Minecraft wither: how to spawn and defeat the wither boss. Where is the wither boss in minecraft

The light level in the sky drops to 11, and dark clouds appear from withering to death, preventing zombies, skeletons and drowned people from burning in the sun.

How to defeat the wither boss easily in Minecraft

Like many other games, Minecraft also has powerful bosses. In the game, players have to face the End Dragon and Wilt. Unlike the End Dragon, the withered boss doesn’t spawn naturally.

Perish is one of the few mobs players can respawn in Survival Mode. To summon a withering away, players need three withered skulls and four blocks of soul sand. Novice players may wonder why anyone would summon such a brutal crowd. The answer is simple: the Nether star.

After defeating the dried up boss, players will receive a nether star. Using this rare item, players can create lanterns in Minecraft. Beacons are one of the most helpful blocks in Minecraft as they can give players various effects such as haste, regeneration, jump acceleration, etc. In addition, they also shoot a beam straight into the sky.

Beacons are a common cause of withering in Minecraft. This article is a guide on how to easily overcome wilting in Minecraft.

Safe and easy way to defeat the wither in Minecraft

Players can trap the main head of the withers in a rock block. Once trapped, it cannot get out or deal any damage. This method requires players to be in the end dimension. This can also be done below the lower ceiling, but requires a specific pattern of rock blocks.

For a better chance of getting a Wither Skeleton head, make sure you kill skeletons with the Looting III Sword. This will maximize your chances.

How to spawn a wither in Minecraft

To spawn in Minecraft you need all the right resources. Unlike other recipes that use an anvil or Minecraft spell table, you need to put the objects on the ground in a certain order, here’s how.

Place four T-shaped soul sand blocks, with three blocks across and one block below the middle block. Then place the three withered skeleton skulls on the top three blocks. The last block placed must be a withered skeleton skull or the spawn will be ineffective.

The withers will enlarge when the health bar is full, but will not move or attack while in this state, which lasts ten seconds. When it ends, it creates a large explosion that deals up to 68 damage, so be sure to steer clear of it when it does, to avoid unnecessary damage before starting a fight. Make sure you spawn a ball in open air as you will need plenty of space to keep your distance as it starts throwing deadly exploding skulls at you.


Minecraft Wither Skeleton

How to get minecraft withered skulls? Well, you are going to need withered skeleton skulls to spawn in Minecraft. These withered skeletons can be found in the fortresses and The Nether, and spawn with stone swords, in groups of one to five.

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Among other drops such as bones and coal, there is a 2.5% chance it will drop a withered skeleton skull upon being killed by a player or tamed wolf, and will always drop the skull if killed by a charged creeper.

How to kill a wither in Minecraft

Assault in Minecraft is immune to fire, lava, and drowning damage. Luckily for us, however, it does extra weapon damage with the smite spell, so it’s worth using the Minecraft spell table for an extra boost to your Minecraft diamond sword.

Using a bow is always a good option, so you can keep your distance as the withers will damage any block it touches – au. Make sure you enchant your bow with power and infinity, and if you’re using a crossbow, the quick charge spell will make sure you don’t fall behind. Also, make sure you have plenty of bows so you don’t get caught mid-fight.

Although the withers are immune to most status effects, unlike other undead mobs, they are wounded by an immediate health effect and healed by immediate damage. Come armed with tons of healing potions for health regeneration and boosting potions to deal extra damage using the Minecraft brewing process.

Wilting will react differently depending on your difficulty setting, sometimes spawning dry skeletons at half health and doubling the number of skulls it throws at you. A wilting will always become more aggressive when its health drops below half, and it has a habit of charging at you, destroying everything in its path. At this point, he will also gain armor, thanks to which he will not die without a fight.

Since the withers are stuck in the rock, they won’t shoot any skulls. Players can easily beat the ball or wait for it to kill itself. A quick way to kill them would be for iron golems to appear near the puff.

The method of summoning the Wither is quite unclear, but there is a hint in one of the images that you can put:

Minecraft Wither Painting

You’ll have to venture into Nether and collect 4 Soul Sand blocks, then find Nether Fortress and kill enough Wither Skeletons to collect three of their skulls.

Then, when you’re ready to call Wither, build a structure like this:

Summoning a puff

4 Soul Sand blocks topped with three Wither Skeleton Skulls.

When you place the last skull, Wither will appear. Stand back because when it arrives, it will explode!

Where to summon the Wither

Wither can be summoned in Overworld, Nether or End. However, it will do enormous damage to your surroundings and any living things nearby, so you probably don’t want to do that inside your base.

Fighting the Wither

Wither causes an explosion when it appears and more explosions when damaged. These explosions will destroy everything, even the obsidium.

Wither will attack any living thing and fire projectiles called Wither Skulls that you guessed will explode.

When one of the Wither’s missiles hits you, you will suffer a poison effect

Tips to help you fight:

  • Summon Wither in a small, thick-walled obsidian bunker to hold him.
  • Have good armor with blast protection spells.
  • To have a really good diamond sword (Fire Aspect spells do not affect Wither, but a high level of Smite should do wonders).
  • Drink the Strength potion, summon the Wither, run to avoid the explosion, then go back to your bunker and try to kill the creature before it can get out.

Wither is known to this day as one of the most devastating enemies in Minecraft. Unlike the Ender Dragon, who is always fought in the same dimension and who has a very easy-to-learn fighting style, Wither carries chaos and destruction when summoned, making him a threat to anything that gets in his way.

The Tunneling Method

The tunneling method is an option for many novice players who may feel intimidated by the fight. It’s a mix of cheese strategies and vanilla combat. The same hardware recommendations also apply to this option.

Once ready, dig deep underground until you reach the first layer of bedrock. From now on, dig a fairly long tunnel, two blocks high and one block wide. It’s up to you how far you want to go, but make sure you can still successfully shoot the Swirl from one end. At the end of the tunnel, cut out a small room where you summon Wither. Run down the corridor within 10 seconds.

Wither will now have to cut through the stone to reach you as he cannot fit in the corridor. You’ll be able to use this little corridor as a way to shoot him, and when he’s low on health, he should be close enough for you to finish your sword job.

The Bedrock Method

For players who really don’t mind a hard fight, the best method is to naturally strangle the Wither with one of the few blocks it cannot break, which is the bedrock. There are a few selected places where you can summon Wither in such a way that his head will get stuck in the layer of rock, which will help you kill him faster.

The first option is the Nether roof. In Nether, the mine reaches as far as the roof, which has a thick layer of rock substrate. You want to look for a site that has a three by three rock area. Leave two blocks of air between the rock ceiling and then place the obsidian block.

Then place the Wither pattern with the bottom soul sand block resting horizontally on the obsidian block.

The Wither should then spawn on top of the obsidian block you placed down, with his head stuck in the solid obsidian layer of Nether’s roof. It is now safe to kill.

The second option is the central island of the End, below the portal that will take you back to the Overworld after fighting the Dragon Ender.

Mine under the portal and find the middle rock portal. Using obsidian, mark the center and then mark the areas where you will place the soul sand blocks in a similar T-shape.

Put the skeleton heads down and make sure to come back before Wither respawns again as he will do quite a bit of initial blast damage after 10 seconds.

Both of these methods will ensure that you do not take any damage from the Wither and that you are able to kill him safely. The initial blast will still damage you, but after that it won’t be able to attack you anymore. To speed up the process, have the Smite V sword and Strength Potion.

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Mine under the portal and find the middle rock portal. Using obsidian, mark the center and then mark the areas where you will place the soul sand blocks in a similar T-shape.

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Wither Boss in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains all about withered bosses with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Let’s find out about withered bosses in Minecraft.

Wither bosses are available in the following versions of Minecraft:

Platform Supported (version*)
Java version (PC / Mac) Yes
Pocket Edition (PE) Yes (0.16.0)
Xbox 360 Yes (TU19)
Xbox One Yes (CU7)
PS3 Yes (1.12)
PS4 Yes (1.12)
Wii U Yes
Nintendo Switch Yes
Windows 10 version Yes (0.16.0)
Educational edition Yes (1.0)

* Version in which it was added or removed, if applicable.
NOTE: Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Edition are now called Bedrock Edition. We will continue to display them individually for version history.


Below is an image of what a withered boss in Minecraft looks like:

withering boss

Hostility level Hostile crowd
Health points 300 health points
x 150
Where to find It does not reborn naturally
(must be built or summoned with a command)
Weapon Withered Skull Skeleton
Attack method Throws withered skeleton skulls at you, causing the Wither effect. Attacks all nearby mobs.
Drops 1 Nether Star
Experience points 50 experience points

Hostility Level (Hostile)

The withering boss is a hostile crowd. The term mob is short for mobile and refers to all living, moving creatures in the game, such as chickens, vines, and withering bosses. Since the withered boss is a hostile mob, he will attack you in Survival Mode, but not in Creative Mode.

Health Points

A withered boss is a boss that has a purple health bar that drops when it takes damage. When the purple health bar is depleted, the withered boss will die.

In Minecraft, the withered boss has 150 hearts to health. This gives the withered boss 300 health points (because 1 heart = 2 health points). To kill a withered boss, you must deal 300 points of damage.

Where to Find Wither Bosses

The dark boss will not appear naturally in the game, but you can build the dark boss yourself. The materials needed to build can be found in Nether.

lower biome

If you haven’t been to Nether, you need to build a Nether portal that will take you to Nether. When you go through the portal to Nether, it will take you between Overworld and Nether. This is what the bottom portal looks like:

how to make a portal to Nether

You can also summon a wilted boss with a cheat if you’re into Minecraft PC.

TIP: If you respawn or summon a withered boss near the ground, it will smash the blocks around it. The withered boss will also attack all nearby mobs.


The withering boss is armed with withered skeleton skulls.

Attack Method

As an attack, the withered boss throws withered skeleton skulls at you, which can give you the Wither effect. It also attacks all nearby mobs and destroys all blocks in its path.


When you kill a withered boss in Minecraft, it will drop a Nether star.

Make sure to collect all dropped items before they disappear. They are useful and should be kept in your inventory for later use.

Experience Points

During the game you will gain experience. The most common way to gain experience is by killing mobs. When the mob is killed you will see little green and yellow balls coming towards you.

These orbs represent experience points. When you kill a withered boss, you will gain 50 experience points.

The damage dealt by Wither Skulls depends on the difficulty level. On easy, they deal 5 hearts of damage. On Medium, you will lose 8 hearts if you are hit by a Withered Skull, and you will lose 12 hearts if you play on Hard difficulty.


“Wither” issues are kept in the bug tracker. Report problems there.

  • According to Jeb, the ball was inspired by Terraria, which has a summoning boss mechanic. The name itself is inspired by the poison spell in another game by Jeb called Whispers in Akarra. [4]
  • There is a painting showing the sand of the soul and the withered skeleton skull needed to wilt.
  • If the Worm is damaged by the Void, it frantically tries to fire blue skulls.
  • Above half of health, the withers always try to stay a few blocks above the mob they are attacking. This means that trying to build or climb to hit the withers with a sword is essentially impossible.
    • If the cluster is after a fire and the flame tries to reach it, the cluster tries to continue to rise above the flame, causing both of them to rise higher until they reach the ceiling or until the flame disappears or dies.
    • The true dimensions of the withers are 2,844 blocks high (different), 3 blocks wide, and 1,719 blocks long (also varies).

    Crushing effect when damaged by a Withered Skull.

    “Withered armor” that blocks arrows.

    The withers and its armor.

    Larger image showing how to summon a ball.

    Withers are preparing to explode with an invulnerable status when summoned.

    A dimple formed after a charge at the withers.

    Wilting horses are attacking.

    Wither texture.

    Wither attacking the sheep.

    Wither attacks the village.

    In other media

    Withered in the promotional artwork of a rather scary update.

    Wither Storm, a variant of the Wither that appears in Minecraft: Story Mode.

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