JGOD ranks the top 10 players in Call of Duty: Warzone. Who is the best warzone player

Proving its excellence as both a complementary player and primary vanquisher, SuperEvan deserves first place in August. This is not a trick against anyone behind them, but simply a testimony to someone who has been at the peak of their game in different roles and with different teammates.

10 best Call of Duty Warzone players: November 2021

It’s been a crazy month in Call of Duty: Warzone, and the power rankings changed dramatically in August 2021. With new faces on top and a few familiar faces, here are the top 10 Verdansk players.

I said it in July and I will say it again, the Warzone top players rankings can be a fool so let’s do it silly. It’s even tougher this time, as the tournaments have largely migrated to Customs – meaning different ratings and less data to work with.

Even so, with six customs clearances worth more than $ 20,000 in August, there was a lot of competition for high rates. Two $ 20K Duo Quads tournaments and several smaller tournaments were also held to facilitate ranking.

As always, the preferred way to rank the best players is by appearing at the biggest events. In August, the top three (and highest-earning) in July were ousted: Aydan, Rated and ScummN. If you don’t score more than one place in the Top Ten Customs or a place above fourth, all three have been removed from the list as new faces are gaining the spotlight.

power rankings brewed top players August

Alex ‘Destroy’ Benabe

Two high places help Destroy pass the missing tournaments in August during the holidays. With the ZLaner, the tandem turntable finished ninth in the $ 100,000 ROKKR Royale and second in the Swagg’s Invitational – but will have to return to killing in September to maintain that position.

All energy, all the time, comparing Z and D is like comparing G-FUEL flavors. And it is worth adding Clutchbelk to the mix, because “DBZ” is the most perfect trio in the world.

The high-octane group’s most consistent competitor, the Z led in August. But if they hold it in September, all DBZs could be on the list.

Liam “Jukeyz” James is a Warzone pro from England who is known to play aggressively with very intelligent gameplay. Interestingly, Jukeyz can boast of solid performances in Warzone tournaments despite playing at high ping.

Call of Duty League Championship stream

Call of Duty League 2021 audience awards

CDL Thursday viewership rewards

  • 1 hour: 60-minute double XP token
  • 1 hour 30 minutes: Shane and Zaptius weapon stickers
  • 2 hours: 60-minute Double XP Combat Token

CDL Friday viewership rewards

  • 1 hour: 60-minute double XP token
  • 1 hour 30 minutes: Zed and PaulEhx gun stickers
  • 2 hours: 60-minute Double XP Combat Token

CDL Saturday viewership rewards

  • 30 minutes: COD timing calling card
  • 1 hour: 60-minute double XP token
  • 1 hour 30 minutes: Venom, Classic and Vivid Weapon Stickers
  • 2 hours: 60-minute Double XP Combat Token
  • Chance to get CDL 2021 Champs Pack code

CDL Championship Sunday viewership rewards

  • 15 minutes: Sweep emblem
  • 30 minutes: Thunderclap calling card
  • 45 minutes: CDL 2021 XM4 Champions
  • 1 hour: 60-minute double XP token
  • 1 hour 30 minutes: Weapon stickers in Standy, Temp and Huke modes
  • 2 hours: 60-minute Double XP Combat Token

What’s in the Cold War & Warzone CDL 2021 Champs Pack?

Call of Duty League 2021 Champions Pack

For watching the championship on Saturday, Call of Duty will give random viewers codes for the CDL 2021 Champs Pack. These include the AK-47 and LW3 – Tundra with gold streaks diagrams, as well as CDL-themed emblems, charm, business card and sticker.

This bundle usually costs around $ 18, so it’s worth trying to get it for free by watching the CDL.

  • AK-47 Champs ’21 Plan
  • Diagram of the LW3 ’21 champions
  • Charms CDL Championship Trophy
  • Better on the LAN emblem
  • Online warrior emblem
  • Championship Weekend calling card ’21
  • CDL championship ring sticker

The CDL Championship marks the end of the Black Ops Cold War competitive season, which takes place in 2022 in the upcoming game Call of Duty: Vanguard, which returns to the roots of the World War II franchise.

image Source: Activision


Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas rarely misses Warzone, and it’s clear the player has a ton of experience in Battle Royale. HusKerrs is not only the second highest earning player in Warzone with over $ 166,000 in his account, he is also a Battle Royale record holder.

10 – Metaphor

Metaphor Best Warzone player

(Source: Metaphor)

One of Warzone’s top snipers, Luke “Metaphor” Canning is a former League of Legends player who dominates Battle Royale. While he hasn’t had enough of a chance to prove himself in tournaments yet, Metaphor averages around 10 kills per game and plays Warzone Solos mostly.

Since we know how terrible Warzone Solo can be, it’s incredibly impressive for a person to put out these kinds of numbers.

9 – TeeP/TeePee

top player in warzone

(Source: TeeP)

Tyler “TeeP” Polchow is a former Call of Duty League legend and 2014 world champion. Being first a gamer, then a trainer and now a full time streamer, TeeP continues to show amazing performance in Warzone.

JGOD claims TeeP is one of his favorite players due to its methodical nature in the game. The Streamer is known for some very clever moves to help secure wins and outmaneuver enemies in Battle Royale – which explains why 27.9% of all their Warzone games wins.

The great player finished 1st in the RealChain tournament, 2nd in the UFC Invitational, 3rd in CodeRed and 6th in WonderLan. While he has to change his teammates between duos and threesomes, Husk has been one of the most consistent and punishing players in the Pacific.


The former Fortnite World Cup qualified player has enjoyed tremendous success since his transition to Warzone.

Aydan currently ranks second in money earned from Warzone events at esportsearnings.com; sitting down for a total of $ 135,970.83.

Aydan can be watched daily, usually on your Twitch channel, and it’s really fun to watch Aydan tear apart the lobby!

Recently signed to 100 Thieves, the former Call of Duty pro player is recently one of Warzone’s shining stars.

With precise aiming and excellent game feel, Tommey is always a competitive threat.

Another 100 Thieves member makes our list of the top five and another ex-Call of Duty professional rated Rated.

The British sensation has quickly made its way into the ranks of Warzone players and has been lighting up the scene recently.

I said it in July and I will say it again, the Warzone top players rankings can be a fool so let’s do it silly. It’s even tougher this time, as the tournaments have largely migrated to Customs – meaning different ratings and less data to work with.


Toxic terror returns to the top ten of Warzone in the first month of the Pacific. A threat on the map and timeline, ScummN talks a lot, but certainly backed it up in December.

As mentioned, Scum and UnRationaL finished 2nd in the UFC Invitational and 1st in the RealChain tournament. However, without UnRational, he finished third with HusKerrs at the CodeRed event. Scumma’s facial camera hits differently.


It will not be an exaggeration to say that he slept on Stukawaki. In fact, he almost missed a spot on that list until I checked the December data.

However, Stu deserves recognition. Not only did he finish 6th (UFC $ 25,000) and 1st (NOS $ 40,000) with zSmit and zColorss, he also finished second in FaZe $ 100,000, playing with another trio (Slacked and Xamzah). Absolutely huge threat month.

With its launch, Pacific Warzone had a problem with countless weapons across the three integrative games. While the basic Battle Royale mode allows you to use any combination of them, we believe many players may prefer Vanguard Royale.


Unless you’re a fan of the new Warzone Pacific modes that limit your gun’s gear, you always have the best Warzone gear you can rely on. These kits include weapons from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, so you can go back in time and use your favorite weapons. The Avant-garde weapons appear to be not as powerful as their modern counterparts, so our old gear works surprisingly well on the Caldera.

Here are the best Warzone loadouts for Caldera Battle Royale and Plunder:


Probably the best sniper rifle in Warzone, the best Kar98k (Modern Warfare) payload is the staple of the Battle Royale game thanks to its quick aiming and high projectile velocity. If you consider yourself an excellent sharpshooter, you won’t find a better weapon to show off your skills. One clean headshot is enough to knock down an enemy, no matter how many armor plates they have.

Of all the guns from the Warzone finish line, the Milano 821 is the last submachine gun many people thought would become dominant anytime soon. The Milano 821 is very similar to the XM4 – there are many ways to build it, to make it the basis of any of your favorite kits. In conjunction with the Kar98k, we decided to equip Milano at close range to destroy anyone who tries to outflank you.

You’ll want to try it out if you fancy a mobile sniper – you can stay agile without worrying about nearby enemies. Milano is too good to ignore at the moment, thanks to his amazing mobility coupled with excellent accuracy and damage.

AK-47 Cold War in Call of Duty: Warzone


The Cold War AK-47 is by far the best assault rifle in Warzone. Yes, this weapon does have some recoil when shooting from a distance, but its quick kill speed makes up for it. Our top-of-the-line AK47 gear reduces recoil as much as possible without reducing the damage the AK47 is famous for.

The LC10 also received a boost this season, improving the projectile speed of this disused submachine gun. Thanks to the extra bullet speed, the best LC10 gear turns into one of the most accurate weapons in the game. Paired with 52 round magazines, you should have plenty of rounds to take down a few nearby enemies.

We recommend this bundle for players who want the freedom to attack enemies from long distances without resorting to a sniper rifle. The LC10 gives you some reassurance if things start to get too close to be comfortable.

C58 assault rifle in Call of Duty Warzone


The C58 was introduced in Warzone Season 4 and quickly became a popular assault rifle due to its simplicity. The weapon has great overall stats, including easy-to-control recoil, impressive damage, and a great effective damage range. The only downside to this weapon is its low rate of fire, but it’s a relatively minor singularity that most players will get used to. Check out our C58 top gear to see why we chose this particular version.

For watching the championship on Saturday, Call of Duty will give random viewers codes for the CDL 2021 Champs Pack. These include the AK-47 and LW3 – Tundra with gold streaks diagrams, as well as CDL-themed emblems, charm, business card and sticker.

Watch out for in-match events

Season 4 (meaning the first season 4, not a Cold War counterpart) has started back in the day to whine about file sizes around the world, with its main opening expansion pack being in the form of match events. They are now more common than ever and can happen randomly in any match. There are many types:

  • Jailbreak: Anyone who is eliminated respawns by dropping – regardless of whether they lost in the Gulag or await a fight.
  • Fire Sale: Buying a station suddenly gives you big discounts on many items, and buying back fallen teammates becomes free for 60 seconds.
  • Supply Chopper: Armored helicopters will be patrolling the map. Destroying them will spawn rare loot, including three UAVs, two armor and ammo crates, a gas mask, a grenade launcher, and at least some money.
  • Restock: All supply crates will revert to their unopened state, allowing you to loot again.
  • Respawn: Players respawn for a short time after the countdown, as long as the teammate is alive.
  • Cash Drop: Cash Drop will land on the map.
  • Heavy Weapon Crate: Crates with rare weapons will appear on the map.
  • Juggernaut: A number of Juggernaut Outfits will appear on the map for players to collect

These events can change the course of the game, so if they do appear in a match, adjust your tactics accordingly and keep an eye out for the skies! However, not all of them exist in all modes, and Vanguard Royale sees more frequent events from a limited pool of options.

Don’t lose hope

It may sound a bit cliche, but we really mean it. Whether you’ve never won a match or haven’t won in weeks, play sensibly and make tactical decisions and the winnings will come at some point. They won’t always be as you think either – we always remember one game in Verdansk followed by a losing streak. We died early, walked through the Gulag with no opponent after an anxious two-minute wait, fell near the last circle without weapons, and hid for five minutes before sneaking in picking up a single submachine gun and firing three shots to finish off the last standing player who never got us he did not see.

One kill, a lot of tension, a good chunk of fortune, and we’re back to the city where we win. Warzone is an arcade game with a lot of luck and situational awareness, so don’t get discouraged if you’re out of gear.

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