Logitech’s new gaming-focused earbuds play nicely with USB-C devices

Logitech’s latest earbuds, a $50 model called the G333, are unremarkable in terms of design, with a flat cable that houses an inline remote and mic, swappable silicone ear tips, and the ability to connect to gadgets via a 3.5mm jack. What makes them stand out is the included 3.5mm-to-USB-C adapter.

If your phone or other audio device lacks a headphone jack but has a USB-C port to spare, you’re all set to plug in with this model. With the adapter attached, I had no issues hooking up the G333 to my 3.5mm-less Pixel 3, my Nintendo Switch, or through a USB-C port on the MacBook Pro I use for work. Also included with these earbuds are two additional sizes of silicone ear tips and a small mesh carrying case.

The G333 looks almost identical to Logitech’s other two gaming earbuds: the $50 G333 VR headphones (which are certified for the Oculus Quest 2) and the $50 Astro A03 earbuds. The added value here is the USB-C adapter, which is included for the same price. So if you’re trying to decide between them, the new G333 are the most feature-packed for the price.

Each set of Logitech’s G333 includes a 3.5mm-to-USB-C adapter, swappable ear tips, and a small mesh carrying case.
Image: Logitech

The G333 earbuds seem to have the same dual dynamic drivers as those aforementioned models, and their overall performance was similar in my testing. If you aren’t expecting much (considering the price), I think you’ll be impressed with their sound quality. There’s plenty of bass, but it doesn’t muddle the sound. My biggest nitpick against them is that the silicone ear tips don’t always want to stay in my ears.

Logitech’s new earbuds will be available in three colorways: black with blue details, dark purple with neon yellow detailing, and lastly, silver with light purple detailing.


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