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ProProfs Live Chat is a live chat software that will answer your customer’s questions on your website in real-time. It works as an integration you can add to your site so you can always keep up with all the questions thrown your way. 

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ProProfs Live Chat is often used by start-up businesses, in the education or healthcare sectors, or with any websites that support ecommerce. Whether you’re someone who runs your own business, or just want to improve your website, there’s many great customer support, data analytics, communication tools, and visitor tracking features available. Now your website can support a live-chat option to answer questions in real time. We’ll show you the pricing details and the best features.  

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Here’s a snapshot of plans and prices (Image credit: ProProfs Live Chat)

Plans and Prices 

ProProfs Live Chat has three main plans on their website including one that you can use for free. Of course, when you first visit the site, a chat bubble pops up and offers to direct you to the right plan for you. There’s a 15 day money back guarantee, so if you find out it’s not the right fit, ProProfs will issue a full refund. Another way you can see how you like the software is by using the free version. Here’s an overview of the plans: 

The Free version allows for up to 100 chats per month. This means that the automatic chat will work with up to one hundred customers each month. There might be several messages in each chat. The free version allows up to one operator to access the automatic chat if needed. This allows someone to step into the live chat if necessary. The great thing about the free plan is it’s available for an unlimited time, so you won’t have to update to another version unless you really want to. 

The Essentials plan costs $15.00 per month or $10.00 per month when you subscribe to the annual plan. The number of chats are unlimited, and ProProfs Live Chat will store your chat history for up to one year (then you’ll need to save it somewhere else or delete it). 

There’s also a few unique features that come with the Essentials plan: visitor tracking, ticketing, a files transfer feature, ratings, and surveys. You’ll be able to receive more feedback from the customers who visit your website. Same as the free plan, you can only use this subscription on one website domain. 

The Premium plan costs $20.00 per month or $15.00 per month for the yearly plan. This plan is definitely more advanced with lots of features: it works on unlimited domains and saves chat history for an unlimited time. You can create personalized greetings and announcements for customers who visit your site, and you’ll have access to tons of customization features. This plan works great for larger businesses or anyone who wants to store customer data all in one place for an unlimited time. 

The reports are easy to access (Image credit: ProProfs Live Chat)


The ProProfs Live Chat website interface is easy to browse. You can check plans and prices, take a look at the features, and even view the kinds of data analytics the software will store. Once you start using ProProfs Live Chat, you’ll be able to see statistics on what happens when someone visits your website, which answers work and which ones do not. 

You’ll also be able to access your own supervisor dashboard, where all these statistics are kept in one place. If there’s any reports you want to share with your team or save to your desktop for later, you can easily export the information. The reporting feature can help you stay on top and review changes that you might need to make on your site. 

You can access your website’s data and analytics  (Image credit: ProProfs Live Chat)


Customer engagement is the strongest feature. If you want people who visit your website to immediately feel like they are engaging with a live representative, then ProProfs Live Chat can help you accomplish that. There’s a feature to help you schedule calls with customers during your availability. 

The software is designed to customize responses to your website and the business area you work in. If someone visits your site and asks the live-chat how to reach a specific department, then the software can direct them. All of this will strengthen your customer relations. You won’t need to hire someone else to do it for you. 

Everything can be personalized  (Image credit: ProProfs Live Chat)


With many live chat softwares available, what stands out about ProProfs Live Chat? Compared to other popular tools like LiveChat and LiveAgent, ProProfs makes it easy to get started even if you’ve never used a live chat software before. Another important aspect is the in-depth statistics. You won’t have to wonder whether the software is working because all of the chats are recorded and stored. You can review them later so you’ll know exactly how it works. You can also integrate any other business platforms you use like Salesforce, Zoho, and Microsoft Office 365.  

Final thoughts

ProProfs Live Chat is a great software solution to help you follow up with leads and connect with customers in real-time. You don’t have to stress about responding to every question by yourself, Livechat can do it for you. It’s easy to personalize and there’s a free version to try for an unlimited time.  

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