Minecraft: How to Use Maps. How to minecraft map

First, a map can be created on a mapping table using only one paper and a compass. In fact, if you don’t need a pointer to show on a map, you don’t need a compass.

How to make a Map in Minecraft

Maps are really great for a lot of things in Minecraft, from finding your way back home from an adventure to a gigantic top-down view of your sprawling base, and even creating massive pieces of art to put on your walls!

While the map creation is a bit more advanced, it can still be done fairly early in the game, especially if the player is more used to the game and its mechanics. The maps are really interesting and can be used to create graphics for in-game bases and houses, as well as for survival purposes.

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

Here’s the step-by-step pictorial guide you’ll need to follow to create a map in Minecraft:

The first step in creating a map is to create a crafting table. The first step in making a crafting table is to turn recently acquired logs into wooden planks.

To make wooden planks, simply place the collected logs in one of the slots on the survival inventory crafting table as shown below.

Place the logs in the crafting table

Once the logs are transformed into wooden boards, you can move on to creating a craft table. This guide explains more about how to make a crafting table.

Then you need to find enough sugar cane. The maps take up 8 pieces of paper, which means that for one map the player must collect 9 pieces of sugar cane.

Sugar cane is easiest to harvest if you have a sugar cane farm, but it can also be harvested in almost any biome. It is located next to the water – it can be a lake, river or ocean. This is because sugarcane needs a block of water next to it to grow.

Harvest the sugar cane

Then you can use your sugar cane to make paper. To know more about paper making, you can follow this link!

Then you need to make a compass.

Compasses require materials such as iron and redstone, meaning they need mining at low levels in the world. Redstone is a fairly abundant material, but must be mined with an iron pickaxe.

To make an iron pickaxe, use the crafting recipe below.

To make an iron pickaxe, use a crafting recipe

To know more about making a compass you can follow this link!

Now that you have paper and a compass, you are ready to start creating your map!

To create a map in Minecraft,

Step-1 Place your crafting table and open the crafting table GUI.

Open the crafting table menu

Step 2 Then fill the outer frame with paper, filling in every square except the center.

Step 3 Then, place the compass in the center as shown below.

Fill the outer frame with paper and place the compass in the center

Issue the command for the map in Minecraft: / give @p minecraft: filled_map 1

To place a tag, you need to make a banner first. Banners can be crafted by placing six pieces of wool (must be of the same color) in the top two rows and one stick in the bottom center slot of the crafting table. You’ll also want to name the banner with an anvil, which will cost you an experience point.

How to Get and Use Maps

First, to use a map, you need to create it first. Fortunately, there are two different methods of getting them, one of which is slightly easier than the other. An older method of creating a map is to place a compass on a crafting table and wrap it with paper to create a blank map. A new method of creating maps is to use a mapping table, which can be found in villages or made of planks in a 2 × 2 layout with two sheets of paper on top. With one of them, you only need one sheet of paper to create a blank map. Once you have a blank map, go to where you want to map and simply right-click on the map. This will open it up and map the area around you for as long as you hold it.

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