Nvidia’s impressive RTX Voice now available for cheaper GTX graphics cards

Nvidia’s RTX Voice feature that eliminates background noises that would otherwise come through your microphone is no longer limited to RTX graphics cards. The latest update to the software has enabled any GeForce GTX, Quadro, or Titan-branded Nvidia GPU from the past to use the feature (via Tom’s Hardware).

Given that Nvidia’s newest RTX 30-series graphics cards are pricey and tough to find (as are just about any kind of somewhat capable GPU), this is a good way to extend the utility of older hardware. If you update your graphics card to Nvidia’s 410.18 driver, models down to the GTX 600-series released in 2012 should be able to run the feature once you download it. Here’s a link to the download.

This update comes just shy of a year since the feature’s original announcement. It’s also been about a year since some people quickly figured out a rather simple hack to get it working on older cards without Nvidia’s help, despite the company’s initial claims that RTX Voice tapped the AI-focused Tensor cores that are found exclusively in RTX graphics cards. Alas, it’s official now, so go download it if you work or play in a noisy environment that you’d like to make more quiet.

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