Overwatch tier list: the best heroes to use in 2022. Who should i play as in overwatch

She is certainly one of the more mechanically complex tanks in the game and the evil Sigma can throw games, but if you have a talent for it you can completely change the tide of the game.

Overwatch Tier List (January 2022): Best Heroes / Characters

Overwatch is a first person shooter. It was released on May 24, 2016, and has quickly become the most popular online video game for PC in North America and Europe. It also quickly climbed to the top of the global online esports audience and now has official leagues hosted by several organizations.

The Overwatch tier list is a ranking of the game’s heroes based on their competitive performance. It was created to serve as a guide to Overwatch strategy for both beginners and seasoned players so that they can quickly identify the heroes best suited for a variety of tactics.

It’s also a handy Overwatch reference for heroes’ skills, strengths, and weaknesses. We also answered the question “Is Overwatch cross-platform in 2022?” in the last post. You can check it out if you want to find the answer.

If you want to improve your Overwatch skills, the Overwatch Hero tier roster is the perfect place to start.

Overwatch – A Quick Introduction

Overwatch is an FPS game that has been around for a long time, and it seems people can’t get enough of it. On May 24, 2016, Blizzard Entertainment launched Overwatch to create the esports scene around it.

Overwatch - a quick introduction

Overwatch is a team shooter with many competitive events, the biggest of which is the Overwatch League. Even people who don’t like shooting games will enjoy this game because of the easy controls and colorful characters it plays.

Like any FPS, you can get better at Overwatch by finding out which heroes are best suited to different types of combat and practicing to gain more experience and knowledge about competitive matches.

With so many hero options and strategies to use in an Overwatch match, we did some digging and put together an Overwatch tier list for you.

However, she is also severely punished. If you are caught without a Defense Matrix, you are extremely easy to blow off and will spend a lot of time in small D.VA.form.

Overwatch tier list

Rung Heroes
Level 1 Wrecking Ball, Zarya, Tracer, McCree, Zenyatta, Mercy
Level 2 Reinhardt, Sigma, Echo, Sombra, Widowmaker, Ashe, Ana, Brigitte, Baptiste
Level 3 Wieprz, D.VA, Winston, Torbjorn, Mei, Symmetra, Hanzo, Lucio
Level 4 soldier 76, Orissa, Reaper, Junkrat, Doomfist, Pharaoh, Genji, Moira
Level 5 Bastion

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball has been going strong for several months. Many mainstream tanks are having issues right now, but even despite the nerfs, it seems the Overwatch community has really started to understand how to dominate a hamster. He is one of the heroes that the current meta revolves around.

He is the most voted Grandmaster, and it’s not hard to see why. If the task of the tanks is to create space, Hammond is unquestioned. Its ability to displace and disrupt the enemy front and rear lines is unmatched. Despite the recent weakening of his boop strength, he continues to wreak havoc on any team that tries to establish their position.

The only drawback is that he is a character that really gets great over time. It develops thanks to specific implementations and map knowledge. In addition, the line between feeding the brain and breaking the syndrome can be very fine. However, if you do learn how to navigate a little boy, there are few, if any, characters that are as powerful as him.

The Wrecking Ball points to the left when it hangs from its ball


Zarya is currently a favorite for high-level play. Her synergy with Wrecking Ball is very strong. As with Winston / Zarya pairs in the past, he can gurgle a hamster when he walks in and gets a little free toll while protecting the attack from any crowd control.

Graviton Surge also remains one of the strongest ultimates in the game, and pairs with a few strong abilities that your team is likely to have to offer. A combination of Pulse Bomb from Tracer or Wrecking Ball’s minefield will win in most cases in a team fight. These also don’t require great coordination, so this should be perfect for games with minimal communication.

Zarya also offers massive damage when fully charged, and with so many dives in the current meta, it’s not too hard to maintain. If Zarya is lit, it will be difficult to burn her and stand shoulder to shoulder with her, no matter who she faces.

Reinhardt and Winston are also being elected more and more, and she is a known good compliment to both. This makes it one of the most versatile picks at the highest level, and certainly one of the best to climb. She’s good at whatever the current meta throws at her.

Tracer smiles as he looks up at Overwatch


When Tracer is strong in the meta, Overwatch is usually in the right place. As you can see, Overwatch is in a good place at the moment. The cooldowns of The Tracer are so frequent that in a skillful economy, it gets great value from being a pain. However, he can also turn into an assassin in the blink of an eye if a skill is wasted or makes a positional error.

Tracer thrives on aggressive mobile comps, and that is very important these days. Her strength has remained somewhat constant, but the heroes who enable her to do so are also very strong these days. Can dive opponents with the Storm Ball and clear away weak heroes, and coordinate with Zenyatta and his Orb of Contention.

It is also self-contained, allowing healers and defenders to worry more about protecting the front and back lines than taking resources. The meta currently favors chaotic disorientation, and it’s a space Tracer loves to be in. If you can spot these moments as they are created, your Tracer will dominate the battlefield.


McCree is the perfect Tracer partner in DPS. While this mobile damage is coupled with the Wrecking Ball constantly trying to disrupt the squad, McCree is the perfect option to put pressure and punish players who have been displaced.

McCree provides a stream of reliable and high damage. Importantly, you don’t need many resources to launch. Mostly, he is self-sufficient on the battlefield, finding the opportunities his team creates for him. He doesn’t need to be overly involved either, so if you are careful he will be safe in the middle range.

Elsewhere, his stun is heavily opposed to a few strong heroes. Whether it’s a demolishing ball or a flanking Tracer, McCree has ways to counter the chaos and disruptions that are so powerful these days. He’s a good hero to climb alone with.


Zenyatta is in a strong position for many reasons. His orb of contention is always overwhelming due to the strength of the characters around him. Zen can take shots easily by placing discord on the target. It acts as a green light for all those mobile heroes who can dive into and decimate a key opponent.

Elsewhere, omnik is thriving as there are fewer shields in the game, making it easier to put on its orbs. This Healing Ball will also find a Tracer and a Wrecking Ball, which will likely be deeper in the enemy’s rear lane.

As always, Transcendence remains one of the strongest ultimates in the game, especially with so many waves of Zarya’s gravity.

The only real problem with Zen is its ability to be truly protected. In addition to taking crazy headshots, he will die if he does not have adequate protection. There is no mobility and will almost always be the main focus of the dive. This means that you will likely need to coordinate security with your team. It is imperative to pair him with a support that can look after him and let him jump back.

Mercy stretches out a helping hand when the sun is shining behind her


Mercy is Zenyatta’s most common partner these days, although the main supporting role is shared much more evenly between the characters.

However, Mercy now takes the cake for several key reasons. While she lacks some of the raw healing potential of the other supports, she is consistent and, importantly, hard to pin down. Compared to most other supports, it is much more evasive and resistant to diving. Her ability to fly off before attacking makes her a difficult target to pin down by a destructive ball or trail.

On the other hand, what it will do is inaccurately tell which hero you could pick if there were 13 heroes and Baston and Torbjorn were both like Hanso and the widower. It also offends you if you attack.


YouTube thumbnail

The only hero with two lives, D.Va, poses a problem to the enemies. Highly mobile thanks to its afterburner ability, this tank is great to play as you run around the map, taking out soft enemies and being a nuisance overall. Perfect.

The great thing about picking up a hero like D.Va is that while she is partly responsible for the welfare of the rest of her team, she is “out of the tank” meaning that her priority is being aggressive and taking out enemies rather than using barriers and shields to be more defensive. It’s handy, takes a lot of pressure off you.

First, let’s talk about its fusion cannons, which, unlike other damaging weapons, don’t require reloading. They can shoot as long as you like, and while they don’t do much damage from a distance, they are deadly up close.

If you’re trying to hit someone far away, use the D.Vy Micro Missiles, which act a bit like Soldier: 76’s Helix Rockets. These are missiles that reach their target slowly, but deal considerable damage when they hit an enemy, and are a great tool for destroying enemy barriers.

If you take too much damage as D.Va, the Defense Matrix is ​​your friend. This skill cancels many of the damaging skills that come your way. Orbs, missiles, and some ultimates are no match for Defense Matrix, and we can see why it has been nerfed multiple times in the past.

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