Making money with a Minecraft Server. How to make money from minecraft server

Like Twitch, a YouTube channel may offer several ways to earn money with Minecraft. Increasing your YouTube audience can be easier, especially if your video goes viral.

How to Make Money from Your Minecraft Server

Monetizing your Minecraft server is a great way to extend and promote your Minecraft network. Server hosting can become expensive quickly; There are many related costs between paying for maintenance, creating plugins, and hiring builders. This guide will show you some popular methods of monetizing your server without breaking Minecraft’s Terms of Service.

All server owners are required to adhere to Minecraft’s Terms of Use, including the Commercial Use Guidelines when monetizing their servers. Failure to do so may result in servers being shut down or users being banned altogether. Server owners are also responsible for ensuring that all players adhere to the Game Terms and Conditions when playing on their server. Please read the Terms of Service carefully before monetizing the server.


Cosmetics are a great way to raise money on the server. Cosmetics can include in-game pets, footprints, and more. Adding cosmetics as an option to buy on the server can help promote the server and get more players to stay around.

If you already have a list of players willing to join your server, paywall is another option to generate more income.

This is especially useful for owners who follow Twitch or YouTube. For example, you can allow entry to your server on the basis that all members must purchase a Twitch subscription before they can join. This increases the incentive not only to support your channel, but also encourages community members to join the fun.

If you have a microphone, a computer, and perhaps even a camera, you can easily start recording your Minecraft gameplay and make comments or general gameplay footage to upload to YouTube.

How to Get your Server Setup to Make Money

Setting up a Minecraft server is really easy and doesn’t require any real technical skills. Especially if you are using the right host.

Get the server

The first step is to get the server. I am using Apex hosting. It is cheap, very reliable and offers servers all over the world. I recommend getting a server that is close to you. I’ve found that no matter where you live, there are a lot of local players. The Apex server setup process is automated and you can get started for as little as 3,500.99 a month!

Build your Minecraft world (s

Players will want to see something the first time they join your server. It is essential to build a nice respawn area. If you’re not a good Minecraft builder, I recommend hiring someone on Fiverr to do it for you. I started small on my server and built it over time with the help of players as the server grew.

Get good looking graphics

I highly recommend stocking up on a good set of art for your server. You will be using them on your website as well as in server directories. They will make your server look more professional and stand out from the crowd. Bad artwork can really hurt your brand so I recommend spending some money to get good quality.

You can find good artists on Fiverr who specialize in Minecraft renderings and graphics.

Create a website and forum

A website is essential for attracting players as well as building a community. I use Enjin which is a specially designed tool for building game server sites. It includes a website / blog builder as well as forums and social profiles. It is perfect for community building. The best part is that you can set up an Enjin site for free and then only pay when your server starts growing and making money.

Thanks to the website, you will be able to sell items, sell advertising space and take advantage of affiliate marketing. All the keys to building a profitable business!

How to promote your server

View the list

Once your server is set up, you can add it to countless Minecraft server directories. They will provide you with a constant influx of new players. When you’re just starting out, it can be hard to attract your first few new players. But in my experience, if you stick to it, it becomes a lot easier.

Set up social profiles

Make sure you have set up social profiles for your server. I recommend Twitter and Instagram. Publish your builds, server news and events. Most importantly, interact with other Minecraft users. You should also create a Reddit account and be active in various Minecraft subreddits. There are even dedicated subscriptions to promote your server.

Launch events

Events are a great way to get attention. The events in the game will make your server fun and interesting. Players can get tired of the same game modes, so by being creative and event hosting you can help your server stand out. It can be anything from bingo to mining contests.

Run the contest

To help grow your brand, give away something of value (like Minecraft gadgets or an Amazon gift card) with Gleam. Gleam is a platform for social contests that really effectively develops your brand. To enter, users must follow you on Twitter or subscribe to your YouTube channel. The more they do, the more entries they get. These contests can even go viral.

So there you have it – the complete guide to running your own profitable Minecraft server. Earning extra income from playing Minecraft is entirely possible – just get started!

After that, you will be asked to link to the content you have created. Any type of proof helps, including direct market links, YouTube videos, or Dropbox files.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a skilled artist, world builder, server host, or artist, one of the ideas mentioned in the article will help you earn money by playing Minecraft.

Can you get rich on these ideas?

Well, if you get a big enough audience on Youtube or Twitch you surely can!

However, most of these money making options are definitely more side-jobs than anything else.

The main conclusion from all of this is that you should only pursue these ideas if you really enjoy playing Minecraft. If you don’t, you won’t enjoy it.

So ask yourself… will my Minecraft job feel like my job? If you think so, you may want to find another way to make money.

However, if you are looking forward to solving these new ideas, you should definitely try some of them!

Hopefully, the next time you log into your Minecraft account, you’ll play the game you love and earn some extra cash on the side.

Want even more ideas for earning money for gamers? To check:

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To get started, you’ll need microphone and video capture software, so you can start recording Minecraft gameplay and adding comments. You can also record gameplay footage and upload it to your YouTube channel.


Minecraft continues to grow in popularity despite being over a decade old. With many dedicated gamers still addicted to the game and more and more gamers still joining, it would be a waste of an opportunity for Minecraft enthusiasts not to try to earn some extra money from it.

I have outlined eight ideas to help you monetize your Minecraft account and gameplay. Let’s summarize:

  1. Earn money on your Minecraft server.
  2. Join the Minecraft Affiliate Program.
  3. Stream your gameplay on Twitch.
  4. Create a YouTube channel.
  5. Open donations.
  6. I will sell the goods.
  7. Create a Patreon account.
  8. Build things for people.

Remember that there is no quick or easy way to make money with Minecraft. All these ideas require dedication and a real passion for the game. If you put enough effort into it, you will surely be successful. Good luck!

Do you have any thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below, or move the discussion to our Twitter or Facebook.

Another best way to turn your Minecraft server into a monetary way is to stream Minecraft to Youtube to share with others. You can also add various content that attracts the crowd such as interesting moments, behind the scenes etc. You can earn a decent income with the youtube monetization scheme.

#8. Get spawners

Some of our games, including OneBlock Classic and Adventure, have in-game spawners. Spawners will spawn their mobs endlessly, allowing you to farm airdrops and collect rewards. Mobs will drop XP that you can use to buy enchanted books!

When you start enchanting, the specific book you receive is usually random. As a result, there is a large economy of enchanted books with certain attributes. Find a way to earn a lot of XP and start buying! Run / ench in-game to start.

#10. Battle other players

Fight other players in the arenas in OneBlock MC for their loot. Some arenas do have the keep items option enabled, but you can always make a friendly bet with another player for cash!

Here are our top 10 tips for making money on skyblock servers. If you are ready to start playing, join skyblock ip:

Minecraft server offering OneBlock SkyBlock, Minecraft Survival, SkyBlock Server, Minecraft Manhunt and more. Play now.

Hosts like Apex Hosting have an affiliate program. So if other people want to set up the server, you can refer them to do it on Apex and earn a commission. People worry that this will cause players to leave their servers – but don’t worry about people playing on multiple servers.

7 reliable ways to earn from your Minecraft server (With complete guide)

Minecraft probably leads to one of the most popular and fashionable games in the digital landscape. And we attract thousands of people to our Game Servers hosting site who are looking for Minecraft hosting.

If you want to know more, read our guide on setting up a Minecraft server so you can start learning how to earn money with a Minecraft server from this guide.

Over the course of the decade, the game has achieved legendary status, with huge volumes of “digital epics” written around various technical specs, and the user experience being improved as well. However, just like other popular media, Minecraft can also become a solid source of digital income. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best ways for beginners to make money in Minecraft.

If you are one of those people who are curious, can you make money with your Minecraft server? – This detailed guide will explain it all and show you the way to success!

best game servers

Earning money directly from the main Minecraft gaming site is not legally advisable or technically possible. To earn money on Minecraft, you need to have a Minecraft game server and be willing to invest a lot of time and effort in maintaining your server as well as building a dedicated community by inviting players to your server. You can set up a Minecraft server if you are an IT professional (especially in server technology). An easier solution (especially for beginners) would be to buy a Minecraft server from a reliable hosting provider.

How to start earning money on your Minecraft server? These are the main questions you should probably think about. We make it easy for you by offering a step by step guide as below:

Minecraft server settings

Buy Minecraft server

It’s obvious, but the question is how to buy a Minecraft server. There are a few hosting companies that offer Minecraft servers, but in order to monetize your Minecraft server, you’ll need to buy a server from a good company.

Many people believe that only the most reputable “brands” can provide a reliable Minecraft server. It’s not quite right. How often do we hear that the best brands are unable to offer fast or precise support or are inflating their customers’ prices? So it would be better to choose good hosting companies – and by that we mean “real contractors” rather than just flashy brands – that can provide reliable service and maximum support.

Things to consider before you purchase Minecraft server

  • Automated or easy setup process
  • Reasonably low prices
  • Flexible price levels
  • Distance to players geographic area (if you are targeting a specific region)
  • easy and hassle-free upgrade
  • Best-in-class infrastructure
  • 24X7 fast and precise support


Create a Minecraft world that really impress (It requires efforts, time and/or costs)

You are providing your players with an experience, and if your Minecraft Worlds aren’t attractive, how can you expect to make a profit from it? So create an amazing Minecraft world that can instantly attract players and keep them engaged for hours.

If you are a Minecraft expert, try to create a highly immersive visual experience for your players. Alternatively, you can hire a Minecraft builder from reputable freelancer sites. Likewise, be careful not to use substandard graphics as it damages your reputation.

The following websites can be of great help if you want to build your own Minecraft world:


Create an engaging website

The next thing is to make your game easily accessible to everyone by offering it a dedicated address and convenient digital real estate. For this, you need to create a website.

This is especially useful for owners who follow Twitch or YouTube. For example, you can allow entry to your server on the basis that all members must purchase a Twitch subscription before they can join. This increases the incentive not only to support your channel, but also encourages community members to join the fun.

Making Money From Minecraft – What Would You Do?

Can you think of other ways to earn money with Minecraft?

Maybe there is some way that I didn’t mention that you are using now! If so, let me know in the comments.

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legal ways to earn money in Minecraft

Making Money In The Long Term…. Building Multiple Income Streams!

My main goal in the long run is to get a full income from several different sources of income.

I’ve learned the hard way that if you only rely on ONE stream of income, you run the risk of letting that stream dry up.

If you get paid in different ways, you know you may still have income from a different source.

So, if you only focus on Minecraft, you can build income streams in many ways, by….

  • Having a blog – where you can make money from affiliate marketing – paid advertising, sponsorship, and email marketing.
  • Having a YouTube channel that focuses on Minecraft or games – link to your blog – get paid with affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and advertising.
  • Selling Minecraft-related products through Fiverr.
  • Potential tutoring of other Minecraft players.
  • Setting up a Minecraft server… and more.

Of course, you want to focus on one thing at first.

If you try to do ALL THINGS at once, you’ll just get overwhelmed and likely quit before you even make any money.

It’s best to work on generating income from one source first before using another, and if you can, outsource your more mundane or time-consuming tasks to someone else!

For example; Sometimes I pay a freelancer to write content for me so I can focus on my other side activities!

If you’ve been successful in selling Minecraft-related services – I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

If you want to start learning affiliate marketing for free —–> this training helped me!

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