PC Game Pass (Xbox Game Pass for PC) Not Working? Here Are All the Fixes. Where does game pass install games pc

If you decide you no longer want to use your Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can quickly cancel it by following the steps below. Please note that previously installed Xbox Game Pass games will not work until you subscribe again.

Xbox PC Game Pass has a big problem — and it isn’t the name

I’m an Xbox Game Pass evangelist. I have been a subscriber for years and have recommended it to the point of annoyance to many of my console and pc gaming friends. Microsoft changed the name of the PC version at The Game Awards. I’m still a fan, but the problems with PC Game Pass extend far beyond the name itself.

The Xbox app on Windows 11 and Windows 10 has consistently been a problem since the launch of PC Game Pass in 2019. And now that Microsoft wants the PC version to be on the same level as the console, it’s time to start tackling this problem.

Xbox Game Pass for PC, meet PC Game Pass

First, the background. Xbox Game Pass for PC is now PC Game Pass, which Microsoft revealed in a whimsical trailer at The Game Awards. It’s about how everyone associates Game Pass with consoles and ignores the PC part.

It is true. Game Pass is now synonymous with Xbox. While Microsoft only offers PC Game Pass, most people get it through a Game Pass Ultimate subscription (which includes the console and PC versions, as well as Xbox Live). I had a few friends this year who got into PC gaming, completely unaware that they could access hundreds of games for a few bucks each month.

It is enough that Microsoft decided to make a trailer about it at The Game Awards. I have been using PC Game Pass since its launch and I can say that the name is not – and never was – a problem.

If you’ve played an EA Play game on your Xbox console, your Xbox and EA accounts are likely linked, so make sure you sign in to the Xbox app on your Windows PC with the same Xbox account you use on your console.

Reset the Game (Halo Infinite Fix)

It was recently discovered that this patch works for Halo Infinite, helping those faced with the Xbox Gaming Services screen instead of the game menu. If you come across the screen below while trying to launch Halo Infinite (or another game) then this is the fix for you.

Xbox Game Pass PC is not working Game services

First, open the Xbox app and leave it in the background. Then go to “Apps & Features” (I like to do this by right-clicking on Start and then clicking on it from there).

Scroll down until you find Halo Infinite (or the culprit game). Click on it and then on “Advanced Options”.

Xbox Game Pass PC Advanced Options not working

In the new window, scroll down and click “Reset” and then “Reset” again.

Xbox Game Pass PC not working Reset

When you return to the Xbox app, the game should disappear from the installed list. Find the game using the search bar, then click “Install”. In fact, you won’t need to reinstall the game as you never deleted it, it will just “refresh” the installation to get the game working again.

Make Sure You’re Signed in … TWICE

Logging in to the gaming platform is standard practice, but logging into the Xbox app has two layers, and without them, the app will work, but your games won’t.

First, you’ll need to sign in to the Xbox app itself. If you are not logged in yet, click the person icon in the top right corner of the app, click “Log in”, then enter your details if you are not logged in automatically (or “Switch account” if you are in the wrong account).

The Xbox Game Pass PC application is not working Sign in

After you sign in to the app and the avatar image appears in the upper right corner, make sure you’re signed in to your Microsoft account. Click your icon in the top right corner -> Settings -> Change my Microsoft Store account and make sure you are logged in with the account you use to pay for Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass for PC isn't working Change Microsoft Store account

Now that you are logged in to the app and your Microsoft account, you can play your games.

And good news. If you’re a potential Master Chief struggling to play Halo: Infinite on PC Game Pass (formerly known as Xbox Game Pass for PC), we’ve got a solution for you!

The Xbox App

  • After you’ve set up your Game Pass subscription, you’ll want to download the Xbox app, which you can find by clicking on this link.
  • After downloading, you should sign in with your Microsoft account, which will give you access to a sleek interface with various options and game icons displayed. From here, you can install the digital games from your collection to play on your computer, and access your entire Game Pass library by clicking on the “Game Pass” tab in the upper left corner.
  • There will be tons of game icons that you can filter to show the PC compatible ones by clicking the “All PC games” tab in the middle of the interface.
    • There is no shortage of choices as you currently have access to nearly 200 Windows 10 games.

    Once installed, the PC game will appear on a nice tab on the left side of the app. You also have the option of more direct access to them using desktop shortcuts. These games will stay in your library as long as you have Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass PC.

    The Microsoft Store

    For those looking to bypass the extra download, you can download and install PC-compatible Game Pass games more directly via the Microsoft Store app, which should be available by default on any Windows 10 and 11 PC. You can quickly open it by typing ” Microsoft Store App ”in the search bar.

    • From this app, go to the games section by clicking on the controller icon in the left tab. You can then scroll through the different PC games available.
      • You can also enter the game you are looking for by typing the title in the search bar at the top of the app.

      Microsoft Store Via Browser

      Finally, you can conveniently search the catalog of Game Pass titles for PCs by visiting the Microsoft online store via this link.

      • Make sure you’re signed in, then click the Game Pass tab in the top left corner. A bar will appear that includes a link to PC Game Pass. Click on this link.
      • Then take a look at the All Games page and click on this link.
      • This will bring up a list of compatible games that can be installed on your PC, but remember that you must also do this through the Xbox app.

      NetEase called it a bug, but others called it a function.

      Stephen is an avid Nintendo, indie and retro gamer who plays Xbox every now and then, mostly in the form of Overwatch sessions. He is a history buff, aspiring short story writer and devout metalhead who likes to play the Black Sabbath drums poorly on his cheap drum kit. When his beloved Chicago Cubs or Bulls aren’t playing, he usually enjoys watching random documentaries or camp horror movies.

      Looking ahead to 2022, I figured I’d look at an updated look at the last few years and the development and growth of the service. Here are some thoughts on the Xbox Game Pass in 2021 and whether it’s worth your time and money (spoilers: it is.)

      How Can I Play Xbox Game Pass Games Without Downloading Them?

      At the moment, Microsoft is building a live game streaming service called Project xCloud. This way, you’ll be able to sign up for Xbox Game Pass and stream games right from the cloud. This means you can play them right away without downloading them.

      However, Project xCloud is currently available for preview to a very limited extent. If you wish to register, you can do so here, but be aware that you may not be admitted right away, if at all. In the future, Project xCloud will be publicly available and you will be able to access all its features by signing up for Xbox Game Pass or by purchasing games from the Xbox App.

      What Games Are Available On Xbox Game Pass PC?

      The list of Xbox Game Pass games continues to grow, but right now features over 100 titles from many reputable video game developers and publishers.

      We have a small list of some of the best titles below, but you can click the link to see even more games.

      • Halo: The Master Chief Collection
      • Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
      • Dead in the daylight
      • the Outer Worlds
      • Disgraced 2
      • Gears 5 Ultimate Edition
      • Blair the witch
      • Kingdom Come: Liberation
      • Dead uprising 4
      • Metro Exodus

      Xbox Game Pass for PC will also be home to all the upcoming first-hand exclusive games like the long-awaited Halo Infinite.

      The first reason will come as no surprise: games. Games, games, games and more games. As you’d expect, Xbox Game Pass is packed with video games of all shapes and sizes, all types and genres, with budgets large and small for a variety of people.

      JOIN NOW

      A computer monitor showing the user interface of the Xbox app for Windows PC

      PC Game Pass

      Get your first month for $ 400, then regularly -> $ 9.99 per month. *

      Subscription continues automatically. See terms and conditions.

      • Access to over 100 high-quality PC games
      • New games added all the time
      • Xbox Game Studios titles at launch
      • Exclusive member discounts and offers
      • EA Play PC membership at no extra cost

      Many intelligent devices displaying Fallout 76 graphics on the screens.

      Play on more devices

      Get access to over 100 high-quality games with new titles added all the time. Play directly on PC, console and supported mobile devices from the cloud with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

      Frequently asked questions

      Is PC Game Pass available in my market?

      Please visit xbox.com/regions for full market availability information.

      Where can I play games from the PC Game Pass library?

      You can play on Windows computer. Check the individual game details pages to make sure that your computer’s specifications and operating system version meet the minimum requirements specified by the developer. Some games may require the latest Windows update.

      If I download the game, will it be removed if it leaves PC Game Pass or if my membership is canceled / expired?

      The games won’t be removed from your hard drive until you delete them, even if you’ve removed them from your PC Game Pass library. However, once a game leaves PC Game Pass, you’ll need to purchase a digital copy from the Xbox app or Microsoft Store, insert a disc, or obtain some other form of permission to continue playing.

      How do I find and manage my games?

      Visit Xbox.com or the Xbox app on your Windows device to see the latest game library and learn more about PC Game Pass. Every month, updates of the PC Game Pass library will be made available via Game Pass social media channels. Games will be added to and removed from the library over time.

      Will EA Play be automatically available to PC Game Pass holders? How to start?

      To start playing on PC, Ultimate and PC Game Pass owners must first link their Xbox and EA accounts and make sure they have the EA Desktop (beta) application installed on their computer. The Xbox app on your Windows PC will walk you through the setup process.

      If you’ve played an EA Play game on your Xbox console, your Xbox and EA accounts are likely linked, so make sure you sign in to the Xbox app on your Windows PC with the same Xbox account you use on your console.

      After installing EA Desktop (beta) and linking your accounts, you will be able to browse the EA Play catalog and download games using the Xbox app on your Windows PC via EA Desktop (beta).

      If you’re having trouble linking your Xbox and EA accounts, see additional support here.

      How do I stop recurring billing?

      Recurring billing is turned on by default, which means that when the current period ends, you will automatically pay for the new subscription period.

      You can turn recurring billing off and back on with your Microsoft account. Learn more about stopping recurring billing on Microsoft Support.

      See more FAQs

      Terms of the promotional offer:

      * Log in to see available offers. Promotional offers may not apply to all members and are available for a limited time only. Offers not valid in Russia and Turkey; other geographic restrictions may apply. Credit card required. After the promotional period, the subscription will continue to be charged at the then-current regular price (subject to change), unless canceled. Plus applicable taxes.

      Information about recurring payments:

      By subscribing, you authorize recurring payments to be made to Microsoft at selected intervals until cancellation. To stop being charged, cancel your subscription on your Microsoft account (account.microsoft.com/services) or on your Xbox console before your next billing date. Charges may be increased at least 30 days in advance, as described in the Microsoft Store Terms of Sale.

      Xbox Game Pass not only fell in love with the new games, but with all the new studios as well, considering now I want to follow their work and future games. Game Pass is not only a gaming tool, but also a fandom, which is one area of ​​the platform that I think Microsoft could improve in some way for developers.

      What should I do if I can’t download games from Xbox Game Pass on Windows 11?

      By following this simple approach, you can get around the error and access the games you want.

      Each individual Game Pass game may have technical problems, which may be the fault of the developers or the Microsoft Windows Store, respectively.

      If you are unable to download a specific game, it is possible the server is overloaded or unavailable for maintenance.

      In most cases, developers notify consumers of any issues using official social media accounts such as Twitter, or through the official developer’s website.

      For this reason, check the company’s official social networking sites to see if the game servers are down.

      Purchasing Xbox Game Pass from an unlicensed source could be a contributing factor to this problem. Always make sure you buy Xbox Game Pass from the official website where you can access all Xbox Game Pass titles for just $ 9.99 per month!

      Reset Windows Store cache

      Once the troubleshooter has finished searching for errors, it will reveal the specific error that occurred, as well as instructions on how to fix it. It is very important that you follow the given instructions exactly as they are written.

      Wait for the repair process to complete before restarting your computer to ensure that the modifications have been applied.

      The Ultimate currently costs $ 14.99 per month (150 for the first month), while the PC costs $ 9.99 per month (150 for the first month).

      Xbox Game Pass 2021 review: What’s not so great

      Xbox Game Pass

      source: Windows Center

      Xbox Game Pass has a number of characteristics that somehow hinder the operation of the platform. These range from mild annoyance to more trouble, but I would precede by stating that neither is actually a breach of contract. Moreover, these are just a number of things I think Microsoft could add to make the platform better.

      The first problem I often see on social media from people with children is the lack of access to the family. If you’re using one shared Xbox console, every profile on that home Xbox gets access to Xbox Game Pass. However, if you have multiple Xbox consoles and a larger family, you’ll need multiple Xbox Game Pass subscriptions to keep everyone online at the same time. This is an Xbox Game Pass flaw that seems to be overlooked at the time of service creation.

      Netflix and Disney + support multiple sign-in on multiple devices with simultaneous streams at different price points. I think it would be in Microsoft’s interest at least to consider offering a better paid multi-user license tier for families.

      Ipega Android Xcloud Game Controller

      source: Windows Center

      Another source of annoyance for me at least is Project xCloud or Xbox Game Pass for the cloud, for Android (and iOS and PC over the Internet). Microsoft is one of the first and most prolific companies to offer the cloud gaming option on their services on this scale. Sony has PlayStation Now, but doesn’t consistently offer its own games. Amazon Luna is just getting started, and Google Stadia is likely coming to an end.

      Microsoft should create an Android-based handheld device designed for xCloud.

      Of course, those who use iOS devices like iPads or iPhones are currently unable to access Xbox Game Pass game streaming due to Apple’s restrictive anti-competitive store policies. Still, it’s not entirely Microsoft’s fault, and the web app is generally solid but not perfect. However, even on Android, the Xbox Game Pass has its inconveniences.

      Playing console games on a smartphone sucks for the most part. The user interface, camera distance, font sizes, and controls are designed with the big screen in mind and are rarely translated correctly even for the largest smartphones. While there are a lot of decent options in our best Xbox Game Pass mobile cloud streaming clips, and there are a number of pretty great tablets to complement Xbox gaming, usability isn’t quite what I would describe as ergonomic. The plastic clips and controller solutions are unbalanced, cumbersome, and often cheaply made. Bluetooth adds extra unwanted delay. Many third-party controllers are also well below the official top Xbox controller options.

      With the growing popularity of the Nintendo Switch, we have argued over and over again that Microsoft should create some kind of Android-based portable device designed for xCloud. It hasn’t materialized yet. But until then xCloud on phones remains a less than pleasant experience, even if you ignore the extra lag. There are only two games in the Xbox Game Pass cloud that have custom touch controls on the UI, namely Hades and Minecraft. Many others use standard icons with custom controls such as Streets of Rage 4. Others use standard gamepad controls which are often just useless. Pillars of Eternity’s interface is already complicated on the Xbox. When you hide half of the user interface behind the touch buttons.

      Xbox Game Pass 2021 review: Is it worth it?

      Xbox Game Pass

      source: Microsoft

      I feel that even the biggest Xbox and Microsoft haters in the world have a hard time finding a reason not to like this service. For up to $ 15 a month, you get full access to all Xbox Game Studios games, and coming soon to all ZeniMax Media games, tons of classic EA games, and a variety of other third-party games, no questions asked.

      What it’s great for:

      • Discovering new games
      • Saving money on Microsoft and ZeniMax games
      • Discovering new games frequently
      • Streaming games to mobile devices via Android, laptops or the Internet

      What it’s not great for:

      • It’s not good for those who still like to collect physical games
      • The lack of a family plan can inflate costs in large families
      • Social aspects are weak compared to other services and platforms
      • The Xbox Game Pass cloud requires a lot of work on usability and ergonomics

      For anyone who wants to play while saving money, for others who just want to explore and discover all you can, and for those who want to take their games on a journey, the Xbox Game Pass is simply divine.

      There are features and improvements that need to come before I would define the service as reaching maturity. For example, the Xbox app for Windows 10 leaves much to be desired, and the ergonomics of gaming on your phone have a long way to go. But in essence, Xbox Game Pass is all about games. Games, games and more games. In this respect, Xbox Game Pass is the champion. Also games.

      Infinite games

      Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

      Netflix for games

      Xbox Game Pass is an absurdly good subscription service similar to Xbox’s Netflix. Whether you’re using a PC, Xbox, or mobile device, access hundreds of games for a relatively low monthly price.

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