Resident Evil 7 Keys Locations Guide – Find Scorpion, Snake, Crow, and Dissection Keys. Where to find the crow key in resident evil 7

The Mutated Margurite boss fight in Resident Evil 7 is one of the biggest battles in the game, meaning you need to be well armed and healed before taking it on.

Old House Walkthrough [Resident Evil 7/RE7]

This section focuses on how to progress through the old house map in Resident Evil 7. It includes details such as: item locations, key item locations, potential enemies, possible collectible locations, and boss strategy.

After obtaining the last Dog’s Head emblem, you can now unlock the door to the courtyard.

Go over to the stairs and examine the pot to find the lockpick, then check for another pot on the other side to get the herb. Go to the front porch and check the end to pick up Herb and Gunpowder. Go back to the stairs and get the antique coin from the pot.

Go down the stairs again and follow the railing, remove the metal under the front porch to reveal a hidden passage. Squeeze through the hole below and smash the box to get the repair kit.

Enter Zoe’s trailer and get Chem Fluid on the right. There is another Mr. Everywhere. Go to the Safe Room and examine the VHS player and some birdcages, the latter will give you special items in exchange for antique coins at certain intervals. Take the Broken Handgun from the bed and take the files from the board. When you leave the trailer, the phone will ring.

Go outside again and take the supplements next to the closed door on the right. For now, pay attention to the closed door and explore the bottom of the trailer to get a stash of shotgun shells. Check the map and head towards the Old House. On the way, look for gunpowder on the left.

Old House 1

Follow the same path that Mia walked during the VHS segment. Enter the gate, past the dolls and through the main door. Break the boxes to get some Shotgun Shells. Avoid worms whenever you can, but if they harass you, cut them with a knife. Ignore the right side and go left. Examine the side of the door leading to the guest room and retrieve about 44 mage ammo from the floor.

Return up the stairs that Mia climbed and enter the guest room. Avoid the insect nest to reach the door at the end and chop any dangerous bugs with a knife. Enter the hall and head left to get the old house map, check under the table to get burner fuel. Go to the Gallery that Mia solved with the Shadow Puzzle. Head over the balcony and check the trash for the torch handle, chemical fluid, and shotgun cartridges.

Continue on the left path across the plank bridge and enter the save room. Grab your backpack to increase your inventory slots then get the tape recorder. Examine the side for another Mr. Everywhere.

Exit the room and return to the Gallery. Arm your knife and cut the insects that fly out of the window when you go to the dining room. Check the locker for some solid fuel, then check out the table to the right and the shotgun cartridge compartment from the chest. Kill the spiders that are covering the locker from a distance and then open it to receive the Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid packs. If you have a lockpick, you can open the sink drawer to find the item to retrieve.

Ignore the Living Room and go to the Water Pump Station. Go left and look for gunpowder by the window. Go to the right edge of the balcony and take the psychostimulants, examine the orange lockpick box. Cross the wooden path and hug the right wall, fending off any insects that follow you with your knife. Enter the station and get the torch nozzle, combine it with the handle to create a torch. If you decide to use it, go back to the guest room and destroy the swarm nest to get some burner ammo from the cabinet, check the herb near the orange box.

Go back to the Living Room and take out the nests, use the burner to light it, and stay away. Rinse and repeat until the nest becomes weak enough for the shotgun to scratch it clean. Go to the left part of the room and examine the solid fuel drawer, check the lockers for the Chem Fluid package. Explore the other end of the room to find some fuel for the burner. Enter the exposed fireplace opening and go to the far area, check the left side for the antique coins, turn around to find the Mr. Everywhere. Go into the basement to find Mia’s stone statue, eventually you’ll also come across Mia. A cutscene will appear. As with the VHS segment “Mia”, go back to the Gallery and use the Stone Statuette again to reveal the hidden passage.

Just like you did with Mia’s tape, hide behind the crate here and she will ignore you and go to the other room, leaving a clear path to the Gallery. There, place the Stone Statue on the pedestal and rotate it until it resembles a spider on the wall, solving the Venomous Predator puzzle.

Resident Evil 7 Keys Locations Guide

In our Resident Evil 7 key locations guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding the different keys in the game.

To find this key, you need to go to the processing area. This is the meat area. Once you’re there, head towards the area with the refrigerators and find some meat placed on the green tray.

If you spot the green tray closely, you should find the Scorpion Key sticking out of the meat. With a key at your disposal, you should be able to find the Shotgun, which is a powerful weapon in the game.

Snake Key Location

To find the Snake Key you must survive the Old House and defeat Marguerite. After that you should receive a phone call from Zoe Baker asking you to meet her in her camper in the courtyard. However, you won’t be able to find it there.

To find her, you need to go to the prosecution room. Inside, you will stumble upon the corpse of a policeman. Basically, you have to approach and interact with the dead body to find the Serpent Key that’s stuck in its throat.

The key essentially allows you to access Jacob’s room, allowing you to complete a Hidden Puzzle to obtain a Stabilizer that increases Ethan’s reload speed.

Now that you have the key, you can get to the Children’s Room, among others. There you will find a Model Shotgun. What do you need this for? Check out our How To Fix A Broken Shotgun guide to find out!

Mutated Margurite boss fight strategy

Basically, Mutant Margurite will be moving around the building and you have to shoot her in the stomach to deal damage. She mostly walks on her legs, exposing her abdomen, where some bullets with torch damage or shotgun ammo / enhanced pistol ammo will cause her to escape, usually in spider form, climbing up walls.

When she does, she can still jump into distance and attack you, so unless she’s facing away from you – where her weak spot is exposed and you can shoot – stay away from her until she reaches you or disappears.


Her stomach is a weak spot.

When it disappears, it will most likely establish a nest of insects somewhere in the house. You will hear a rather disturbing gurgling sound that will give you a clue. It will be several fixed places, for example, in the eastern open spaces on both floors of the house.

You can shoot her as she lays down the nest leaving her exposed otherwise she will return to her normal bipedal position and have a swarm of insects to help her out. If you don’t get it in time, use the torch to break through the swarm, quickly destroy the nest and deal damage to it.

It is, in fact, a battle; find Margurite, shoot her weak spot and repeat. What initially feels like a battle where you should be left behind will soon become a hide and seek game where you hide with your job being to chase her down and deal damage.


Shoot down all the walls before it sets up the nest.

Once it’s gone it’s a good time to make sure you’re properly healed (remember to use the left bumper to shield yourself from attacks) and that your primary damage dealers – preferably the torch and shotgun – are fully reloaded and ready to roll. If you run out of ammo, there are consumables scattered all over the house that you can collect.

Eventually he will sit still, begin convulsing and turn to dust, ending the battle, leaving the Lantern behind.

Need more help? Our walkthrough and guide for Resident Evil 7 includes step-by-step instructions on how to survive the main story, as well as find a shotgun, grenade launcher and lots of lockpicks and treasure photos. Meanwhile, our ancient coin locations, Mr Everywhere statue locations, and file location lists will help you find all the collectibles available in Normal and Easy difficulty. We also explain how to get the Dirty Coin item in the game by getting the best ending to the Resident Evil 7 demo, and for the DLC, the full Bedroom solution, getting the True Daughter Ending, how to defeat Hoffman in Blackjack in 21 and complete the Nightmare Mode.

Using the lantern for the Altar scales

Pick it up and scour the house to collect any consumables you didn’t collect – including the ones behind the spider-covered ladders, which luckily also disappeared.

To leave the house, go to the ground floor and on the east side of the house to the south the wall should rot, allowing you to move away from the alternative entrance to the house.

Our recommendation is to return to the trailer to save and manage your items, then head to the front door of the Old House, use the Crow Key and the Lantern Altar to proceed to the Detention Room.

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You can shoot her as she lays down the nest leaving her exposed otherwise she will return to her normal bipedal position and have a swarm of insects to help her out. If you don’t get it in time, use the torch to break through the swarm, quickly destroy the nest and deal damage to it.

Getting the crank to get the crow key

Okay! There’s Baker’s mom. Okay. She wants you to stay away, so make a commitment. Go the other way. As you pass these nests, burn them. You may want to just run past, but in general your life will be easier if you now clean the nests and there are items near the nests, such as packages of chemicals, which burning them allows you to catch them. Now we go back to sneaking, like on Mia’s tape, avoiding Maugerite. We need to get into this shadow room and solve this mystery – you probably know the way by now. If Maugerite sees you, she will not only start chasing you but send deadly worms after you, so avoid her at all costs. Take your time, don’t panic and you’ll find it is doable.

You basically loop back after the first time you walked when you first entered the house. In the room, you will see another nest on your way back. If you destroy it, there is another cupboard covered with spiders and a box next to it. There is a herb inside the box. There are two very handy burner fuel cans inside the cabinet.

Keep going, sneaking past Maugerite if necessary to reach the puzzle room. There isn’t much advice here – just watch her patterns and if you are spotted the safest place to shake her is to escape to the rescue room. Whatever happens, I suggest you go there, save it, and then go back to the shadow puzzle.

The puzzle is simple again – you’ve even done that before! This is the advantage of watching tapes. Do it and go through. On the other side are:

  • A crow’s door that you can’t open
  • A drawer with a first aid kit on the right side of the crow’s door
  • Herb on your right as you enter
  • Some solid fuel as well
  • The crawling space where Mia found herself at the end of the tape. Crawl over there – look around for the Chem Pack and finally the CRANK key component which is essential to progress.

After leaving the recess, there is a place to use the crank in front of you. This creates a bridging shortcut back to the top of that house. Do it.

Remember that third jetty we didn’t get to, near where we got the second part for the burner? The crank is our passage there and to the keys we need. Back up while avoiding Maugerite, which feels more difficult now.

Go to that pier and use the crank to raise the bridge. In the room on the other side is a shiny chest with a STEP KEY inside. Take it and you’ll also find some burner fuel for your troubles. There is another antique coin on the top of the toilet in this room.

We can make progress with the Crow Wrench, but before we do, hey, how about a grenade launcher? This key will allow you to get to the next rooms in the main house. Our next section covers this short detour backward.

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To find her, you need to go to the prosecution room. Inside, you will stumble upon the corpse of a policeman. Basically, you have to approach and interact with the dead body to find the Serpent Key that’s stuck in its throat.

How to Get Scorpion Key in Resident Evil VII

Surely you’ve noticed the scorpion door by now. You’ll need a true Resident Evil Scorpion Key to open them. You can find some very useful stuff behind that door, so you really want to find that key. Fortunately, it is not difficult.

Head to the processing area and go to the large, nameless area at the top of the map. Look around and you will see a huge piece of meat on a green tray on the table. The Scorpion Key is sticking out of it.

You can now get a shotgun from the statue. To find out how, check out our How to Get a Shotgun guide.

Resident Evil 7 Crow Key Location

To open a door with a downed crow you need the Crow Key. It is hidden on the first floor of the Old House. If you’ve seen VHS Mia, you’ll know which area it is. It’s the one that was in ruins in that movie.

Exit the house through the Dining Room. You can go two ways. Go straight and you will reach a disgusting outhouse. Go inside and you will see a decorative chest that seems completely out of place there. Open it and take the Crow Key.

To leave the house, go to the ground floor and on the east side of the house to the south the wall should rot, allowing you to move away from the alternative entrance to the house.

Exploring the Old House

If you’ve played a Mia tape before, you’ll find it a little familiar. In the entrance, take out the knife and move away any large insects that stand in your way. You can enter the lounge on the right, but it’s filled with insect nests that are hard to remove at the moment.

Instead, go left and north, through the door next to the water space in the center of the room. In the guest room – with the words “She’s upstairs, don’t come up” on the wall – there’s a nest with a swarm that will attack when you get close. You can destroy it with your current weapon, but for now, run through the room to the door on the other side.


In this corridor (where you found yourself behind the crate in Mia Tape) go straight to the room. Search cabinets and cupboards in the dining room for consumables – we found solid fuel and shotgun cartridges – while the Lockpick drawer contains a first aid kit. You can also run your finger over the spiders on the cupboard to get more items like chemical liquid and strong chemical liquid.

How to find the Burner flamethrower and Old House safe house

Go north through the door outside. Immediately turn right on the porch and finally collect the psychostimulators and the lockpick. Now head up the sidewalk then turn right and in the outhouse of the water station take the Herb and Burner Nozzle, the first part of the flamethrower.


Head back home, head back east through the Dining Room into the corridor, then enter the Gallery via the East Door, placing the old house map on the table on the left and sliding over the large insects that fall through the window.

Run through the Gallery to the outside and take the torch holder. Combine it with the burner nozzle you took from the water station to make a burner. You can make more ammunition by combining Chem Fluid with solid fuel found throughout your home. Also to the right is some shotgun ammo and some chemical fluid.


Head west and you’ll find a hideout on the other side of the bridge. In addition to the item box and save point, there’s a backpack on the desk that adds four extra slots to your inventory – perfect time for all the burning gear we just started gathering. There is also Mr Everywhere’s head on the left side of the item box.

Go to the basement and avoid Margaret

Now you’ve got the burner, it’s time to explore the Living Room which is across the Gallery and Dining Room (or right to where you entered the Old House). The nest and their swarms by the fireplace present some problems, but the Burner can deal with it quickly. If you want, you’ll find solid fuel in the drawer by the front door, then go through the passage.

Before you make your way through the door, there’s a statue of Lord Everywhere behind the wooden pallet on the left wall and an Ancient Coin on the left side of the door.

In the basement, go to the fence on the right to watch a cutscene and then take the stone statuette from the table.

You have to go to the gallery, but as you can see when walking through the Dining Room, Marguerite is on the way. Make your way through the entrance and guest room and in the next corridor she will be waiting around the corner on the left.


From there, she will walk towards you – circle the chest to the left to hide.

Just like you did with Mia’s tape, hide behind the crate here and she will ignore you and go to the other room, leaving a clear path to the Gallery. There, place the Stone Statue on the pedestal and rotate it until it resembles a spider on the wall, solving the Venomous Predator puzzle.


The mystery of the shadows of the Venomous Predator

Fire your arrows to stun Marguerite and her arms will eventually clench and she will fall. When she finally dies, take her lantern and then walk through the ruined gate. Take the burner ammo out of the drawer as you walk this ends the story of the greenhouse.

Retrieving the Crow Key

Resident Evil 7 Crow Key

  1. First, follow our guide to building a flamethrower with a torch in the Old House.
  2. If you haven’t reached the safe in the Old House yet, you’ll find it on the west path from the Gallery. Go there, pick up the backpack for the In the Bag achievement, destroy the Lord Everywhere statue, and save.
  3. Head southeast through the dining room to the lounge.
  4. Take the eastern door to the Basement.
  5. A cut-scene will trigger inside the basement when you get near the fence.
  6. Take the Stone Figurine and go back to the Salon.
  7. We want to go back to the Gallery, but Maguerite is blocking the way now. Head west to the entrance and then north to the guest room.
  8. In the corridor leading to the Gallery you will have to hide behind a chest – just like in Mia’s videotape.
  9. Sneak past her to the Gallery and use the Stone Statue to solve the Venemous Predator pedestal puzzle, which is the same as on Mia’s tape.
  10. Use the passage opened through the puzzle with the plinth and go down to the basement.
  11. Raise the Crank, destroy the Lord’s Statue Everywhere, and collect all remaining items.
  12. After exiting the basement, use Crank to raise the bridge back to the entrance.
  13. Sneak past Maguerite to the promenade in the northeast corner of the map (where you found the torch nozzle).
  14. Use the Crank to raise the bridge to the north. This leads to an outhouse.
  15. Inside the outhouse, take the Crows Key and Ancient Coin.

Picking up the Grenade Launcher

Resident Evil 7 Crowd door room supplies

  1. Before you use the Crow Key to get to the second floor of the Old House, it’s time to head back to Main House for the Grenade Launcher.
  2. From the main hall on the first floor, head southeast to the lounge.
  3. Use the Crow’s key to unlock the door to the supply room.
  4. Inside, grab a grenade launcher, two fireballs, solid fuel, strong chemical fluid, and gun ammo.

Now that you have a Grenade Launcher you can use it to deal massive damage to bosses and throw hard Sunken packs. You can make more grenades by combining different items. Solid fuel and Strong Chem Fluid form Flame Rounds, and supplements with Strong Chem Fluid form Neuro Rounds.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a game horror fans won’t want to miss. And since it’s an Xbox Play Anywhere title, gamers using Windows 10 won’t need to miss out either.

For more help, check out our Achievement Guide and don’t miss our full review!

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