Minecraft Mobs Explained: Creepers. What is a creeper in minecraft

A Charged Creeper does not drop its own head during an explosion, although other Charged Creepy or Creepies killed in the explosion will drop the Creeper’s head. The players and dragons of the end never leave their heads, just like mobs without corresponding mob heads, such as farm animals.

Powers & Abilities

The Creeper doesn’t have any real attack skills, except for one thing. They explode! Like a bee, they will chase you only to kill themselves. Bees do it instinctively, protecting their hive while creepers do it… so you’ll be afraid of creepers!

They are powerful ambush predators because they can move noiselessly. They camouflage well in many environments. But once they have acquired their target, they will pursue it mercilessly.

The explosive power of the Creeper is powerful enough to tear down a small house or destroy the walls of a castle. When charged with lightning, it is even more powerful. Fortunately, if the Creeper is about to explode, it will alert its target with constant hissing, as if a fuse is on fire.


Where do vines come from? The creator of the game, Notch, made it clear once upon a time. “The creepers were a mistake. I don’t have modeling programs, I just write them in code. And I accidentally made it (creeper) tall, not long, so it was like a tall thing with four little feet. And it became a creeper. Unlike a pig.”

(Minecraft has been found to have no creator and instead came from outer space. It seems more likely to me – Ed.)

Creepers live in poorly lit areas, usually underground and come to the surface at night.

Minecraft Strategy

Defeating these almost mindless creatures is not too difficult. Just attack the Creeper and quickly get away before it explodes. Repeat this process a few times and the Creeper will come downstairs.

Recoil enchanted weapons make this technique even easier.

Flint and Steel can be used to set a Creeper on fire, causing it to detonate whether or not you’re in range.

Minecraft - a crater after an explosion of a creeper

Do you know what just blew up?

They have a green, slender, long body that often camouflages itself in many grassy and jungle biomes and is very destructive. Explosions will damage and destroy nearby structures.

Creepers Were Originally Pigs

The original climber was originally introduced into Minecraft on August 31, 2009. By accidentally changing the length and height of the pig, it reversed the numbers. The pig was thin and tall, and short and fat. He was gray and had no name. Notch liked this flaw so much that he decided to introduce it into the game and create a new hostile mob.

The creeper has been brought to life with a green shade and a scary face to make players tremble in fear! The vines are aggressive in nature and will actively spawn at night (or in less than 8 light areas). They will wander the area during the day, and if they get close enough to you, they will gladly explode and try to take you with them when their lives are over. If a creeper is struck by lightning, they will become a loaded creeper.

Notch stated that he liked to think that the vines would be “crunchy, like dry leaves” and that he liked to imagine that the vines would be made of leaves or the like. However, he is not entirely sure why they explode.

When the creeper enters the player’s block, the creeper will hiss and explode. If you unexpectedly hear a creeper hiss, it’s best to get out of the area immediately as it deals a lot of damage if the hit is direct. If for some reason you want the creeper to explode, use flint and steel on the mob and it will force the process immediately. If a climber gets stuck in a spider’s web, it will explode longer.

Killing a Creeper

There are many ways to kill a creeper, some are more beneficial than others. When a creeper is killed, they have a 0 to 2 chance of dropping powder. If a creeper is killed by a loaded creeper, the creeper killed by the blast will drop the creeper head. If the skeleton kills the creeper with an arrow, the creeper will drop the music CD.

If you want to kill the creepers quickly, it is best to land as many critical hits as possible. Either do it in a head to head fight with a sword and jump back after hitting it directly, or do it from a distance with your bow and arrow. Both ways are great when it comes to dealing with these wild mobs, but if you don’t solve the problem correctly, you could have a hole in the ground!

Something that has been tested many times is how much armor is actually needed to withstand a direct close-range hit. If you were on “hard” difficulty and you were attacked by a direct explosion of a creeper wearing full iron armor, you would lose 19 out of 20 health points (half a heart).

Charged vines are a much more dangerous mob to mess with. Charged vines create an explosion twice as large and deal much more damage to the player when hit. It’s best to kill the charged creeper from a distance with your bow and arrow.

Probably one of the most famous characters in the gaming industry comes from the brick survival game. He’s mean, green, and has an explosive personality. Minecraft creepers have nothing to do.

Minecraft Charged Creeper

Minecraft Charged Creeper is created when lightning strikes anywhere within 4 blocks of the Creeper. Charged Creeper can be spotted by the blue aura surrounding it.

Charged Creeper is considered very dangerous as its explosion is 50% more destructive than the TNT block. Charged Creepers’ explosions can also kill other mobs nearby. These nearby mobs drop their heads when killed by a Charged Crawler. However, if the Charged Creeper kills more than one mob of the same type, only one head will be dropped.

A charged Creeper kills more than one mob of the same kind

Image credits: Mod DB

Appearance and Behavior

The vines have a green body and white and gray spots are visible on their skin. They have a frowning expression that has been identified as a Minecraft symbol. The Minecraft Creeper also hisses and chases the player within 16 blocks. When the Minecraft Creeper is 3 blocks away from the player, it stops hissing and moving. It will then flash and expand, exploding after 1.5 seconds.

The Minecraft Creeper explosion can be stopped if the player leaves the radius of 7 blast blocks. This can be done by escaping or throwing the Creeper backwards to move it away from the player.

The Minecraft Creeper can also jump from a height to follow the player. If it survives the fall, it will detonate after the prescribed 1.5 seconds. Climbers can also climb ladders and vines, but not on purpose. The player can also blow up the Creeper by force using flint and steel.

Umm… She could probably be used as a dimensional being, but if your heroes don’t handle them quickly, the Creepers will likely find a spot where they can blow themselves up quickly.

How to Defeat a Creeper

Defeating a creeper can be quite a difficult process. The first way is to hit them and run away before they explode. Which is effective, but also dangerous. You can also shoot them with arrows from a safe distance. Listed below are all the recommended items needed to safely climb the creeper.

When fighting them, it is important to have at least iron armor. Because if you have less than iron, it won’t help you. The shield is another important tool as you never know when someone is sneaking up on you, and it’s a great way to protect yourself.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • You’ll know the creeper is about to explode because you will hear the sound of the fuse
  • The vines will also begin to expand until they explode.
  • To keep the climber from exploding, you just need to create some space for yourself and the creeper.
  • Climbers do not make any sound when walking.
  • Climbers can climb ladders and creepers.
  • If the Creeper is attacked by a mob, it will catch up with it and explode next to it.

Creepers drop five XP orbs when killed by a player or tamed wolf. All items from which creepers fall after death are listed below.

Depending on the difficulty level, the Minecraft Creeper also increases its power. So, while full iron armor can protect you from a Creeper in easy or normal mode, a creeper in hard mode can kill you if you wear only unenchanted iron armor.


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Player Score Scored Type of trophy (PS4)
PS4 Other platforms
archer Kill a creeper with arrows. 10G Brown
Icon Progress In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location
Adventure Adventure, exploration and combat Kill any creature or be killed by any creature. adventure / root
the monster hunter Kill any enemy monster Adventure Kill one of these 34 mobs:


Classic Java Edition
august 20, 2009 Failed pig model shown. Notch commented, “it looks scarier when animated haha, I’ll keep it as a creepy creature. = D”.
september 1, 2009 Creepers shown in The Word of Notch.
while the texture itself is light, the vines are too dark than they should be for unknown reasons.
The Vines behave much like the current zombies, jumping randomly until they spot the player.
Melee creepers attacks only deal 4 damage, not 6 zombies .
After killing the creepers, they “lie” like any other dead crowd and cause a 4 × 4 × 4 spherical explosion that left behind a substantial crater, destroying many blocks and seriously injuring all nearby players.
After killing the creeper, it is worth 250 points.
0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST Creepers have been added.
0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST_03 Vines no longer drop water and lava items when blowing up liquids.
0.25 SURVIVAL TEST Mobs, including creepers, are now more dangerous, respawning, disappearing and attacking skeletons if shot by them.
october 20, 2009 Notch mentioned that creepers do not destroy the rock blocks anymore.
0.26 SURVIVAL TEST The texture of the vines has been changed.
Creeper explosions no longer destroy stone or stone-like blocks.
The vines explosions are now smoldering.
0.27 SURVIVAL TEST After killing the creeper, it is worth 200 points.
Java Indev version
0.31 20091223-1 Creepers and other mobs no longer appear naturally.
20100202 Creepers and other mobs now respawn naturally. However, they are now passive.
20100204-2 Creepers are now hostile again and attack by approaching and exploding near players. [verify] Previously, in a Survival test, creepers did melee damage and only exploded when killed by the player.
20100219 Vines now drop sulfur upon death.
? Vines no longer produce leaf particles after an explosion.
Java Alpha version
v1.0.14 Added music CDs “13” and “Cat”, which drop from vines shot by skeletons.
v1.2.0 ? Creepers now have a new damage sound.

The original pig model on which the creeper is based.

Dark green creeper model.

Creepers naturally spawn in the Overworld on solid 0 light blocks, except for mushroom biomes. They appear singly in the Bedrock Edition and in groups of up to four in the Java Edition .

Where To Find Blue Charged Creepers

Charged blue vines can spawn wherever normal vines appear, but they require an extra step before they appear.

A normal green creeper turns into a superpowered charged blue creeper when lightning strikes within 4 blocks from their current position.

Charged blue vines have twice the explosive power of normal green vines, making them quite deadly to an unprepared player.

Charged versions need to be fought from a distance with a bow, and you should definitely wear armor if you want to avoid hitting the blast.

Like the standard green version, this variant can detect you from a distance of 16 blocks and make a distinctive sound before it explodes.

If you have flint and steel, you can also set them on fire, just like in the normal version.

Creating Blue Creepers

The easiest way to do this is to build a nether brick fence around a standard creeper.

Any structure that holds the vine in place and is open to the sky will work, but the bottom brick fence will not catch fire and will not burn down when struck by lightning.

You can stand and wait for lightning to strike during a storm, or if you are using console commands, raise the window and type / summon lightning_bolt while standing near the vine to make sure it gets hit (note: you will also take damage when lightning appears next to you).

Waiting for random lightning bolts can be an unpleasantly long process, and summoning bolts isn’t very smart either, so there’s another option if you don’t want to crispy frying.

Using a Trident

If you have a trident with a conductive spell, you can also create lightning by hitting the vine during a thunderstorm while it’s raining. Using a trident without an active storm will not summon lightning.

This is the most efficient way to create charged vines on a regular basis.

You don’t have a trident yet? Drowned mobs have an 11% chance to drop a trident when killed by a player, so hit an ocean biome with light level 7 or less and wait for a group of drowned people to spawn.

The Minecraft Creeper explosion can be stopped if the player leaves the radius of 7 blast blocks. This can be done by escaping or throwing the Creeper backwards to move it away from the player.

Charged Creepers

Charged vines

The Charged Creeper is a variant of the normal Creeper that is surrounded by a blue aura and has a large blast radius and damage. They only appear when lightning strikes the Creeper.

In Hard and at close range, a Charged Crawler’s fire deals 127 health damage.


Minecraft Creeper

Mafia heads

Creepers drop the following items when killed by a player:

If a Creeper is killed by a Skeleton or a Stray, it drops the Music Disc, which is the only source from which it can be separated from the treasure loot.

If any mob, including the Creeper, is killed by the Charged Creeper, it drops the mob’s head.

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