Is The Xbox One X Obsolete? (Why Its Still A Great Console). When will xbox one x be obsolete

I’d say if you can get the Series X | S get it instead, unless you care about Kinect or you’re good at playing next-gen games via xCloud. As for the native versions, the only next-gen journey will start with Flight Sim this summer, and more games will become so over time.

Is It Worth Buying An Xbox One In 2022?

Is it worth buying an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X in 2022? Both consoles have since been replaced by the new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, which were released in November 2020, but millions of people have yet to make the jump, and the Xbox One still remains a very popular line of consoles. Will it still be enjoyable to use in 2022? Are games still being made for it, how it deals with modern titles, and are you throwing money away when paying for an Xbox One now instead of waiting to buy a next-gen system? We’ve put together this little Xbox One buyer’s guide to try and help you make an informed decision this year.

Note: This guide was originally published in March 2021, but we have updated it to 2022.

Xbox One: What’s The General Experience Like In 2022?

All things considered, the Xbox One is still a good way to experience (almost) everything Microsoft has to offer right now, whether you’re still sticking to the original 2013 model or using the more powerful Xbox One X. Microsoft has has focused on paying a lot of attention to its legacy systems as well as the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, so you don’t lose too much by sticking to the Xbox One.

For example, the user interface remains almost the same as on new consoles, you still have access to a huge library of backwards compatible games from the original generation Xbox and Xbox 360, Xbox Game Pass is still filled with hundreds of titles to play and there are currently some exclusive games on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, so you can access most of the modern Xbox library while staying with the Xbox One.

Additionally, once you add Xbox Cloud Gaming to your console, you can even try games like The Medium on Xbox One by streaming them through the cloud, even though this game is technically exclusive to the Xbox Series X and Series S.

You will notice the differences if you have the opportunity to compare the Xbox One S to the new Xbox Series S, for example, primarily in terms of better visuals, how much faster games load, how much better they perform (with much less pop-ins and a decrease in the number of FPS), improved frame rates and support for up to 120 frames per second in some games, the benefits of FPS Boost, and many other quality-of-life improvements. The original Xbox One and Xbox One S definitely struggle with more modern games at times, so don’t be surprised if you suffer from vibration and freezing every now and then.

But if you’re in a situation where you can buy the Xbox One for a very low price, or someone wants to gift it to you because they’ve bought one of the new systems, you can rest assured that the Xbox One is still a competent console in 2022 and Microsoft will continue to do so support for a while, and most releases for this year are still expected to be released on Xbox One as well as Series X and Series S.

The clever delivery means that even if purchasing an Xbox One X solves the problem, you can buy something like Halo Infinite and play on current-gen consoles. You don’t have to buy it again in the X Series. After collecting cash for an upgrade. Your saved data will also be transferred back and forth.

Why The Xbox One X Is Not Obsolete

Xbox One Has Full Forwards Compatibility

Any Xbox One X accessory, whether it’s a headset or controller, will work on the new Xbox series consoles! So cool, right?

Not only that, but games like Halo Infinite and Hellblade 2, which are Xbox Series X / S launch titles, are even available on the original 2013 Xbox One!

Not to mention the ultra-powerful Xbox One X. While from 2022 Microsoft will start making games exclusively for the Xbox Series X / S, by then every game will be cross-platform.

See an interview with the MCV business publication with Microsoft’s head of development, Matt Booty (yes, that’s his name, haha) said Microsoft is not planning any next-generation exclusive products soon.

As our content comes out in the next year, two years, all of our games – a bit like computers – will play this family of devices, ”Booty told MCV. “We want to make sure that if someone invests in Xbox from now to [next-gen Xbox], they will feel that they have made a good investment and that we are committed to their content.”

Matt Boot Microsoft

Microsoft understands consumers like you and me, we don’t want to buy a console just to make it obsolete a few years after you buy it.

If you buy Halo Infinite for Xbox One X, you’ll automatically get Halo Infinite for Xbox Series X! So cool from Microsoft, I doubt Sony will do the same.

The controller that comes with the Xbox Series X / S uses the same wireless protocol that was introduced in the existing Xbox One architecture, this applies to all accessories, so any accessory from the Xbox One 2013 library will still be usable by now!

Any game you buy for your Xbox One X will look and play better than ever if you decide to upgrade to the Xbox Series X for a few years, making the Xbox One X a very attractive option.

To learn more about compatibility forwards and why Microsoft has made it so impressive, check out this post.

Xbox One X Has Full Backwards Compatability

All previous generation Xbox backward compatible games (see list here) are available on Xbox One X! Many games are enhanced on the Xbox One X for beautiful details, great performance and better FPS for a smooth gameplay! See the full list here.

Unlike PS4 which can’t play PS1-PS3 games, Xbox One X lets you play over 600 Xbox games in 2 generations of games! In better quality and resolution than ever before. You can find the full list here.

If you have any Xbox 360 or Xbox games lying around somewhere in your home, purchasing an Xbox One X is the perfect time to dust your webs and start playing again! This increases the lifespan of the console as you may already have dozens of fantastic titles to play.

What’s even better is that the Xbox One X gives you access to Xbox Game Pass, the best offer in games (read more about that here), it’s a Netflix subscription that gives you access to over 100 high-quality AAA games, including each of your own a Microsoft studio game like Halo Infinite or Forza that can be played at launch.

Since next-gen consoles are more like a PC upgrade as they are based on the same console architecture, all new Xbox Series X / S games will be available through Game Pass for Xbox One X, so don’t think you’re missing out.

Xbox One X Will Drop-In Price

As Microsoft discontinued the Xbox One X as they release newer consoles, the prices of the Xbox One X will drop sharply. As if they kept a similar price, what incentive would someone have to buy an Xbox One X?

Despite its release in 2017, the Xbox One X is still a fantastic console capable of true 4K 60 FPS, unlike the graphically inferior PS4 Pro with an Ultra HD Blue Ray player and 6 Teraflops GPU. It’s not a handful right now, and it was an amazing technology when it was first released.

The Xbox Series X is an upgrade to the Xbox One X and a huge one that costs $ 499, so the X Series has to be at least $ 100- $ 200 cheaper for there to even be a choice.

On eBay, it will be the best choice to buy an Xbox One X at a bargain price as everyone is selling their Xbox One X as they upgrade to the X series. These prices were before the X series was released.

If you can buy an Xbox One X for around $ 250-300, I still think it’s a great deal. You can buy the Xbox Series S in this price range for $ 299, but if you want to play Xbox One X enhanced games, you’ll be disappointed.

The big advantage of the Xbox One X is the Xbox 360 titles that can be played in enhanced 4K, such as Red Red Redemption and Final Fantasy XIII, but on the Xbox Series X these games will run in regular 720p, which makes a big difference.

Get an Xbox One X / Series X console if you want to play backward compatible games at peak performance.

Microsoft’s Netflix-style gaming subscription service, the Xbox Game Pass, also pairs well with the budget-friendly Xbox One S. Providing access to a rotating library of over 100 games for a flat $ 10 monthly fee, it’s the perfect way to start your game collection from zero.

Xbox One Provides Access to Game Pass

Currently, Xbox Game Pass is the biggest attraction of the Xbox console. In case you don’t know, Game Pass is a monthly subscription that gives you unlimited access to over 100 games.

You can download and play them on your Xbox for as long as you have a subscription, and it’s packed with high-quality games. In addition, all titles released by Xbox Game Studios go to Game Pass on release.

Game Pass costs $ 10 / month for console only. There’s also Game Pass Ultimate, which costs $ 15 per month and includes access to Game Pass for PC, as well as Xbox Live Gold and other extras. For more information, see our full Xbox Game Pass guide.

Both the Xbox One line and the Xbox Series X / S line give you full access to the Game Pass catalog, at least at the time of writing. However, the Xbox Series S | X will run better and faster, thanks to these consoles equipped with SSD drives and stronger internal components.

This means if you want to check out a lot of titles on Game Pass, Xbox One is a decent way to do it. However, many of the same games are available on Game Pass for PC, so if you have access to a decent gaming PC, the Xbox One is largely redundant.

How Long Will the Xbox One Last?

As Xbox One is an aging console, it will eventually no longer receive new games. But how long should you expect Xbox One to receive support?

To get an idea, consider the last generation. The Xbox 360 was launched in 2005 and was retired in 2016. After the launch of the Xbox One in 2013, the Xbox 360 continued to receive some intergenerational games.

forza Horizon 2 from 2014 was the last entry for the Xbox 360 console in the exclusive Xbox series, while the 2015 Rise of the Tomb Raider appeared on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For annual third-party titles, 2016’s Madden NFL 17 was the last Madden to be released on the Xbox 360.

However, since the Xbox One S and One X were launched mid-generation in 2016, these past patterns may not predict what will happen this time.

Xbox System Exclusives

The X / S series doesn’t have any major exclusives at the moment, but some of them will also be released on Xbox One (and, in most cases, PC). For example, Halo Infinite is due to be released on both the Xbox One and Series X / S in late 2021.

However, this does not apply to all titles. A new game, Fable, is in the pipeline and will only be available on Series S | X and PC. This is also the case with the newest game Forza Motorsport – it will not be released on the Xbox One console.

Based on all of this, we’d expect the Xbox One to last until at least 2023. But don’t expect many of the major exclusive Xbox games to come to Xbox One after 2021.

As you may have guessed, this is not the easiest question to answer. All three Xbox One consoles will still perform well in 2022, and you aren’t missing out on too much exclusive content right now by sticking to them, but if you plan on actually buying one, it all comes down to the price you want offered again at the end of the day.

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is objectively the most powerful gaming console ever created. Powered by six teraflop GPUs and 12GB of RAM, the Xbox One X is basically a solid gaming PC in a console chassis. The Xbox One X makes good use of this power: almost all new games are capable of running in 4K and from 30 to 60 frames per second. Many titles also offer a graphics preset that allows you to switch from native 4K to checkerboard, which guarantees a higher frame rate at the cost of a slightly worse-looking image.

Another great feature is that the games look better than on any other Xbox console. Games tagged with “Xbox One X Enhanced” have been modified by the developers so that Xbox One X users can experience unique benefits such as improved lighting effects, better anti-aliasing, and more. The X also provides all of the same multimedia features that you get from the Xbox One S.

The Xbox One X itself is the smallest Xbox ever created, making it a compact addition to your entertainment center that takes up minimal space and offers maximum power. Big things come in small packages, and this has never been more true than with the Xbox One X. However, it’s pricey, so it’s a great choice if money isn’t a factor in your decision-making.

I’d say if you can get the Series X | S get it instead, unless you care about Kinect or you’re good at playing next-gen games via xCloud. As for the native versions, the only next-gen journey will start with Flight Sim this summer, and more games will become so over time.

Should you buy an Xbox One S?

The Xbox One S is a great all-round entertainment system that gives you access to the full library of Xbox One features, games, and videos. Starting at $ 299 in the US, this is an affordable entry point to the Xbox ecosystem without considering the features of a high-end console.

For current Xbox One owners, upgrading to Xbox One S is a bit more difficult to justify. Improvements over the original are welcome, but it’s hard to justify an update. Alternatively, the Xbox One X offers significant progress across the board.

Our pick

Xbox One S 1TB Console – Starter Bundle

A box for all your entertainment needs

The Xbox One S is a great gaming console at an affordable price for 2019, powered by powerful games and multimedia features, and driven by the low price.

If you can buy an Xbox One X for around $ 250-300, I still think it’s a great deal. You can buy the Xbox Series S in this price range for $ 299, but if you want to play Xbox One X enhanced games, you’ll be disappointed.

Xbox Series X and Xbox One X Pricing

The Xbox Series X is $ 499 / £ 449 / AU $ 749, which is equal to the original suggested retail price of the Xbox One X. It’s certainly very expensive, but the Xbox Series X packs a lot of tech into a cube frame.

The current issue is known to be difficult to find the console. Can be hard to find as it will continue to grow exponentially as soon as inventory is available. Where to buy Xbox Series X..

However, the Xbox One X has undergone significant price cuts in the past few months. I’ve seen consoles well below the original asking price, Microsoft has since retired the Xbox One X. Resources are harder and harder to find. If you see an interesting offer, it makes sense to do so right away.

Xbox Series X and Xbox One X Specifications

When it comes to specs, this is where the Xbox Series X really stands out. The console has some very impressive hardware, many of which are made possible by technological advances that are absent on the Xbox One X, such as support for intense ray tracing graphics and boost the frame rate to 120fps. Check out the Xbox Series X specs below.

  • Processor: 8-core 3.8 GHz (3.6 GHz for SMT) Custom AMD 7 nm
  • GPU: GPU: 12 Terraflops 1.825 GHz (Rock)
  • sheep: 16 GB GDDR6
  • frame rate: up to 120 fps
  • Solution: up to 8K
  • Optics: Blu-ray HD drive
  • storage: 1 TB NVMe SSD

The console’s GPU is smaller than the Xbox One X GPU in terms of processing power. It replaces the 6 teraflops GPU on an Xbox One X with a 12 teraflops GPU, which is twice the performance of older Microsoft computers.

The Xbox Series X also comes with a 1TB ultrafast NVMe SSD that transforms your game. Its storage system can extend loading times up to 40 times longer than regular mechanical hard drives, and the new storage format enables features such as: Fast Resume, You can pause and switch between multiple games at the same time.

The SSD will be used in conjunction with Microsoft’s new Xbox Velocity architecture. This promises to leave past load times in the early stages and help overcome previous developer bottlenecks such as poor I / O performance and texture streaming.

The Xbox Series X processor has been significantly improved over the Xbox One X. You can display frames at 120fps in 4K resolution (if you are using an HDMI 2.1 compatible display), previously 30fps could easily hit 60fps for a smoother, more responsive experience..

The Xbox One X certainly points to this era, but still doesn’t lean forward. Check out the Xbox One X specs below.

The console can display very clear native 4K resolution and is compatible with all the latest Xbox Series X games, but that is subject to change in the future. Like the Xbox Series X, the Xbox One X also has a 4K HD Blu-Ray drive, perfect for home theater enthusiasts looking to upgrade their setup at a lower price.

But what really prevents this from happening is the CPU which is the main bottleneck for developers. Standard mechanical drives mean that loading times for some titles can also be a pain, but can be somewhat avoided with an external SSD. The Xbox One X is great if you don’t mind that games often run at 30fps. Still, I’m a big fan of the console’s sleek design, silent operation, and multimedia features.

The last Xbox I owned was the 360 ​​and I was lucky to get the Series X on launch day. From how much the Series X improves over the Xbox One from what I’ve heard, I’m glad I chose to skip the Xbox One.

Kick it into night mode and dim the lights

If you’re a night owl who, say, shares a bedroom with someone who prefers to sleep rather than keep abreast of your nighttime gaming habits, then the Xbox Series X Night Mode is worth taking a look at but also to dim the lights of the Xbox controller and the console itself, and even turn them off completely.

Night Mode has a surprising number of options that let you filter blue light to extreme levels or schedule Night Mode to automatically turn on and off at certain times each day. What’s even better is that any screenshots or video clips you take while Night Mode is on will look normal, regardless of the active settings. You can adjust your Night Mode settings by going to Profile & System> Settings> Accessibility> Night Mode.

Stream games to your phone or computer

Microsoft already offers game streaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but did you know you can also stream local games from your console to another device over the internet? With the often dimmed Xbox Remote Play feature, you can do this and stream games installed on your Xbox to your phone or PC.

You’ll need a few things to get started with Xbox Remote Play, starting with your Android 6.0+ or ​​iOS 10+ smartphone or tablet, or your Windows 10 or 11 PC. Of course, you’ll also need an Xbox Series X | S (or Xbox One) console.) and an Xbox Wireless Controller that connects via Bluetooth. Microsoft also recommends a 5 GHz internet connection with a download speed of 10 Mbps or higher.

If you’ve got it all, just download the Xbox app to the device you want to stream to and follow the steps to set up Xbox Remote Play. Do this and you’ll be streaming your local game library in no time and avoiding the $ 14.99 fee for streaming games from the cloud via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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