Lego is making a Sonic Mania-themed set inspired by a fan creation

Lego is announcing a new video game-themed set featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and characters from Sonic Mania. (If you could have told six-year-old me that someday there would be a Sonic-themed Lego set, he’d cry tears of joy.)

You can get a look at a concept design for the set, which is themed around Sonic’s classic Green Hill Zone stage, at the top of this post. I love how ridiculous Sonic looks in Lego form, and Doctor Eggman’s towering Death Egg Robot is just awesome.

The concept for the set was submitted to Lego by Viv Grannell, a Sonic fan based in the UK, through the Lego Ideas program. Submissions need to receive 10,000 votes before Lego will consider making them an actual Lego set, so it’s no small feat that Grannell was able to get the necessary support for the idea to become a reality. If you want to see more pictures of the concept, check out Grannell’s page for the project on the Lego Ideas site.

Lego says the set is now entering the “product development phase,” so it seems like we might be a ways away from actually being able to buy it.

Last year, Lego dipped its toes into video game crossovers with its Mario-themed sets. Those have an interactive element to them. The Lego Mario figure will play a sound when it is placed in a pipe or when you made it jump on a Goomba, for example. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Lego Sonic will be able to make any noises, so don’t expect to hear any of his snarky quips. Maybe Lego can add those in a future set.

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