Mist Flower locations in Genshin Impact

The Mist Flowers in Genshin Impact can be difficult to find as they are spread all over the map.

Mist Flower locations in Genshin Impact

The Mist Flowers in Genshin Impact can be difficult to find as they are spread all over the map. Mist Flower Corollas, obtained from Mist Flowers, can help players produce Frosting Essential Oils and Frostshield Potions in Genshin Impact. Frosting Essential Oils provides 25% Cryo DMG to all Cryo Type characters present on the party for 300 seconds. Frostshield Potions provide 25% cryogenic resistance to all characters in the party.

If you’re generally having trouble finding or growing Mist Flowers, this guide is for you. We explain how to safely grow them.

Where to Find Mist Flowers in Genshin Impact

Location of Mist Flower in Genshin Impact

The Mist Flowers are essentially cryo-element flowers that must be destroyed in order to obtain the crown. While they can be found all over the map, the frequency of their appearance is random. That said, they typically breed near bodies of water. To get Mist Corollas, simply walk on the shores of any freshwater lake or river. In Mondstadt, Dawn Winery is a decent location for growing Mist Corolla as there are many shores nearby. Liyue, on the other hand, usually has more spawns compared to the Mondstadt. The Cuijue slope and the Guila plains are home to many flowers, and it is generally recommended to cultivate the land there.

In Genshin Impact, Mist Flowers is an item that can only be collected in a certain way.

Items That Can be Crafted with Mist Flowers

Mist Flowers are useful for harvesting as they are an essential ingredient for items such as Frost Shield Potion and Frosting Essential Oil. The first reduces the cryo damage taken by enemies by 25% for 5 minutes, while the second increases the player’s cryo damage against enemies by 25% for 5 minutes. Depending on the enemies that players face and the characters on their party, both are extremely useful.

Mist Flower Genshin Impact is one of the most wanted items in the title. Read our article to see their locations and how to collect them.

Where to find Mist Flower Corolla Genshin Impact?

In order to collect the Mist Flower Corolla Genshin Impact players will need to see several locations. In order to complete this mission and find out about them, there are locations you must visit.

In the area, players will see various items such as wine, many ice plants, and ice creatures such as the Fog Flower. To see the Mist Flowers, you need to reach the shores of the lake and the river in the places we will present below.

The location of the crown of the mist flower

Take a look at all the Mist Flower Genshin Impact locations.

On the other hand, it is advisable that you take other items as well. Therefore, you will not have to return to these places for other tasks.

For a more precise location of Mist Flower Corolla Genshin Impact, check out these recommended places and specially tagged icons.


Where to find Mist Flower Genshin Impact? Mondstadt has them all.

There are over 20 places in Mondstadt where you can find these precious plants. Except for the plants that stay far apart, the 15 most accessible fog flowers are marked on the map. You can also watch the video below as it shows almost all the fog flowers available in Mondstadt.

Fog Flower Mondstadt


Moreover, most tagged at this location can be easily harvested in 5 minutes or less. The southernmost markers, on the other hand, may require gliding and climbing to actually reach these locations.

In fact, Mondstadt is also one of the recommended apple locations in Genshin Impact.

Dawn Winery

One of the most inevitable places to find Mist Flowers and collect them is Dawn Winery. In fact, it is located in the south-west of Mondstadt. No wonder this place is famous for its wine. However, they also contain many icy plants and creatures, such as the Fog Flower. Players will find many such flowers growing on the banks of rivers and lakes.

Świt Winery>

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