Riot Games. Where are league of legends na servers located

By separating the subnet from the game server and shifting the region selection to the platform, we can focus on the optimal use of subnets based on the Internet topology in any area.

3 Best VPNs for League of Legends – Updated for Gaming in 2022

Since its release in 2009, League of Legends has quickly become one of the most popular games in the world. However, if you have experienced lag, server crashes, or geographic limitations, you will most certainly not be left behind in “LoL”. No matter what problem you are having with LoL at the moment, a VPN should be able to help.

A strong service like ExpressVPN can help you bypass difficult geographic restrictions and provide fast speeds to prevent lag issues. Additionally, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So while I know you will like it, if not you can get a full refund and try one of the other great VPNs on this list.

Quick Guide: Best VPNs for League of Legends

    – ExpressVPN is the best option if your only problem is latency; has the fastest speeds of any VPN. – If you’re looking for a non-intimidating, inexpensive VPN that still delivers good features, go for CyberGhost. – Easy to use and uncomplicated, PrivateVPN will keep you safe without hassle.

Choosing the right VPN for League of Legends will depend on the problem you’re trying to solve.

If you’re having latency and high ping issues, you’ll need to look for a VPN that has a large server network in the right countries. LoL has servers all over the world. If you live far from the nearest server, you may experience problems with slow gameplay.

Routing data through a VPN server that is closer to your chosen game server can be very effective in reducing latency. Choose a VPN with hubs close to your chosen game server.

This can also be helpful if you want to connect to a different region to play with your friends, are traveling and want to connect to your home server while you’re away, or if your local LoL server keeps crashing and you want to try a different one.

If you want to unblock LoL at school or work, or access content that is not available in your region, you need a server that is able to bypass geo-restrictions in order to unblock the content.

All the VPNs we recommend are extremely efficient and can overcome even the toughest geoblocks.

We assure you that this is just the beginning. The changes to Riot Direct described in this article are just the foundation for our multi-game future. Riot Direct exists to help our game teams build and support the best gaming experience possible, and each new game allows us to learn more and create better tools for all of our games.

From One to Many

When Riot Games was really just a Riot Game, designing the web and everything on it was less complicated.

With the suddenly expanding set of games, we’ve moved from a network designed for:

  • One game
  • Game servers located in a specific location per region and per shard
  • One protocol, first of all
  • One delay threshold
  • Lots of games
  • Multiple game server locations for each region
  • Lots of different protocols
  • Multiple latency thresholds

Moving to a multi-game environment while supporting League of Legends meant we had to redesign the web in an effort to avoid the pain of players.

Remember – each game is not just a game server, but the platform, services and people needed for both the game and the supporting infrastructure. All this translates into more capacity and new functions.

It was quite a challenge to do all of this on a daily basis.

What We’re Working With

Riot Direct has been around since 2014, so we’re pretty solid at the moment. It’s a great place to start – now we had to take this League-only network and its esports productions and tweak it + expand it to properly support future games and potentially their esports.

Not all games are created equal when it comes to networking. They have different requirements for protocols, latency, and server location.

Protocol: Fast-paced games like League of Legends and VALORANT rely on UDP speed at the cost of reliability, while slower games like Legends of Runeterra rely on the slower but more reliable TCP protocol.

Latency: Even though we all want to ping under 15 milliseconds for League of Legends, the game is still very playable with an average latency of around 60ms. LoR can be played with even higher latencies. If you’ve tried playing VALORANT with a latency of more than 60ms it would be quite difficult, so VALORANT has been optimized for more game servers.

Server Location: VALORANT servers are located all over the world. However, League of Legends game servers are located in Chicago, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Seoul, São Paulo, Santiago, Istanbul, Miami, and Sydney.

VALORANT game server locations around the world.

Worldwide league game server locations.

IPv4 address depletion: IPv4 addresses are stored as an unsigned 32-bit integer, which means there are approximately 4,294,967,296 possible addresses. The number of publicly available addresses is even smaller because there are rule sets that determine which address blocks can be routed over the Internet.

Denial of Service: It’s pretty awful when games are at risk from DDoS. We always have to keep these attacks in mind when building our network solutions, as we increase our visibility by adding more games.

All these elements combined meant that in order to host new games with individual server configurations and network requirements, the original network designed for a centralized game server (such as League and LoR) also had to host games with decentralized game servers (such as VALORANT). All during an unexpected, unprecedented global pandemic.

COVID-19: The COVID-19 pandemic meant we had to achieve all of this without being able to work and collaborate in the office. We also had to manage the impact on hardware deliveries, which affected our PoPs – and more server locations meant more PoPs.

COVID-19: The COVID-19 pandemic meant we had to achieve all of this without being able to work and collaborate in the office. We also had to manage the impact on hardware deliveries, which affected our PoPs – and more server locations meant more PoPs.

The Ping Effect

The under-representation of players from the East and HQ in the NA LCS is directly correlated with the location of the Riot server and the resulting ping from its servers.

While the West Coast benefits from minimal latency from the current server location in Portland, the Central Timezone experiences a latency of around 40-80ms, while the East Coast gets 80-150 + ms.

Season 3 world champion and midfielder Faker SKT T1 is famous for not being able to play with 40 pings. Of course, Faker is from South Korea, which is well known for its advanced tech infrastructure where players benefit from the low ping that is reportedly hitting single digits. The NA LCS champion and AD Carry Doublelift of CLG, who hails from Southern California, said in his stream that playing with 100 pings is “like playing under the influence.”

Even so, half of the North American continent has played with at least 80 pings throughout League of Legends history.

The so-called “lack of talent” from North America is directly related to Riot’s decision to locate its servers on the West Coast, which has hampered more than half of NA’s player base, providing less-than-ideal lag and in-game performance issues for those living in the East and West Coast the middle of the continent.

As a result, the highest tier of competitive League of Legends in North America, the NA LCS has more South Korean players (14) this season than East Coast players (10) this season. The state of California alone produced more LCS players (17) than together with Eastern and Mid NA (16).

Of course, ping and latency issues aren’t the only factor in achieving LCS. The likes of WildTurtle and Hai have proven that talent and skill cannot be overcome, but when the West Coast produces more than half of North American pro LoL players, it’s clear that the West Coast bias is stunning.

The upcoming server migration to Chicago has long been overdue and should only help expand the talent pool in North America. As the season progresses, expect to see a wave of new talent flooding in from East and Central North America through the ranks in the solo queue, and ultimately into the LCS at the start of Season 6.

Data and research

The data collected for this post can be found here. The data includes every player who played at least one NA LCS game in Season 5. Regions have been broken down by time zone to give you an idea of ​​the east coast and west coast lines. Only Crumbz was from the mountain timezone, so given Calgary’s proximity to Portland, I grouped it with the Pacific timezone.

Information about his hometown was gathered from public profiles or biographies. Each player’s “Hometown” was based on where the player had played / practiced League of Legends prior to their professional career, which is not necessarily their place of birth or nationality. For example, Xmithie was born and raised in the Philippines but moved to California at 16, so his hometown is listed as California, not the Philippines.

There are 7 North American players I couldn’t find for whom I couldn’t find his hometown in my research. I was still able to draw strong correlation and conclusions without this data, but let me know if you have information so I can update it.

If you don’t feel like checking the website, you can also follow the Riot Support Twitter account. Not only do you get messages about the server status, but other anomalies will also be noted here, so you will always be up to date. So keep an eye on their Twitter!

Other Methods For Troubleshooting When League Is Down

If you think the problems you are experiencing are coming from your computer and not from an error code, try these solutions:

  • Is your Wi-Fi working or has it been disconnected? .
  • Right click on the League of Legends icon and click “run as administrator”

If neither of these options work, open the League of Legends client and you’ll likely see an error code displayed. Here are all the error codes:

Are you queuing up for servers before being matched with the game? How often do you get one of the preferred servers? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

How to Change Region With Riot Games?

Riot Games automatically detects your region when you sign up for a new account and assigns you to the nearest regional server. For example, if you are in the United States, Riot assigns your account to a North American region server. You can’t choose one yourself, and you can’t change the region once Riot establishes a region for your account.

If you want to try to bypass a region lock, you’ll need to sign in to the VPN before accessing the site and select your preferred region on the VPN first.

As of update 2.04, it is not possible to change regions in Riot Games.

Additional FAQs

How to Replace Valorant Server?

Press the “Play” button as if you were to start a new match. Select a mode and then go to the server icon just above your player card. You can select up to three servers to queue in case your first pick doesn’t work.

How Do You Change the Server Region in Valorant?

Technically speaking, you cannot change the server region in Valorant. Riot Accounts are region-locked and automatically determined when signing up for a new account. You can try a VPN to create a new account, but you will have to redo all the progress from your previous account as your information won’t transfer.

How to Set High Priority in Valorant?

If your game is lagging behind, here are some quick steps to make it a high priority:

1. Stop as many background processes as possible and continue to restart the computer.

2. Press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to open the Task Manager.

3. Go to the “Details” tab in the Task Manager window.

4. Find your Valorant game and right-click an entry.

5. Scroll down to “Set Priority” to open the next drop-down menu.

7. Exit the Task Manager.

Packet Return Optimization: NAT also guarantees server return via the Riot Direct network. So when packets go back from the server to the player, they always go back to the PoP they entered via our dedicated cables.

Method 2 – Use the Account Settings

If you want to change game servers after creating your account, you can use the account settings page in your game client. But this change costs 2,600 Riot Points, or roughly $ 20.

  1. Launch the Riot game client
  2. Go to your account
  3. Click Account Settings
  4. Click Buy RP
  5. Choose a new server.

The good news is that you can change your LoL server multiple times, there are no limits to this and the costs remain the same for each transfer.

Important things to keep in mind when transferring your LoL account

You cannot transfer your LoL account from individual servers such as RU, TR, BR, LAN, and LAS. Before trying to change game servers, make sure that this action is allowed for your account and region.

For more information on available transfer locations for each region, visit the Riot support page.

Always move your account to servers close to your current location. If you are playing on a server that is far away from your location, it will cause long delays and you will experience lag issues in the game.

There are no refunds for accidental or pathetic transfers. If you are not completely sure if you want to move between regions, then please don’t.

  • Friends list
  • Honor level
  • Forum badges
  • Current place in the ranking league
  • Mission progress
  • Your store offers
  • Eternity’s Progress

You will be unclassified. Remember that after transferring your account to a new server, you will need to play brand new placement games. It is not unusual to end up in a different tier or division. If you change your mind and move back, you will lose your ranking again.

You may be asked to change your name. All usernames are now unique across regions. If you are asked to change your name, remember that this will be a permanent change.

You cannot transfer your LoL account to a server from a different region on the day of the update.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about changing your LoL server. Good luck with your server change.

While Valorant boasts 128-touch servers to ensure that unregistered hits don’t appear that often, sometimes it has to happen. If you find another server in your region is pinging a little faster, you can change servers in a few simple steps:

Where are league of legends na servers located

Another year, another Call of Duty title – and, in line with the trend, another blog about server locations.

You may have seen last year that we posted a blog about the Call of Duty: Cold War server location and tweet on launch day, this time we’re kicking up with pre-release info. But fear not, this blog will continue to be updated with the latest server information in the games release, so if there are any changes you will know about them.

These are the current Vanguard servers from beta – September 2021

With a franchise as established as Call of Duty, we can assume that their servers are the same. If you’ve seen our other CoD server locations blogs, you may notice some similarities between them. We will closely monitor any significant changes from the beta or new servers as the games go into full version and update this page. But it would make sense if the same set of servers were used in this year’s release.

The best server for you is usually the closest to you – because your data has to travel less, which means lower ping.

The server state also determines the quality of the connection. Just because it’s your local server, if there are problems or an increase in player count your connection could suffer. If you’re experiencing a sudden rush of lag, check the status of the Call of Duty online service.

If you want to stay up to date with server location changes or are interested in how we obtained the information we needed to map our server locations, the Ping Heatmap feature in DumaOS might be for you. Check out what this and all the other advanced features can do for your network and gaming here.

If you are a DumaOS user, Ping Heatmap can be used to find the best servers which can then be included in the Geofilter radius. This ensures you’ll connect to games within that radius – keeping games close together and ping low.

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