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Mackeeper 5 is antivirus software to help keep your Mac running as good as new. If you have unknown files stored on your computer, apps you no longer use, or multiple copies of the same file, then you might want to check out Mackeeper 5 and see if it’s the right download for you.  

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Some of the benefits to using Mackeeper 5 include more storage space on your device, improved speed on your computer (since it won’t be overworking all the time), and you’ll just have less data to manage in general. If you’ve never cleaned your computer before, now is the time.  

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Here’s a snapshot of plans and prices (Image credit: Mackeeper )

Plans and pricing 

The Mackeeper 5 initial download is free and you can easily access it from the website. There’s also three paid plans available. For the free version, you’ll want to select the application on your computer and click run application on the screen (it should come up for you). Then, you’ll see an introduction with instructions for how to use the application. Select continue and you should see the third step: Simply click install and you should be ready to go. Instructions in the application will walk you through the steps after that so you can clean your computer. 

If you want to cover one Mac on the antivirus software, it’s $9.95 per month. If you want to cover one Mac and commit to the yearly plan, it costs $4.75 per month. Or, there’s an option to protect up to five Macs for $5.20 per month when you purchase the yearly plan. 

The interface doesn’t have a ton of information  (Image credit: Mackeeper 5)


The website interface is extremely simple. You can browse features and take a look at the downloads, but there’s not as much information on what each feature does. If you end up looking for explanations outside the Mackeeper 5 website, you might run into some general information that isn’t as helpful. However, if you’re looking for a way to ask questions and find the answer to a specific question, it might help to sign up for the Mackeeper 5 customer support. 

All you need to do is download a remote support file and then you’ll be able to connect with a support representative. Keep in mind that it’s only best to do this if you can’t find the answer to your questions elsewhere. The Mackeeper 5 representative will connect to your Mac to help you identify any problems or questions you might have. 

There’s various downloads for different cleaning software  (Image credit: Mackeeper 5)


If you want to know what Mackeeper 5 is all about, then start with the features. Mackeeper 5 is a cleaning system for your Mac designed to clean it from past viruses and harmful malware, while also keeping it clean in the future. There’s three separate downloads on the Mackeeper 5 website to choose from: fast cleanup, duplicates finder, and smart uninstaller. Here’s a brief overview of each. 

The fast cleanup feature will help you detect any files that are no longer helpful to your Mac so you can remove them quickly. In other words, think of this download like the one file that will help you detect junk files that might be just sitting around (these take up space and slow your computer). 

The duplicates finder download is a bit different. It helps you detect whether there’s a file on your Mac that you’ve actually downloaded more than once by mistake. Instead of having multiple copies all over your computer, you can keep the ones you want and easily discover and delete the rest. 

The smart uninstaller feature helps you by looking deeper into your Mac. If you think there’s random apps installed on your Mac that you don’t need anymore, then this download will help you identify those and delete them. Cleaning your device from apps you never use can help protect your data and keep your information secure. 

Mackeeper 5 is simple to download  (Image credit: Mackeeper 5)


Overall, there’s a lot of other antivirus software out there with more features or better quality. Mackeeper 5 is alright if you want to use something free and want to test it out, however, you don’t have to keep it downloaded on your computer (which would kind of defeat the purpose of the program). Again, if you’re looking for something quick to try, then Mackeeper 5 is easy to download for free. However, if you want something that’s going to protect your computer in the long run, then there are many options (Avast  Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus, and Avira are a few examples). 

Another idea is to look into using a VPN. If you’re using antivirus software mostly because you want to protect your data, a VPN can really help you with that. Here’s a list of our VPN reviews for you to check out: 

Final thoughts 

Mackeeper 5 has some good features aimed to make your computer run smoother and faster. If you want something fast and easy, it’s worth checking out. However, if you want a stronger antivirus software, there’s more available with stronger features.  

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