Minecraft Guide to Honey Blocks: Ideas for redstone contraptions, builds, and more

We came up with some great ideas for using this upcoming honey block in Minecraft.

Minecraft Guide to Honey Blocks: Ideas for redstone contraptions, builds, and more

Look at all these bees

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As part of the new Buzzy Bees update coming to Minecraft on December 10, Mojang introduces a brand new building block that can do tons of cool things and can be an exciting new toy for many people. Second to the new fluffy bubbling bees also being added to the game, the honey blocks are quite exciting. Here’s everything you need to know.

In Minecraft’s latest major update, players can now encounter bees and use sticky honey blocks.

New additions to Minecraft with the Buzzy Bees update

The first thing Minecraft players should know about the update is the behavior of the bees. They are a new mob, but in the game they are passive creatures. However, this can change very quickly if attacked. One bee can summon more bees to take over a new enemy using potentially lethal attacks.

On medium and hard difficulty, players can get poisoned if stung by a bee. When a bee stings you, it leaves the sting behind and then dies, but doesn’t drop any prey – so there’s no point in trying to beat the bees. They are commonly found in flower forests, with trees used for their homes (bee nests), and the activity of bees focuses on finding flowers, collecting pollen, and then returning to their homes.

The bees will avoid water, including rain, and will not come out at night. When they are out and about, they spread pollen wherever they fly, which can help to grow the plants. In Minecraft, bees can be kept by creating a hive (any planks and honeycombs) and bred using flowers.

New bee nests are naturally generated blocks in which bees live in the wild that they can fill with honey. Other new blocks in the game include decorative honeycomb blocks, player-made beehives, and honeycomb blocks – which we’ll get to soon.

As for new items, honeycombs can be harvested by trimming the hive or by the nests of wild bees – but be careful not to disturb the bees while trimming. By using a bottle on a bee’s nest or a hive, you can also create honey bottles, which are the antidote to intoxication caused by a bee sting.

Bees are great, but the most exciting aspect of Minecraft’s Buzzy Bees update is the honey blocks.

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