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We offer a wide variety of coaches who understand League of Legends on a competitive level. Buy LoL Coaching lessons to get an unfair advantage over your opponents.

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Coaching is the fastest and best way to achieve long-term improvement in your skills and mindset in League of Legends. Our coaches are the top ranked players, competitive players, ready to serve you.

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Most games are decided within the first 8 minutes, combine all the skills we teach you together and you will have the most solid foundation to become a great player and start winning consistently.

Victory conditions. Wave management. Line duels. Jungle path. Growth Attitude. Target control



2 hours

Peter Dun, who led three teams to the League of Legend World Cup, shares his advice for people looking to get into esports training.

I’m just like any other coach, except the rules of my game change every week

League of Legends is a video game where a single player works with a team of five to capture enemy bases, piloting a colorful cast of characters known as champions and working together to defeat your opponents – think about capturing the flag but with video games. It is one of the most popular esports, with over 100 million players worldwide.

However, unlike professional basketball or football, the rules of the game are always evolving in esports. As a coach, this means I have to stay abreast of the best strategies in the game where the best way to win can change almost weekly, watching strategies around the world and reading developer notes from Riot Games, the publisher of League Legend.

However, like any other coach, I am also responsible for preparing the players for our weekly matches at the training facility, as well as during training, recognizing talents, setting long-term goals for the team and taking care of a healthy atmosphere for players.

Do you want to become a professional LoL player? Today I am going to help you with this by introducing you to the best LoL coaching services you can find on the internet.

2. Gamer Sensei Coaching Service

Player sensei

Gamer Sensei is a popular coaching platform that gathers game teachers for many different games and offers a large number of LOL coaching sessions for both beginners and professionals.

Some of the game’s top coaches are active on this platform and even create their own Challenger League of Legends competition where all students can practice their gaming skills.

Almost all coaches are professional players as well, and some of them have been active since esports came out, so you can see their performance and the results of the people they trained.

Since all their trainers have to go through the app which has 5 steps, you can be sure that everyone on this platform has amazing team fighting tactics and is able to help you get winning skills easily.

Once you join Gamer Sensei you will be able to choose between different forms of teaching and will be able to slowly but surely climb the LOL ladder.

You can choose One on One coaching, which means that you will learn alone throughout the season and your coach will be completely focused on you.

This is by far the best service that will provide you with amazing results and you will be able to gain vast experience in a really short time.

League of Legends is a bit complicated, but by working one-on-one with a coach you’ll be able to climb to the top ranks very quickly.

There is also an option to analyze replays, which means your teacher will review all the games you’ve played before and will give you valuable insight into your gameplay and mistakes.

It will also explain to you what your worst weaknesses are and what you need to do to overcome them and move to the next level.

If you’re trying to take your squad to the next level and climb the ranks in League of Legends, you should definitely start using the team coaching option.

The trainer will be able to work with all five of them and will help each of them develop the skills needed to succeed, and will certainly encourage you to do your best at every opportunity.

Most of the teams that are champions in the game use this option, so it is certainly one of the best ways to find out what is the best strategy for you and how you can win against each enemy.

The platform will first connect you with a trainer who is a champion in your field, but you can always browse through it and find another guy who seems to specialize in what you are looking for.

It is quite expensive and depending on the training options you choose, it can cost anywhere from $ 40 to $ 150 a month.

What are the best tips and tricks you can learn to become a pro Legend League player? Here are a few of them!

Learning about LoL will help you understand it better and apply the best techniques. New LoL patches come out every two to three weeks, so you’ll need to stay up to date with them if you want to try them out as soon as they’re released.

Remember that no one becomes a professional player overnight. It will take time for sure, but if you are consistent and learn to adapt your strategies to the game, you can achieve it faster than you think.

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