No Man’s Sky’s latest update, Expeditions, arrives today

Hello Games is releasing a major update for No Man’s Sky today. Called “Expeditions,” it adds seasonal events to the game in which players begin from the same planet and set off on a plotted journey.

The developer released a short trailer alongside the news today. Each expedition is themed and is intended to bring the game’s community together in a shared adventure. As players progress, they’ll earn exclusive rewards for their troubles, including parts and ship designs. The update will also include quality-of-life fixes to UI, combat, and more.

Hello Games has continued to update the game extensively since its release in 2016. This year marks No Man’s Sky’s fifth anniversary; the developer has said previously it has more content in store to celebrate that milestone. In February, Hello Games announced it would add animal companions to the game that could be tamed, trained, and traveled with through the universe.

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