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Spider-Man 2 made its official debut yesterday evening at the PlayStation Show, which turned out to be a huge event for many reasons. With the new Wolverine game, Sony has announced that it wants to build its own original universe with Spider-Man and Wolverine at the center.

Spider-Man PS4’s Cast of Characters – Their Comic Origins Detailed

A handy guide to the faces and masks you’ll see in Insomniac’s adventure.

Report by Mike Williams, review editor

If you’ve played Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 or plan to hop into the game in the future, you may be confused in some respects. It draws from many Spider-lore eras, with nods to classic comic book series, Ultimate Universe and even some movies. If you’ve watched something related to Spider-Man before, you may know some of these names and faces, but they may have completely different looks and stories in the game.

Here’s a handy guide for all the main characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man, including their first comic book appearances and how they differ from their comic book makers. And if you’re interested in reading the comics behind these characters, I’ve included links to Comixology issues. There will be spoilers for the game itself if you try to play it all over again.

Spider-Friends and Family

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

First appearance: Amazing Fantasy # 15 (August 1962)

I don’t know how you got here if you don’t know who Spider-Man is, but I’m not going to judge. Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider when he was a teenager and did not know what radioactivity really did to living things. He was lucky with the spider’s proportional powers: strength, speed, a supernatural sense of danger, and the ability to climb walls. He used this power for personal gain, but allowed the criminal to get away and it turns out that karma is a female dog. The criminal killed his uncle Ben, and from that day on, Peter swore to be a hero because “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Spider-Man’s version of Insomniac is largely the same character. Peter Parker has had his heroic alter ego for eight years, in high school and college. He has relationships with many of the villains from his gallery of bullies, but many of his biggest threats have yet to emerge.

Mary Jane Watson

First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man # 25 (June 1965)
First Real Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man # 42 (November 1966)

Mary Jane Watson is not Spider-Man’s first love interest – she was introduced fighting for his feelings against Betty Brant and Liz Allen – but she is the longest-running. MJ dated Parker’s best friend Harry Osborn until the death of his girlfriend Gwen Stacy, where she turned her kindness and attention to Peter and his grief. Eventually, the couple started dating and later got married, although Marvel eventually took it back in the controversial One More Day storyline. Mary Jane has been an actress, model, nightclub owner and secretary for Tony Stark throughout her history.

The video game equivalent of Mary Jane seems to draw on her version of Ultimate Comics, who eventually chose to become a journalist. She is an investigative journalist who works for the Daily Bugle. She and Peter have a romantic story, but at the beginning of the game, they both went their separate ways.

Aunt May

First appearance: Amazing Fantasy # 15 (August 1962)

May Reilly is as old as Peter Parker himself. Many know her simply as Aunt May, and most are unaware that her surname is not originally Parker; is Peter’s maternal aunt. After Peter’s parents died, May and her husband Ben Parker raised him to be a son before Ben died prematurely. After that, Aunt May was there to make a dramatic movie, worrying about Peter and somehow missing the fact that her nephew is Spider-Man. May died twice in the comics, and her approaching end spurred Peter Parker to make a deal with Mephis – no, I’m not going to get into all of this. (Check the One More Day link above.)

Aunt May is Aunt May, regardless of reality. Sometimes she is younger, sometimes she is not. In Marvel’s Spider-Man, she works at the Martin Li FEAST shelter, just like her comic book version once was.

A year before Edge of Time came out with the release of the disappointing Spiderverse, Shattered Dimensions absolutely made the idea a reality.



To improve your combat and traversing. In some parts of the game

Spider-Man engages in a linear set of main story missions that begin when the player reaches the yellow icon on the map. Missions can use combat mechanics, sneak up on Spider-Man, Mary Jane or Miles, or solve puzzles as Peter. Each mission takes the main story to the next stage, and certain story advancements unlock different objectives, such as new crimes against different organizations or new types of activities throughout the city.

Each neighborhood includes several Peter’s backpacks to collect, landmarks to photograph, and surveillance towers to put together a full map. Completing all activities in a district grants you 100% completion of that district. Completing all activities in a district grants 100% completion of that district. Completing all activities in a district grants you 100% completion of that district each neighborhood includes several Peter’s backpacks to collect, landmarks to photograph, and surveillance towers to put together a full map. Completing all activities in a district grants you 100% completion of that district. Completing all activities in a district grants 100% completion of that district. Completing all activities in a district grants you 100% completion of that district.


Spider-Man can navigate New York City’s Manhattan neighborhoods using web-swaying mechanics, and can also run alongside buildings. Spider-Man can swing around buildings as well as interact with various elements to pull himself towards them and move forward. Some skills in the skill tree allow Spider-Man to traverse the city faster. Spider-Man can also fall to the ground below. Here, NPCs will recognize Spider-Man and will react to him in different ways depending on the player’s progress. Positive reactions include cheering, high-five and taking a selfie with him.

As Spider-Man travels, he can spot views of the iconic Marvel and Manhattan landmarks that are present throughout the city. In addition, on the J. Jonah Jameson radio show Just the Facts, news updates occasionally appear, containing reports based on recently completed missions and side missions.



Peter Parker is a 23-year-old college graduate who has kept Spider-Man’s secret identity for eight years and has established himself as a New York City defender. [3] Moreover, he works in the laboratory as a research assistant. After the recent defeat of criminal Wilson Fisk, Peter must now investigate as a new gang known as the Inner Demons emerges taking over Fisk’s territory.

Peter Parker / Spider-Man helps Yuri Watanabe and the New York City Police to arrest Wilson Fisk, and authorities finally have enough evidence to issue a warrant. Peter then investigates a possible break-in into the auction house that holds Fisk’s art collection, where he runs into his ex-girlfriend Mary Jane Watson and masked thugs looking for files. Mary Jane finds a file detailing a secret project called Devil’s Breath, but the bandits grab her file and flee. Despite the separation, Peter and Mary Jane decide to work together to investigate the theft. Peter consults Martin Li about the origin of the masks, and Li notes that they are involved in a group called “Inner Demons” and warns Peter not to investigate further. Peter, who helps Dr. Otto Octavius ​​in his lab, returns,to finish work on the artificial arm, but Mayor Norman Osborn forcibly closes the lab, takes over Octavius’s research, and ends his grant.

Meanwhile, the Inner Demons continue to attack Fisk’s estates and estates. After several victories against them with the help of Officer Jefferson Davis, Peter attends a rally for Osborn’s re-election campaign involving Davis, Mary Jane, Miles Morales and Rio Morales. However, Mayor Osborn receives an anonymous threat, promising to destroy him and his city, leaving the rally early. The Inner Demons then attack the rally with suicide bombers, killing many of the participants, including Davis, Miles’s father. Peter witnesses Li, taking the alternate form of “Mr. Negative,” leading an attack at a rally. However, he is knocked out by an explosion.

Following the attack, Miles joins FEAST as a volunteer, meets Peter, and befriends him quickly. At the same time, Osborn employs the mercenary Silver Sable and her private military company, Sable International, to defeat the Inner Demons. Sable doesn’t trust Peter and keeps making his life difficult. Peter continues his pursuit of Mr. Negative and the Inner Demons, discovering that Li holds a grudge against Osborn and tries to steal Devil’s Breath, a biological weapon created by Osborn while searching for a universal cure for the disease. Li manages to steal Devil’s Breath and tries to deploy it to Grand Central Station, but is thwarted by the efforts of both Peter and Mary Jane. He is then arrested and sent to Raft, a maximum security prison. In the meantime.

S The breath that gave him his power. This, however, ended in a tragedy as Li accidentally killed his parents, causing him to resent Osborn. Mary Jane soon learns of the healing site and tells Peter. After convincing Sable that he is trustworthy, Peter heads to the lab and defeats Li, but Octavius ​​arrives and takes both Osborn and the medicine, leaving Peter seriously injured.

In the Insomniac’s Spider-Man universe, Yuri Watanabe is basically a friendly police captain who works with Spider-Man in an attempt to break his smoking habit. There is no indication that she will eventually become a Wraith, as in the comics.


As we suspected from the final trailer and confirmed in the PlayStation Blog post, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be available exclusively on PS5. This is Sony’s first major game that won’t be coming to PS4 either. Insomniac’s Ryan Schneider, Head of Franchise Strategy and Relationships with Studios, wrote: “We are so excited to continue the journey of Peter Parker and Miles Morales in their most epic single player adventure, coming exclusively on PlayStation 5 in 2023.” . ”Well, sorry PS4 folks, I hope you can get your hands on a new console before the launch of this game.

PC is another platform that Sony has started experimenting with, introducing its own games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and even now the Uncharted franchise. However, it often takes years, if at all, so for now let’s assume the PS5 is the only way to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.


In September, during the PlayStation Showcase, we got a purely cinematic trailer, which was our first true confirmation of the game’s existence. The trailer is fast, but full of details to delve into.

The trailer opens with a narrative in which Spidey fans believe he is the villain of Kraven the Hunter, a Russian villain who has been depicted trying to hunt and defeat Spider-Man to prove he is a greater hunter. This agrees with many of the narrative lines that speak of finding a real enemy worthy of his time. Even so, with no visuals to match the voice, it’s still a speculation.

As the narrative continues, we see Peter and Miles take down the bandits in the streets. Peter uses his gadgets, in particular Iron Spider’s limbs, even though the suit is not designed by Iron Spider, and Miles has the power of venom to shock enemies. They join forces, weave the bandit together before the narrative ends as the camera rolls into a dark alley. At this point, we learn that the narrative may not be talking about Peter and Miles when the narrator says, “.. one of you finally gives me what I want?” The real villain, Venom, replies in a hoarse voice, “Yes. We will.”

We only see a piece of the street and an alley, but we wonder if this game will extend the map to extend beyond the main area of ​​New York City.

Speaking of voices, although we never hear Peter or Miles, both Yuri Lowenthal and Jadji Jeter will return to play their Spider-Men, with Venom being played by Candyman actor Tony Todd.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was released worldwide on September 7, 2018. Along with it, a Season Pass was issued, which unlocked downloadable content after its release.

Parent warning

Spider-Man is typically the PG-13 series at worst, but some of the drastic, weapon-driven actions in the game, framed by detailed cutscenes, shift the T-for-teen gameplay designation. One solution for cautious parents: leave the “new game” file open during game opening hours and allow your little one to one network with no time limit without completing the campaign mission (and thus triggering the dark shift in the game about seven hours).

You will hear a lot of Peter Parker’s voice in this game because Insomniac stayed true to the kid’s propensity to talk. The creators of Insomniac somehow managed to break the needle between a fun variety of dialogue and tolerance. Actor Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10) never becomes annoying or unbearably brave despite hours of dialogue. She gets lucky with actress Laura Bailey as Mary Jane, who earns the title of “mate” both as an adventure driver and a well-rounded emotional foil (unlike the flat, empty female roles found in too many Marvel Studios movies).

The screenshots do not do the game cutscenes justice. These sequences, with long focuses on the emotional human faces, come and go into the valley of weirdness. But Insomniac gave these faces a “stylized,” slightly rounded aesthetic to make them look more like comic book characters – all while providing unparalleled sparkling eyes and facial scares. Moreover, many of these scenes feature any superhero costume of your choice, as if to emphasize that yes, these wonderful moments are rendered in real time on PS4 or PS4 Pro.

Combine these impressive visuals with the touching, credible banter of the game’s main characters and you have a lopsided storyline that is still worth tearing through.

Pump the superhero waterwheel

Yes, this storyline is gameplay related, and Spider-Man wastes no time highlighting his wild, engaging web.

The game starts with players instantly popping out of Peter’s apartment window and lunging halfway across Manhattan. Spider-Man’s longtime enemy, Wilson Fisk, has finally crossed the line as a “respected businessman,” and Spider-Man must help the police force defeat Fisk. (From there, the plot unfolds its figurative web.)

Each mission has its own unique landmark, often adorned with amazing graphics and details that you will never see again. It’s really unbelievable how much detail has gone into this game.

Spider-Man’s Manhattan isn’t built to be a 1: 1 version of the original, but landmarks like Central Park are still relatively well presented for size, scope, and content.

You move around virtual Manhattan, mostly holding down the “swing” button, which quickly fires a hanging net from which Spidey swings, Tarzan-style, across the Manhattan skyline. This only triggers when your surroundings contain something slightly above your position and forward – and the game automatically manages it, in an incredibly intelligent way – so if you jump off the roof of a huge skyscraper you’ll be forced to dive. The exception is the Point Launch maneuver, which is used to jump forward and down to a perch or edge of a building (marked with a circle icon when close) and then jump forward immediately by pressing the jump button.

If you want to swing the web faster and more efficiently, you’ll have to effectively tap and pump buttons as if you were working on a superhero’s waterwheel. Swing, jump, swing again, perform a stunt to gain experience points, shoot a point, boost your net (which allows you to use the web to conjure up a little momentum in the air, even with no buildings nearby), dodge, swing, jump and so on next.

Sounds complicated? Do not be afraid. Web-slinging comes down to a limited, simple set of buttons, and these, coupled with the graceful inclusion of Insomniac’s idiot-proof time windows, make sailing in Manhattan seem unparalleled in gaming. This footage is the jump of Super Mario Spider-Man (and compared to Batman: Arkham’s gripping and sliding system seems to be on foot). The swing in this game is so much fun that I often ignored the fast travel system, unlocked at the start of the game, in favor of flying around for a few extra minutes.

On the other hand, the fight is not so revealing. Insomniac borrows heavily from the Rocksteady Batman: Arkham melee system, where punches and kicks automatically trigger when dealing with a large, omnipresent crowd. In addition, a warning flare (here, “Spidey sense”) fires just before the hit, so you can avoid and maintain a very important combo rate. You get a bit more meat than in Batman fights, at least thanks to the huge assortment of gadgets, net throws, and a separate set of air strike combinations.

Hold down the punch button to launch an enemy into the air, where you can launch them into the air with a Dragon Ball, throw them back to the ground, and even hit the edge of a skyscraper. (Spider-Man is not an assassin, so any “fired” enemy can end up sticking to the walls before hitting the ground.) You can also press the dodge button while near the wall to bounce off it as a supercharged attack or use a jump attack where Peter throws himself into a spider’s web when he bumps into an enemy. Additionally, you can grab enemies (and their weapons) from a distance or use various stealth and control gadgets to stop larger crowds of enemies. As the game gets harder and harder, you’ll have to mix these moves to eliminate the various shield-armed and armor-wielding enforcers.

The portable port was the standard action game that simply regurgitated the events of the movie. While it was mostly harmless, PC gamers got a much, much worse deal. Their version of Spider-Man 2 was a linear brawl that severely restricted traffic control, and was very picky about where to really go in the city.

Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six (NES)

This NES entry looks suspiciously like several other period LJN licensed titles, as a rather small Spidey run, jumping, punching and kicking enemies. It doesn’t do things with Spider-Man like swinging, shooting nets, and climbing walls, at least not as much as we’d like, but it’s a reminder that the early 90s had tons of games for the series and gave a lot of young players good memories.

Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe (DS)

In theory, this should be a great game; remixes encounters from the Sam Raimi movie trilogy, but with new locations and ideas, and all the while, Spidey recruits various allies (and even villains) to help him. Despite the fun idea and even the flexibility to play with the different characters, the DS version was quite rough around the edges and the gameplay did not live up to its intention.

It is thanks to the writers and actors on board this project that despite the aforementioned misfortunes, the whole story of the game is somehow incredibly addictive. It all comes down to performances and technology.

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Ultimately, the answer is no. As stated in the tweet below, Insomniac has confirmed that it will only be available on PS5, excluding a PS4 launch. This is not particularly surprising, since by the time of Spider-Man 2’s release in 2023, there is a good chance that Sony will give up making games for the last generation console.

No. Sony bought Insomniac Games in 2019 and incorporated them into PlayStation Studios, which means that any future titles will surely omit Microsoft’s consoles. As such, don’t expect to see Spider-Man 2 on Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S.

Is Spider-Man 2 Coming To PC?

At the moment, the only confirmed Spider-Man 2 Insomniac will arrive on PS5. It’s worth noting, however, that Sony has recently made a stronger push towards PC gaming with the acquisition of Nixxes Software’s PC portability studio.

So far, we’ve seen them bring Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and the upcoming Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection to PCs, so while it’s not currently confirmed, Spider-Man 2 could finally make the leap. If this happens, we will keep you informed.

In the early 1990s, side-scrolling brawls like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Streets of Rage consumed quarters across the country.

Best- ‘Spider-Man 2’ Console Version (2004)

Screenshot of Spider-Man 2

The console version of “Spider-Man 2” is known for being one of the best movie adaptations to the game of all time. Activation

While the PC port was a total train wreck, the console version of Spider-Man 2 is often hailed as one of the best cinematic connections ever made.

It hasn’t aged as gracefully as you’d expect – due to its antiquated mission design and tedious side objectives – but it still sets a benchmark for comic book adaptation and the level of quality they should be aiming for.

Saying that the title of a superhero makes you feel like its hero is the ridiculed cliché of game journalism, but there’s no way around it. This is the defining attribute of Spider-Man 2 and the reason why it is so loved.

Previously, no other entry in the series has been able to capture the thrill of Peter Parker’s miraculous enhanced agility. Whether you were jumping from the tallest skyscrapers, running up walls, or making mind-blowing summer jumps in the air, it was all so enjoyable.

This fluidity of movement has been recognized by many critics as the title’s greatest asset. For example, GameSpy’s Will Tuttle wrote: “The best part [.] there is a new rocking mechanic. The development team at Treyarch has paid a lot of attention to making sure casting your web is realistic. Since so much of the game is spent [jumping] from building to building and driving around New York City’s concrete canyons, it was crucial that the controls were easy to use, and they are.”

None of this means the rest of Spider-Man 2 isn’t holding up. However, when most people think of this classic, they don’t really mention the story mission, but rather the unadulterated joy of reaching them in the first place.

Putting on a Spidey costume never felt so magical again. That was until our next entry came out.

The Best – ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ (2018)


In addition to the colorful suit and fantastic powers, Spider-Man’s main attraction is that he is an unwavering trio.

No matter how often life kicks him out – with financial misfortunes, mounting pressure, and romantic hardships – he always finds the inner strength to get up. This is what is so inspiring about this character and why after so many years he managed to remain important to children (despite having an origins as a bastard wearing an argyle sweater in the 1960s). Everyone would like to be as resilient as he is when he experiences his own difficulties.

Stan Lee talked a lot about how Peter Parker was supposed to be a soap opera-troubled character, and that’s something the Spider-Man adaptation of Insomniac really understands. Probably better than any of the movies.

In the game, you control 23-year-old Peter Parker, who is really unlucky after graduating from high school. He can’t afford to pay the rent, he broke away from Mary Jane, and his research project funding could run out at any moment. In addition to all these headaches, she also has to keep up with an entire concert of masked crusaders, which has gotten a lot more hectic since Kingpin was sent to prison and left a power vacuum for other gangs.

It’s a gripping and expertly crafted narrative full of believable relationship drama, compelling plot twists and captivating heroism. He even manages to find time for tales of the origins of both Doc Ock and Miles Morales, without feeling cluttered or distracted.

Sure, it’s fun to have a captivating story, but it’s primarily a game. One to be played. Fortunately, Spider-Man excels on this front as well, with a satisfying combat that never gets old, exciting web-swing mechanics, surprisingly decent stealth encounters, and loads of optional content that is actually fun, not like a mandatory fill.

Aside from over-addiction to fast-paced events, this is an almost perfect package and remains the gold standard by which all other superhero games should be measured. It’s so unique that it even managed to get the notoriously cynical Yahtzee Crowshaw “Zero Punctuation”, who named it one of his favorite releases of 2018. This sentiment was echoed by the likes of The Verge, Wired and us at Newsweek, all of whom gave him enthusiastic approvals.

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