Even though it was officially designated Tank, Blaze’s main role was a Solo Laner for a long time, thanks to its rock-solid self-support and high wave cleaning ability, even when double-immersion is needed.

Uther is currently the most flexible hero in the game as he can be put into completely different roles (tank, healer or support), making him an interesting choice in a large number of drafts.

If your team has enough macro tools and / or the battlefield you’re playing doesn’t require many, you can play a secondary healer (usually Uther) to be stronger in team fights.

Moving on to the characters from Warcraft, Malfurion is a great support for learning Heroes of the Storm as it is simply hard to get confused. His abilities are very simple: point-and-click healing, AoE damage ability, AoE Root and two always-effective heroics.

The Calm Before the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Blizzard Artanis and Arthas

As a backdrop for less experienced players, Heroes of the Storm is essentially Blizzard’s answer to League of Legends mixed with a Super Smash Bros style squad. Using iconic characters from Blizzard’s award-winning titles such as Diablo, Overwatch, and Starcraft, you jump into iconic locations from these universes and fight your way to destroy the enemy base. Each map helps you achieve that goal, with individual goals bringing you closer and closer to victory, with teamwork taking center stage.

When Heroes of the Storm was released it saw somewhat favorable reviews from critics and gamers alike, but also a lot of criticism. Much of this has been earned in their defense. It lacked many of the difficulties other games had, removing as an example the idea of ​​last-hit hitting creatures. Obviously, this was not a huge amount available to a rival community, especially compared to its competitors. And the idea of ​​talent, while intriguing as it was, didn’t have that heightened sense of agency that League of Legends items brought to the game. While the rival crowd was, and still is, a tight-knit community (albeit very passionate) that Blizzard drew from was a community of players who liked the idea of ​​League of Legends but not so much focus on the hyper-competitive nature.

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