Our Favorite Cross-Platform Games: A Complete List for 2022. Xbox play anywhere crossplay

The Halo MCC development team said it will look at the possibility of adding cross-play to the Xbox One and PC at one point. However, this feature is not currently on the roadmap.

Still not Play Anywhere/ PC cross platform?

I want to get away from the Xbox and move to my new PC, mainly so I can now modify my own line colors and get away from the pile of brown / rust line. But also to improve the graphics. But I don’t want to lose all the permissions of the system, modules, maintainers, engineers, representatives etc. Oh yes, the fleet carrier and my credentials.

There is absolutely no reason not to allow play between Xbox / PC as both platforms now have the same input options available. Both platforms can use the Hotas gamepad and sticks. Like Play Anywhere has never been, it is beyond me. It seems MS has abandoned this philosophy because they do so many other things


i believe you can transfer your CMDR account to pc if you ask for it from border, however this is a one time offer so cant go back


No, you can only transfer the value of your balance and the value of your ships. No cosmetics or ranks earned will go with you and the Xbox Commander will be removed. It’s best to just start over, so keep both accounts

customer service.frontier.co.uk

Can I transfer my assets or Commander from Xbox One to PC or PS4™?

We can help with a one-time transfer between PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4. Some important facts you need to know about this service: It does not transfer your game – We cannot transfer.

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