Now that you can get GTA 5 free, catch up on our best Grand Theft Auto reads

A must-read for newcomers and older players in Grand Theft Auto

Now that you can get GTA 5 free, catch up on our best Grand Theft Auto reads

Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently available for free on the Epic Store. Epic’s last weekly giveaways, originally released in 2013, you’d think there was no one on the planet who hadn’t played it yet – but apparently not. It turns out so popular that it is stopping people from playing Fortnite. (Fortnite, if you haven’t heard of it, is another fairly popular skydiving game.)

If you are one of the people who has not yet experienced the joy of the many misfortunes of Michael, Trevor and Brad, then you will have a real treat. And even if you’ve already done that, it doesn’t hurt to dive back in for a second or third aid. After all that’s in the bag, there’s also GTA Online beyond the main storyline – it’s a game that still gives.

With all this in mind, we’ve put together a few of our favorite GTA V and GTA Online songs over the years, including guides, features, and some very interesting interviews.

So sit back, relax, and remember: crime doesn’t pay (although getting GTA V for free definitely counts as theft).

You won’t need a moneylender for these offers…

GTA 5 Online: Where to get Shark Cards for CHEAPER than on console

Despite its release less than seven years ago, the GTA 5 community continues to thrive, largely due to Rockstar’s impressive commitment to continuing to update GTA Online with new content every week.

These weekly updates typically include new vehicles and discounted content, meaning you’ll need to stock up on money with Shark Cards to get the most out of GTA Online.

Given the success of GTA Online, Rockstar was reluctant to lower the prices of Shark cards or allow retailers like Amazon and GAME to sell these products at a much lower price.

However, CDKeys still has a few Shark card deals, selling the currency at a lower price than on consoles. Here are our top deals on their offers.

Cheapest Deals on GTA Shark Cards

If you’re looking for a solid cash injection, the Whale Shark Card will give you a cool $ 3,500,000 to spend on all the latest content.

Originally priced at £ 34.99, CDKeys has cut the product price for Xbox users to just £ 27.99, which is a 20% savings! Product delivery is also instant, meaning you won’t have to wait long before heading back to Los Santos!

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