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Yes you can. You need to place an order with a hero modifier on our checkout page. The choice can be made in our customer panel. You can see a demo of what it looks like on our Elo Boost Demo customer panel page.

Boosting in League of Legends in 2020: Detailed Overview

Every player wants to get high ranks and levels, especially when it comes to online games like League of Legends. Perhaps many of you have heard of this multiplayer game or have already played this game on Windows or macOS operating systems. If, however, after a lot of effort and strategy in the battle arena, you don’t reach higher ranks in Riot Games LoL, then you need to read this article carefully. Yes, in this article we will explain all your doubts and questions about boosting LoL and how boosting works in 2020.

First of all, you need to understand what boosting is in online games, especially in League of Legends, and here we will explain to our readers about boosting.

Boosting is something where a player in online games receives help from the active player in discovering new leagues or earning new ranks. As LoL players, perhaps many of you understand how difficult it is to win at certain stages, especially in the peak season. That’s why most players want to outsource help to enjoy the adventures of the upcoming diamond, platinum and beyond ranks. In LoL boosting, the player usually transfers his account to another player who is better than him in order to complete certain stages.

promotion in the league of legends

How Boosting Works in LoL?

This is a common question that LoL players, especially newbies, ask themselves. However, the answer is quite simple, and it works in 2 ways, which we’ll cover below:

Soft Boosting: While it sounds good and you don’t have to pay anything, it is very risky. Yes, in this boost you would have to share your account with a stranger who claims to be a master at LoL and can help you improve your LoL ranking. However, we would suggest our readers avoid this kind of LoL boost, as sometimes players are overwhelmed with their knowledge and show poor performance on the League of Legends battlefield.

Second, it can also be risky as you have to share your account with a stranger. On the contrary, you can remove the risk factor from soft reinforcement if you get help from a friend or a crucified person. But again, don’t forget to test their skills to play different levels.

Elo Boosting: This type of boost is considered a trustworthy thing in League of Legends because here you don’t share your account with any stranger or a person who only claims to have good ranks. With this type of raise, you get expert help to increase your LoL account to win certain levels. Probably the booster will play parts of the game that you are missing some. Although boost companies also charge for their boosting services, there is also a relevant learning range and you can play in the following seasons in a more appropriate way.

Increasing LoL

Power ups, whether they are your friends or experts, usually focus on high MMR in order to climb the ranking ladder. Higher MMR relates to your win rate which is higher than your loser rate. MMR also has a direct relationship to LP or league points. Yes, the more League Points you earn, the greater your MMR gain. To earn more league points, you need to cross divisions, which usually consist of four parentheses.

After successfully playing one bracket, you earn almost 100 League Points, and after playing in Division 5, your account will advance from Gold to Platinum. Since boosters are better at breaking through divisions and collecting LP, they successfully maintain high MMR at various levels and help poor players easily climb the ranking ladder.

The most logical solution is to win as many games as possible. While this may seem like the most obvious answer, it’s not as simple as it may seem. First, you need to enter ranked games with a goal to win, which means you shouldn’t give up as soon as you notice your teammates feeding.

+10 Years of Expertise in LOL boosting

BoostRoyal has been in the lol elo boost market for over five years. Throughout this time, the company has accumulated an incredible amount of experience in increasing elo. To this day, we are gaining experience and continue to improve our lol boost services to stay ahead of the competition in all aspects of our services. Each new buyer and new order enhances this experience and helps our organization grow and perform even better in the future. Maintaining customer orientation and being flexible to various changes in the lol elo environment is a key factor of our success.

The company is known for employing top LoL boosters who play at the highest levels of the game. The minimum requirement to boost with BoostRoyal is to reach the challenger level and have a high prior lol top-up experience. By hiring and managing the best lol boosting team available, we are able to deliver the highest win rates and the highest quality results. To make this possible we never stop managing our lol boosters who have to go through a strict selection process. Thanks to the increased control over the lol elo booster team, it allows us to get the most performance out of our players and ensure a seamless boost for all our users.

Best & Highly Customizable ELO boosting experience

We provide the widest range of lol elo boosting services in the boosting industry. Our portfolio of services has been designed to ensure maximum user satisfaction. We believe having a large number of services is required in the field of lol elo enhancement as each LoL player has different goals in the game. To help you achieve these goals, BoostRoyal not only offers a wide selection of different lol elo boosting methods such as solo queue, duo queue or placement matches, but also additional customization features for each of these boost types. We offer additional options such as priority delivery, specific masters or coaching.

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You can watch your growth directly from our desktop with just one click. Run the file as administrator and you can watch our boosters take you to the elo of your choice.

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Our next-gen platform is tailored to the needs of every League of Legends player. The advanced customization of boosts available on the market allows each player to select many additional features to make the boosting process smoother and more anonymous than ever before. Increasing the rank of League of Legends has never been easier, and all the information regarding this buff is at your disposal.

By activating the additional voice chat feature when ordering League of Legends rank ups, placements, unrated games, or any other type of boost, the designated booster will use voice chat to talk to you during matches, to help you in the game, provide you with insightful tips, photos calls and more. League of Legends chat will be used for communication. This feature is also sometimes referred to as semi-coaching as it provides guidance and leadership while enhancing your account.

Players often prefer to watch them play live in order to learn from them for a small additional fee. It’s a great way to raise your rank in League of Legends and learn to play the game by watching a pro gamer play. We can stream for you on any streaming platform, public or private, if you wish to remain anonymous. Even if you are unable to watch the stream at the moment, you can request to save your footage for viewing later.


We understand that some players prefer to have stats in their account only from their main agents in order to stay anonymous or to wipe their profile. By selecting this feature, our booster will only play with the agents of your choice when increasing your League of Legends rank, leveling up, or any other League of Legends related enhancement service.


In some cases, orders can be quite expensive when the goal is far from your current account balance. Orders can cost over $ 500 and paying in one time can be quite expensive. That’s why we now have a half-paid service that allows players to purchase the League of Legends Boost Service which costs over $ 500, paying only half now, and half later when the booster reaches 50% or when it is convenient for the customer when the top-up is 50% of the progress on hold.


The Express Order feature allows you to skip the line by placing it ahead of non-express orders, boosters will also spend more time increasing your express order. This feature is recommended for players who are running out of time, don’t want to wait, or the ranked season is nearing its end and the buff must be completed in time.

track your order After placing your boost order, you will be taken to the members area to chat with the booster, track your order and much more without wasting any time!

LoL ELO Boosting: Our overview on it!

Every League of Legends player has dreamed of playing at the highest levels of competitive ranked play throughout his career. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, you had to imagine how fun and exciting it would be sharing the Rift with the most talented League of Legends players. The idea of ​​showing off your Challenger’s ranked border in normal play is keeping your blood flowing. Unfortunately, most people do not fulfill this dream because of their real responsibilities, and others simply lack the skills, motivation, or time to get into the top grades. Luckily, there’s a way to reach any rank in League of Legends effortlessly, and that’s called increasing elo.

What is ELO Boosting?

If you are someone who is completely ignorant of the concept of elo boosting, we have protection for you. Simply put, elo boosting is the process by which a professional League of Legends booster logs into your account and wins enough ranked matches to advance to the desired rank. Once your top-up is complete, you’ll get your account back with a shiny new item to show off to your friends. LoL Boosting Elo has become a common practice in League of Legends over the years and thousands of players have been boosted lol so far, so why not do that?

Benefits of League Of Legends ELO Boosting

It’s the easiest choice

When it comes to increasing your elo, there are many advantages over positioning your account yourself. The first and most obvious benefit of a buff is that the promotion process is much faster and it guarantees it will happen. When you log into your account and queue for a ranked game, you can’t be sure that you will ultimately win the game and earn lol points. However, once one of our professional full-time boosters starts playing on your account, there’s only one outcome. Victory. You won’t have to deal with the wrong team in your matches because your booster will win the match effortlessly. Empowering can also improve the experience of teammates and duo partner as they win the game and earn league points. Last but not least, when you get lol boost.

The rewards

Then ranked rewards. Ranking rewards are another important thing to watch out for as they are virtually priceless and cannot be earned in any other way. The first is the shiny ranking border that is visible to the finished lobby and teammates in the game. It is representative of your ranking level and general skills. It is paired with the matching summoner icon which is awarded at the end of a ranked season. In addition, let’s not forget about the beautiful Victorious skin that everyone who exceeds the Gold + tier will receive in November. Another reward worth mentioning is the chromas that come with the skin, depending on the rank you graduated from. All the cosmetic items listed above can only be obtained by climbing the ranking, and our services will make

Improving your League of Legends skill

One of the most important things that is often overlooked when boosting is how much it can improve your skills as a fighter. Will you improve more by playing against Bronze players or Challengers? The answer is obvious, and playing games high on Elo Challenger will make you a better League of Legends player in the long run. Think of increasing elo as an investment, not a purchase.

If you want to be sure you get the best results, you should pick the most OP and consistent heroes on the lane you play in each game. Make sure you pick the best meta heroes you generally enjoy playing.

Removed Boosts

With the V7.22 update and the removal of influence points, influence point boosters can no longer be purchased.

The buffs for winning gave you a fixed amount of health equal to the maximum base health you can earn in the game (values ​​were different for each game mode). This change was made to ensure players get the most out of their boost in very short games, but Riot has not updated its explanations of how win boosts work. Due to how boosters work from winning, they provided significantly less HP in Custom Games, Twisted Treeline, and Co-op & AI.

The buff temporarily increases the amount of Summoner Experience Points earned at the end of each match. There are two types of buffs: Increase Duration and Increase Winnings. Each of these can be purchased from the Riot Store with Riot Points or received from Riot, often on a compensation basis.

Make Sure To Implement These Tips Below

Avoid A Game That You Think You’re Not Going To Win

For someone looking to accelerate their ascent, this is by far the most important piece of advice. Every now and then players come across a game they consider lost in choosing a champion.

Strengthen your MMR in League Of Legends with these expert tips

So in these types of situations it would be best to just avoid the game. Yes, if you do, you will lose the LP, however it won’t affect the MMR, which is by far the most important thing. So if you feel like the game you have faced is losing, don’t hesitate to avoid it.

When Is The Perfect Time To Dodge A Game?

Most players will say that it depends mostly on your personal preferences, however there are some situations where avoiding is by far the best option possible. the whole team just to see their win rates.

This is a great way to find out if they’re good or not. For example, if you have more than two players who have less than forty-seven percent of the winnings in the ranking, you should definitely choose to avoid this game.

Moreover, if these people are playing a specific champion for the first time, it should also be considered an avoidable game.

Improving your MMR isn’t as easy as some people think, especially if you haven’t played League of Legends before. However, as you can see, there are several strategies you can implement that will surely help you make it stronger.

You can watch your growth directly from our desktop with just one click. Run the file as administrator and you can watch our boosters take you to the elo of your choice.

Have some questions?

We probably have the answers

Knightly Boosting was created to change the situation with excellent safety, customer satisfaction and extra content. We are a legally operating company and all our payments are secured with PayPal which means your payment information is 100% secure and our website is secured with an SSL certificate for further security. If you’re still not convinced, check out some of our MMR boosting reviews collected by independent review collectors: TrustPilot or our reddit and epvp vouchers.

Boosting – a service of increasing the rank of customers to the desired level using the solo or duo method. Read more here.

90% of orders begin in less than 60 minutes after purchase. Strict role, hero constraints, and some high-end ELO orders may require a slightly longer wait.

All our boosters on the main servers (NA, EUW, OCE) are at least Diamond 1, boosters from smaller servers (LAN, LAS, EUNE) are at least challengers.

Our ban rate for the entire 2018-2019 season was 0.05%, so it’s very safe. Since December 2018, we have not received a single ban for account sharing.

Our service offers the possibility of order fulfillment in solo and duo queue mode. We play soloq on your account, and in duo you play on your own account in a team with our booster.

At the time of writing, we’re working with over 400 boosters, so there’s always someone available. If you want to be sure that you will receive the booster in the required time, please write to us in live chat.

Yes you can. You need to place an order with a hero modifier on our checkout page. The choice can be made in our customer panel. You can see a demo of what it looks like on our Elo Boost Demo customer panel page.

We have a wide range of power ups that can play as almost any hero in any role. If you still have doubts, please contact us via Live Chat or Discord and we will confirm that we are playing your master and role in your ELO. Remember that limiting the role / hero may extend the waiting time for a buff, as it limits the pool of available buffs.

We can reliably advance to any rank on any server. GrandMaster and Challenger orders are negotiated directly with the owner, please add me to the disagreement Sir Bertrand du Guesclin # 1992.

Why ChiBoost is an elo boosting company like no other

Our mission is to provide excellent service at a very competitive price. We do this by paying our boosters very high server cuts, up to 80% of what you pay goes directly to the booster, the industry standard is around 50%. Thanks to this, our boosters can play the game we all love to live and provide you with amazing service. We understand that the most important factor in building trust between the client and the company is that we offer unique features that build a strong bond between us. Join over 4019 customers who have already found a home here and enjoy continuous loyalty discounts from 5 to 10% on all orders.

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