New World release date and everything we know

Amazon brings us a whole new world

New World release date and everything we know

Player attacking a bear with a spear in the New World

The long-awaited MMO from Amazon Game Studios has been in development for a long time, but now the New World release date is approaching. For strangers, the game takes place on a magical island called Aeternum in the 17th century, where “the basic laws of life and death do not apply.” Players have crashed into this mysterious land and use the rare material found there – “Azoth” – to become more and more powerful.

There are no classes in New World, however – instead, you can customize your build by choosing to specialize in a specific weapon, increasing your attribute points as you level up, and investing time in trading skills. Combat is designed to have a high skill ceiling, requiring you to aim your blows and dodge or parry enemy attacks – you can even defeat higher level players in PvP if you outplay them.

New World has undergone several beta tests, so while many of the game’s systems have been completed, it is possible that they will receive significant fixes ahead of New World’s release date. Here’s what’s coming in the new MMO this summer.

Check the official release date and time of the new MMO RPG, New World. Plus all the details about the available pre-order bonuses.

New World Release Time, Date, and Pre-Order Bonuses

As the expected title is coming in a few days, make sure you know the exact release time, date, and what pre-order bonuses are available if you haven’t picked up your copy of New World yet.

New World: Chart Your Fate Trailer

What Time Does New World Release?

The New World premiere is scheduled for Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

New World’s official Twitter account confirmed when the game will be released worldwide. Fans will need to wake up early if they want to hop into the New World when it’s live, as the game will be released at 8:00 PDT / 8:00 EDT / 8:00 CEST.

For more information on server startup times, check out the tweet below.

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