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Cranium is an extremely popular game that was released in 1998 by Richard Tait and Whit Alexander. Both Richard and Whit worked at Microsoft before leaving their jobs to work on creating a board game that focuses on different skills. This is how Cranium was born. Now the skull is manufactured by Hasbro.

23 Laughter-Inducing Word Board Games

We love to play word board games. Discover some of the best word board games for adults, kids and families. Card games included.

We grew up in homes filled with board games. We had Hungry Hippos, Pictionary, Operation, Battleship and of course card games like Uno and Old Maid.

Can you tell what era we grew up in? We also obsessively watched Garfield and Friends on Saturday mornings.

As we grew up and discovered our true loves – books, adult grape juice, and travel – our gaming habits matured.

We started playing more word board games like Taboo and Scattergories. We also wanted the best classic word-based board games like Balderdash, Scrabble, and Boggle.

Today, our wardrobes and desk shelves are almost bursting with adult word board games. And nothing beats playing card games with words over drinks.

With so many games, how do you pick the best word board games? Which games are for the whole family and adults only?

Below, discover some of our favorite classic word board games along with newer games that are perfect for a rainy day inside with friends and family.

Don’t forget to mention your favorite word board game in the comments. Let’s get started!

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The best word board games and board games with a picture of scrabble letter tiles with the word Word

Read on to discover fun word board games for everyone.

Classic Word Board Games

What sentimental classic word games remind you of your childhood? Here are a few of ours:


While we’ve never been amazing at Boggle – our minds just don’t work that way – set the clock, shake the letters and watch where they fall.

Try to make as many four-letter plus words as possible before time runs out. Super Boggle is a tad bigger so each round lasts 3 minutes.


Scrabble is probably one of the most famous classic word board games, perfect for kids ages 8+. Players take turns creating words using letter tiles to score points.


Bananagrams is a word board game like Scrabble that is suitable for the whole family. The players try to make crossword grids and rely on spelling.

Bananagrams are super portable and great for traveling.


One of our favorite childhood word games, every household needs Scattergories.

Roll the letter dice. Within the specified time, complete the categories using only words starting with this letter. The more unique and longer the better.

Word Search is a classic word game. Search for words in the puzzle. They are also extremely easy to print at home.

Mad Libs

Mad Libs was in fashion in the 90’s. Mad Libs is one of the funniest board games with words for writers in the making. Be creative and considerate with your vocabulary.

Grab a pen to fill in the blanks for a half-completed story. Each blank field asks for an adjective, noun, or something more specific.

Make your narrative as dumb or as serious and real as you want it to be.

Mods: The only thing to note is that in the Guess Who version of FaceTime, it is possible (albeit unlikely) for both players to have the same person. So if you’re the type of player who starts off by discarding a card that you own, don’t do it!

Guess Who? Card Game

That’s a guess who? card game! In this version of Guess Who? In the game, players place their character cards in front of them and choose a mystery character from the mystery deck.

Then, each player asks his opponent a yes or no question, and the answer brings him closer to whoever is on his opponent’s Mystery card.

When they think they know who the enemy’s mysterious figure is, the players guess. Correct guessing makes that player a winner. If he guesses wrong, that player loses the game!

This fast paced card game is a convenient way for your kids to get involved in Guess Who? play with them while traveling or visiting a friend’s house.

Electronic Guess Who? Game

Guess who Extra will keep you guessing for hours!

The original mystery face guessing game is even more fun with 4 ways to play and 144 mystery faces to choose from.

Ask questions to eliminate faces and press the “Yes” or “No” buttons to answer your opponent’s questions.

The game board includes electronic lights, sounds and a timer to increase the excitement!

You can buy the BINGO game, but there are also TONY printable versions of BINGO online (including a few here on my site!). Each person has their own game board and you play as usual!

Get Ready to Play

group of friends on the beach sitting on bean bags

At least charades and heads up! They will always be the tough favorite word guessing games, they will never be the only ones at your disposal. If you are looking for alternative games that are still similar to the two games or share common elements of these games, the above 7 options are a good choice. Get ready to play! And of course good luck!

Players are looking for treasure by strategically placing the tiles on their own game boards, which makes it a good option for players who prefer less direct competition.

Other Types of Fun Games to Play Over FaceTime

  • Role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Charades
  • Truth or challenge
  • Corner
  • 20 questions
  • Would you prefer
  • Simon says

Some games would be really hard, boring, nasty, or just not working during a video call. Bad ideas (with a slight grain of salt) would include:

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