Microsoft announces new Xbox Wireless Headset, available March 16th for $99

Microsoft is launching a new $99 Xbox Wireless Headset next month. It’s the first wireless Xbox headset since the Xbox 360 days, and it’s designed to connect with Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles, PCs, and mobile devices via Bluetooth.

The Xbox Wireless Headset design improves nearly every aspect of the basic Xbox One Stereo and Wired Chat headsets that are currently available. Microsoft has leaned on its work with the Surface Headphones to add similar rotating ear cup dials that let you adjust volume and game / audio chat balance.

Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Headset.
Image: Microsoft

This new Xbox Wireless Headset is also designed to match the new Xbox Series X / S design, with a lightweight frame that has large leather ear cups and an adjustable cushioned headband. It will also support Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone:X spatial sound technologies.

Microsoft has also worked to improve microphone quality, with Xbox party chats in mind. This new headset has dual beamforming microphones and voice isolation to help isolate background noise. You can also pair the headset to your phone and Xbox at the same time, allowing you to listen to audio or calls from your phone while you game.

The customizations for the Xbox Wireless Headset.
Image: Microsoft

The Xbox Wireless Headset will last for up to 15 hours on battery, and a 30-minute charge over USB-C will let you play for around four hours. A full charge will take around three hours. Microsoft is also updating the Xbox Accessories app to include control over the equalizer, bass boost, auto-mute sensitivity, mic monitoring, and brightness of the mic’s mute light.

The new Xbox Wireless Headset will be available worldwide starting March 16th, priced at $99. You can preorder the headset today at the Microsoft Store and other retailers.

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