League of Legends Champion Quiz. Which league champion should i play

Even Vi’s most talented players use her first 3 skills to attack and then her ultimate to finish off the enemy champion. Otherwise, she can be built or durable, or can do a lot of damage when very fed. This makes her a strong, flexible choice.

League Of Legends: The 15 Most Beginner Friendly Champions, Ranked

League of Legends can be a challenge for new players, but it becomes much easier when using these heroes.

Despite League of Legends’ age and its competitive scene, it remains one of the best competitive games on the market today. So it should come as no surprise that many new players are venturing into such a complex world and fighting for a foothold due to the huge champion pool.

Even so, League of Legends can actually be an incredibly accessible and fun competitive game for those with the time and knowledge to take the stage. So the question is, who are the best and most accessible heroes to newcomers to League of Legends?

Updated September 15, 2021 by Collin Westbrook: Even as League of Legends goes up and down with subsequent patches, with rebalancing changes, rework, and new champions, some of the best beginner champions remain the same for a long time. This article has been updated to add more of these consistently powerful, easy, and simple heroes, as well as to revise statements about the meta that has changed with the updates. The mythical items are likely to remain, and this made some heroes climb to the top easier than others. League may not be as complicated as other games, but it remains available, and with a little tact, you can get anyone into this addictive competition.

15 Miss Fortune

Many seasoned players are surprised to play Miss Fortune and discover how easy it is, as AD-Carry is usually considered a difficult role. He is a lane bully with a clear game plan and the means to get it done without too much difficulty.

Usually a few games are enough for new players to capture her power spikes and use them to get easy wins. Even so, she is still an AD carrier so mechanics are required to use her kit correctly. But all the better for new players to start learning these essential skills.

Despite League of Legends’ age and its competitive scene, it remains one of the best competitive games on the market today. So it should come as no surprise that many new players are venturing into such a complex world and fighting for a foothold due to the huge champion pool.

League of Legends Champion Quiz

League of Legends, an intense game of fighting and strategy of skill, wits and patience. There are many types of heroes you can play, and tons of specific heroes too!

Are you new to League of Legends? Not sure which hero to start with? This quiz is specially designed for you to analyze your answers and match you with the type of master you are most compatible with.

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Her ultimate can create gaps in teamfights, her volley is an excellent harass, and when under attack her damage can be very high thanks to her auto attacks. Its high level makes it a great choice at any level.

Are you passive or aggressive?

Do you hate dying more than anything else in the game? Maybe you like to stand in the face of an AD leader and not let him breathe? There are a lot of questions to ask yourself as you play the game. When I started playing League of Legends, I had very poor judgments about engaging aggressive champions like Katarina and Amumu. Heroes who can pick their own matches made it easy for me to learn damage checking. I picked champions like Xerath, Ziggs, and Lux ​​to fight from afar and deal damage without being in danger.

Hailing from DOTA, I really enjoyed playing Lion, a champion who can deal almost full health damage with a single spell. The choice was easy for me. I wanted to play a champion that deals a lot of burst damage and turns its health bar red at the same time. If that’s your style, you may want to lean towards AP and AD casters. Talon, Syndra and Annie are a few more.

If you prefer more methodical damage and AD Carry or an aggressive upper one might be a more suitable choice for you. If you’re into preventing damage or even recovering health, and you’re a pretty good fit for the support role, be sure to check out champions like Sona, Janna, and Nami.

Do you want to carry early or late?

Many heroes scale very differently throughout the game. Some are early and weak late while others are early weak and late strong. AD carriers tend to scale hardest in the late game, followed closely by AP casters.

I wanted to be able to win the game on my own after 45 minutes. Lux scales well enough and has the tools in her kit to turn one choice into a kill and then a win. You may feel the opposite and want to roll your opponent early and snowball each game to a 20-minute win. Both late and early game learning are important in finding the champion of your choice.

Nautilus can be played on almost any line, but works best with home support. It’s not a typical support for most players as it has no healing, shield, or protection skills. However, he’s tough, has a lot of crowd control, and can teach new players how to prioritize your enemy team in terms of focus.

Champion abilities

An ability is a unique action (unlike summoner spells / active skill items) performed by a specific hero and available only to that hero in-game (Baron Nashor is currently the only example of a non-hero unit with an ability). Each of these special moves is part of a hero’s “kit”. Almost all heroes will have an innate ability, 3 basic skills and an ultimate.

New heroes are added to the roster several times a year, but older heroes are revisited frequently to improve their gameplay and graphics to modern standards.

A Champion is the name of a subset of significant Runeterran creatures / characters that have more fame, power, significance, or different story significance than others. The Champion is no longer a distinction in the universe, as it was in the old canon of the game.


All heroes have their own stories, stories, disclosures, and comics that are now the canon of the main League of Legends universe, as well as alternate universes.

Old Lore

“You belong to the museum!” This article or section may contain out-of-date information but is for historical purposes here.

Champions and Summoners in Battle (made by the artist on behalf of Riot, Tom Barton)


When League of Legends was formed to prevent further Rune Wars on Valoran, Neutral Summoners called on exceptional individuals known as “Champions” to fight on the Fields of Justice to settle disputes. These champions joined the League for a variety of reasons. Some are soldiers who have sworn allegiance to a given nation and fight in its interest. Some of them are famous warriors who want to test themselves against the most powerful creatures of Valoran. Some are prisoners of the League, forced to obey its orders as a punishment. Some may even be strange creatures from other worlds that hope to bring stability to Runeterra or further discord. Regardless of the hero’s reason, they gained interest in League of Legends.

To join the League, a potential champion who has proven to have extraordinary abilities must go to the Institute of War to be judged. There, a designated summoner will examine their mind to determine the individual’s motives. In fact, the intentions of a potential champion have little effect on whether he will be accepted into the League or not. The primary purpose of the Judgment is to determine if a person is able to expose their mind to the summoner, which would allow them to share their thoughts and act as one. If a potential champion passes his verdict, and also agrees to the summons, he will become the official champion of the League.


  • The term “Champion” in the previous knowledge was given to all units that fought in the Institute of War and fought in League of Legends.
    • Now, the term “Champion” is mostly a loose term given to all playable characters in the world in the League of Legends video game.
    • Previously, Masters were controlled by Summoners (players).


    Riot Games Inc is developing new heroes for League of Legends, and each hero is individually designed to have unique abilities and traits that the player must use wisely. Some heroes use brute force and power, others use lethal and clever precision, while others use supernatural vision and magic, etc.

    At launch, 40 heroes were released, one of which was released roughly every two weeks over a period of time. About 8-10 heroes are in development at any one time. Each week there is a rotation of ten heroes that are playable for free. For those who purchase the Collector’s Edition, 20 Heroes are automatically unlocked; another 20 can be unlocked by purchasing the Champions Pack through the game client. Heroes can be unlocked with Blue Essence or RP in the Riot Store in-game, or by Crafting Hextech and Blue Essence.

    Champions Retrospective

    Between the Sad Mummy, the Mad Zaun, the Blind Monk, the Nine-Tails and the Dark Child, League of Legends has seen some crazy, unconventional, and downright lame characters over the years.

    Creating convincing masters is our passion, and we put a lot of attention and effort into making each of them by hand. Your passion fuels our own, and we learn a lot from your forum discussions and fierce battles on the Fields of Justice. In this retrospective, our co-founders Brandon “Ryze” Beck and Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill team up with several Rioters behind the heroes to give you a taste of the “secret sauce” that makes the League of Legends champion.

    Dev Blog: Building a Better Bio

    Champion Bio Dev Blog promo.jpg

    You may have noticed that during the Bilgewater Burning Tides event, we took the opportunity to update the bios for the key characters featured in the story: Twisted Fate, Graves, Miss Fortune, and Gangplank. (And if not, read them now – we’ll wait for you!) [2]

    It was a bit of an experiment with a new biography format: half traditional biography, half short fiction. We really wanted to delve a little deeper into these biographies – get into the characters’ heads and add some extra depth.

    We also wanted to see what you think of them before we go headlong ahead. The overall impression was really positive, so now we’re going to start working on new biographies for all of our current champions – though it will take some time!

    Bios back in the day

    Some of our older resumes are starting to show their age; a little creak at the edges and some details a little blurry. When they were first written, the world of Runeterra was a different place than it is now – the world and its civilizations were just beginning to develop. These were the years of shaping Runeterra while we continued to reflect on the world, its history and the people who inhabit it.

    So that begs the question; when will Faey become the champion of League of Legends and will she ever become or remain a character in a League of Legends story?


    Our nefarious evil yordle is an easy hero to pick up and heavy to destroy. While he has more scoring skills than the other heroes on this list, his kit is very forgiving and allows newer players to continue to make an impact on the match even when they make mistakes.

    What Makes Veigar an Easy Master:

    • Evil Veigar’s Passive Phenomenal Power: Hitting an enemy Hero with a Skill grants Veigar increased Ability Power. This is why his kit is so forgiving that it continues to gain AP as long as you hit an enemy with an ability.
    • His Sinister Strike Q: Deals magic damage to the first two enemies hit.
    • His In Dark Matter: Can be used to deal magic damage when Veigar summons dark matter from the sky to fall to a target location. Best used after its E.
    • Its E Event Horizon: Veigar creates a cage that stuns all enemies that hit its walls. If you manage to land with this skill, you can hit any of your other skills and hopefully you kill (while stacking your passive).
    • His Primal Blast R: Deals an incredible amount of magic damage to enemies, increasing based on the target’s missing health. This is very effective later in the game, especially since it’s not a measured skill. Just click R.

    See your own Veigar in-game:



    Dawnbringer Morgana Skin

    Like Veigar, Morgana has a few skills that are a bit more difficult to master than targeted skills, but this can be improved with a little time and practice. Once you understand the limits of Morgana’s shooting skills, you can go far with her. Before you lock it into a rift, we suggest practicing it in a custom game.

    What makes Morgana an easy master:

    • Her Passive Soul Siphon: Heals Morgana when it deals damage to enemies.
    • Morgana’s Dark Binding: This appears to be the longest stun in the game. It also deals magic damage. If you manage to land this skill, you can refill it with W.
    • In Tormented Shadow: Deals damage to all enemies that stand in Morgana’s cursed area of ​​attack. They take damage over time that increases as their health declines.
    • Her E Black Shield: Is a shield that absorbs magic damage and incapacitating effects. Perfect against enemies who depend on stun and slowing down.
    • Soul Shackles R: Allows Morgan to throw chains of darkness at nearby enemies. Gain movement speed because chains also slow down, deal damage, and stun enemies who have not freed themselves over time. If you’ve made a few mistakes and are in hot water, drop her ultimate and all attacking enemies should try to leave, if they don’t, they’ll be stunned when hopefully you escape alive.

    See your own Morgana in-game:


    New heroes are added to the roster several times a year, but older heroes are revisited frequently to improve their gameplay and graphics to modern standards.

    A Second ADC To Be Released in 2022

    In the final video of the 2022 season, Reav3 also stated that another leader should be here later this year. That said, it would be another non-traditional shooter and would bring something special to the game. Who could this mysterious ADC be?

    Last year, Riot published a short story about a young girl named Faey. It was just before the release of Lillia and Yone, so fans thought one of these masters might be Faey who has ties to Akali and is from Ionia.

    It never happened, but fans still believe Faey is coming to Summoner’s Rift. Through the leak, fans learned that Faey is likely to be the next champion after Vex. In the heroes’ newest plan, these theories have also been crushed.

    So that begs the question; when will Faey become the champion of League of Legends and will she ever become or remain a character in a League of Legends story?

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    Top League of Legends Champions - Beginner's Guide

    Thresh is a strong hero as he can collect the souls of nearby dead enemies to gain enduring ability power and armor. He can draw an ally from anywhere on the [W] field, additionally providing him with a shield. He is also a great initiator thanks to the Death sentence [Q.

    • Recommended Summoner Spells: Choose a common support combination: Flash and Incinerate / Exhaust.
    • Recommended runes: Determination (key – Shock) + Inspiration. Basic immobilizes the enemy, increases magic resistance and deals damage when exploding.
    • Recommended item set: Zeke’s Convergence – Knight’s Vow – Redemption.

    There are currently 148 League of Legends champions.

    Any hero with simple mechanics is a good start: Ahri, Warwick, Master Yi, Garen, Olaf, Miss Fortune, and many more.

    Classes represent heroes with the same game role and skill effects. They are: Brawlers, Mage, Marksman, Healer, Initiator, Tank and Assassin.

    Akali, Sylas, Kai’Sa, and Rumble have had a hard time securing victory in recent patches. However, they can always get a massive boost or remake and shine again.

    Go Outside the Box and Use GOSU AI Assistant

    Getting a detailed match analysis is the first step towards perfecting your skills. GOSU AI Assistant can provide you with pre-match and post-match performance analysis and suggest personal recommendations. If you have trouble following them during the game, sign up for the voice assistant. Will guide you on the pitch.

    To start the AI ​​journey, all you need to do is link your Steam account for free on the official GOSU website. You will be able to improve such aspects of the game with the help of an intelligent assistant:

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