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NOVAtime provides workplace management solutions for employers who want to save on the expense of a traditional HR department. With the use of cutting-edge technology, NOVAtime aims to save small-to-medium-sized businesses money by providing solutions that aim to optimize profitability at each stage of the workflow. NOVAtime helps employers make profitable decisions by, for example, analyzing employee attendance, or by evaluating employee credentials to match them with appropriate roles. 

In this NOVAtime review, we’ll investigate whether it’s among the best HR software available today.

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NOVAtime is a complete workplace management solution. (Image credit: NOVAtime)

NOVAtime: Plans and pricing

The price of NOVAtime’s Workforce Management Solution is only available on a quote-by-quote basis once you’ve requested a demo via the secure form on the NOVAtime site. Partner sites that sell NOVAtime software indicate that pricing is on a subscription model and that it increases per employee in the organization.

NOVAtime’s pricing is available on a quote-by-quote basis. (Image credit: NOVAtime)

NOVAtime: Features

NOVAtime Workforce Management Solution includes employee time and attendance monitoring, vacation allocation management, expense analytics, and more.

NOVAtime’s scheduling software uses intelligent analysis to create efficient employee shift schedules. Employers can input an unlimited amount of employee start times and end times for shifts. Theoretically, every employee in your organization could begin/finish at a different time of the day, and NOVAtime’s software would still plan a roster that ensures all workflow processes are managed. 

NOVAtime automatically calculates how much vacation time employees have accrued and ensures that they take it or that it’s reimbursed, in accordance with the local, state, or federal laws in the location the business is operating in. 

Over 400 different payroll processing solutions can be integrated with NOVAtime’s Workforce Management Solution. All NOVAtime data on employee hours, including overtime and sick leave, are accurately exported to the relevant third-party payroll software to ensure accuracy of payments.

NOVAtime’s software includes a variety of tools to help inform employer decisions. (Image credit: NOVAtime)

NOVAtime: Interface and in use

NOVAtime has a range of dashboard applications appropriate to a modern workforce, including desktop and mobile apps (all compatible with market-leading operating systems) and an online portal. Administrators have access to the NOVAtime online portal from any device as long as they have their login credentials to hand. 

On the desktop dashboard application, all the information administrators need to access is available from a single screen. Administrators will be notified of attendance exceptions, and all other data regarding hours worked (including leave requests, leave allocation, etc.) is presented accessibly. 

Mobile applications are available to both administrators and employees. Administrators will likely prefer the dashboard application, as the interface makes all information accessible from a single screen, whereas the mobile application requires more navigation to find key data. Employees can use their mobile application to check in remotely, where role appropriate, as well as submit information to administrators, such as leave requests and timesheets.

All administrators have access to the online portal and a desktop dashboard. (Image credit: NOVAtime)


NOVAtime was acquired by Ascentis, another HR software provider, in 2018. Clients for NOVAtime are directed toward the Ascentis website when seeking support. Phone and email support are available, or you can contact a customer service representative via the contact form on the Ascentis site.

Support is available from NOVAtime’s parent company Ascentis. (Image credit: NOVAtime)

NOVAtime: Security

From 2008, NOVAtime has held a Plynt Certification for application security. Plynt assesses 25 criteria to determine an application’s security, including evaluating how it protects data in transmission and if sensitive information is consistently protected from unauthorized access. Although some NOVAtime hardware requires biometric data to enable site access by employees, it never saves images of your fingerprints, eyes, or face. Any data NOVAtime does save to maintain legal compliance and preserve functionality is stored on its private servers in the United States. 

Administrators can enhance the financial security of their business by automatically checking employees out of work based on their location as recorded by the GPS on an employee’s mobile app. 

NOVAtime has retained a Plynt Certification for application security since 2008. (Image credit: NOVAtime)

The competition

UKG Workforce Central is a market-leading software solution and one of NOVAtime’s biggest competitors. As UKG Workforce Central is more widely used than NOVAtime, it does have a better reputation as an HR software solution. Whereas NOVAtime is recognized as being excellent at shift scheduling, the UKG Workforce Central dashboard is known for having greater options to customize how administrators access and interpret data. 

Final verdict

NOVAtime is an excellent piece of workplace management software that provides small-to-medium-sized employers with data that should help them make profitable decisions. 

Organizational time and attendance information are easily accessible to administrators once they’ve accessed the dashboard. With that attendance data, administrators can assess which employees are delivering the most profit for the business based on effort expended and hours worked. Furthermore, NOVATime software helps ensure businesses are legally complying with leave and work time legislation in their area, which can help insulate them from the negative consequences of non-compliance. 

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