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Call of Duty: Ghosts review: for the dead

Information about the game
Platform 360, PS3, Win, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One
Publisher Action
Developer of Totem of Infinity
Release date November 5, 2013

The age-old Call of Duty joke – widely told by non-fans – goes like this: The annual Call of Duty is only slightly different from last year’s. This isn’t one of those ha-ha jokes, and similar bon motes have been thrown at games like Madden for years.

But Call of Duty: Ghosts is demonstrating its reluctance to many changes and shows a real shortage of new ideas. Ghosts is a step backwards from Black Ops 2 in 2012 – and the weakest game in the series since Modern Warfare 2 in 2009.

Multiplayer has long been a staple of Call of Duty. Black Ops 2 has taken some innovative steps to reinvent the formula, especially on the character creation front. Call of Duty: Ghosts appears at first glance and follows a similar step. Introduces the ability to fully customize the avatar’s appearance in multiplayer, allowing players to choose from dozens of head and uniform options. For the first time in the series, the ability to play as a female character was even introduced. But these customization options have zero impact on the gameplay. Instead, Call of Duty: Ghosts relies on a modified version of the class building system from Black Ops 2 Pick 10.

With Pick 10, players could spend up to 10 points, each point allocated to a weapon, attachment or perk. Choice 10 was extremely easy to understand, but also allowed for an incredible amount of customization. This has been replaced by an unnecessarily complicated Perk Points System where certain perks have specific values. For example, you can choose five feats worth one point each or one feat worth five points each. You can also earn extra points by dropping a secondary weapon or grenades.

It’s a functional system, but it is a step down from the simplicity of Pick 10 that made character creation more digestible and fun. There are no obvious advantages to this new system and I find it overwhelming for newbies.

Next Gen

Basic testing for this review took place on PlayStation 4, although I was able to test the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. The Xbox One experience is embargoed until November 12. The difference between the current and the next generation should be noticeable to anyone who has played a Call of Duty game before. Sharpness has been added to the PS4 and textures are higher resolution, but the most obvious improvements were in the lighting.

In the current generation, some scenes, such as the Underwater Stage and the Night attack on the skyscraper, seemed gray and flat. Improved lighting effects on PS4 brought the same scenes to life. It should also be noted that I never enjoyed playing first person shooter on a PS3 controller, but the PS4 controller was a huge upgrade, easily matching the Xbox 360 controller.

Much has been said about the PlayStation 4 version of the game running at native 1080p, and while that may be true, the game has struggled to keep the frame rate constant, especially in hectic multiplayer matches. The PS3 version of the game faced similar problems, while the Xbox 360 version kept at a steady 60fps.

Our review of Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • Platform 360, PS3, Win, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One
  • Publisher Action
  • Release date November 5, 2013
  • Developer of Totem of Infinity

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Update: 11/12/2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts review update: Xbox One

While Activision has confirmed that the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at a lower resolution than its PS4 counterpart (respectively 720p upscaled versus native 1080p), this numerical difference is less significant than you might think.

Both versions look almost identical. Watching the Xbox One release alongside the PS4, I had a hard time telling them apart. It’s possible the PS4 version looked a bit sharper, but maybe that’s just my imagination after confirming the hard resolution difference. The next-gen Call of Duty: Ghosts releases are so close together that the gun sticks to my head that I wouldn’t be sure to be able to tell which version is which – at least when both are standing still.

The frame rate in the Xbox One release was much more noticeable. As mentioned in the introductory review, Call of Duty: Ghosts suffers from consistent frame rate drops on PS4, especially during multiplayer when the action is particularly hectic. The Xbox One version saw no such drops, maintaining a constant 60fps all the time.

The most important thing in a multiplayer shooter is frame rate consistency. Given its relative visual compatibility with the PS4 release, Call of Duty: Ghosts is a more playable, slightly better (albeit disappointing) Xbox One game.

As the team recharges the generators left behind by the astronauts to power their superweapons, they learn the fate of Samantha Cross and watch it go into space, leaving the CIF-1 on Earth.

Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 Leaked

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Mar 2016

After serious speculation and rumors about the next Call of Duty game, a major leak from GamesTM games magazine may have spilled out. Call of Duty Ghosts 2 is under development.

According to the leak, the next installment of the popular Call of Duty series is Call of Duty: Ghost 2. Developed by Infinity Ward, the original Ghosts released in 2013 with average reviews. So far, no information has been released regarding the sequel, but it is safe to assume that the game will continue after the events of the first installment.

We can expect the game to be released at the end of 2016, as expected in the annual series. E3 is also just around the corner, so we can expect confirmation from Activision as to whether Ghosts 2 is really the next Call of Duty game coming soon.

PlayStation Owners Can Now Play Remastered Maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

In a surprise announcement for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, it will receive new remastered maps today for those who pre-ordered Black Ops 4. The announcement was made at Sony&#

In anticipation of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Treyarch has added new content to the previous game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The latest update is

The age-old Call of Duty joke – widely told by non-fans – goes like this: The annual Call of Duty is only slightly different from last year’s. This isn’t one of those ha-ha jokes, and similar bon motes have been thrown at games like Madden for years.


The point of contact

A few weeks after the ODIN strike in Colorado, the US military receives news of an “alien” outbreak in the blast zone. General “The Godfather” Castle sends an elite team of specialists to investigate the point of contact and, if necessary, secure / destroy.


After the Colorado outbreak is under control, the Godfather sends the CIF-1 team to Alaska; save a scientist (Dr. Samantha Cross) who was recruited by Capt. David Archer for a top-secret project code-named Nightfall. In fact, the Archer project was to use aliens (sorry, Cryptids) to bio-engineer the new Cryptid race and learn how they work. However, the imprisoned Cryptids escaped, killing almost everyone present except Archer, Cross, and a few surviving soldiers.


After capturing the Cross, Archer was able to obtain the Chinese destroyer, Stormbreaker, which he planned to use to reach the “Ark” containing the Cryptid leaders and planned to use the Cross as a beacon due to its unique gifts. However, Cross grew too powerful, and after almost 3 weeks in captivity, he attacked the ship with Cryptids. Archer released Mayday, summoning the Godfather for help, who dispatched a CIF-1 to retrieve it and eliminate Cross. Cross escaped with the help of the huge Cryptid beast, the “Kraken”, and escaped to the Ark, now known as the “Sphere Pyramid’’.

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