RoboForm password manager review

Password managers are becoming more critical as businesses increasingly conduct their activities online. The potential consequences of a poor password management solution are significant and can see crucial data lost or stolen.

Fortunately, RoboForm is a highly secure, feature-rich platform that has been purposefully designed for businesses. It works across almost all platforms and provides networked features that enable businesses to collaborate more effectively.

In our RoboForm review, we consider which types of businesses should consider this platform and ask whether RoboForm is, potentially, the best password manager available.

Roboform is one of the most feature-rich password managers available. (Image credit: RoboForm)

Features and utilities

RoboForm’s features make it one of the top-performing password managers available for businesses. Among many others, RoboForm includes features such as a password generator, one-click login, cross-platform password syncing, and offline access.

We also love RoboForm’s integration of folders, enabling users to organize passwords in whatever way is most useful to them. For example, businesses can easily create separate folders for work-related passwords and personal passwords. This is ideal for businesses that want to enable seamless password management for their organization.

Password sharing is another powerful feature of RoboForm. This feature enables users to securely share encrypted passwords or credentials with other RoboForm users within your organization. Password sharing significantly reduces the risk of sensitive information or passwords being exposed.

A final feature that we think is important for businesses is the emergency access feature. In the unfortunate situation that one of your employees loses access to their account or becomes incapacitated, RoboForm will grant a trusted contact access to their RoboForm data.

RoboForm’s centralized management enables business administrators to maximize the platform’s performance for their organization. (Image credit: RoboForm)


RoboForm offers an array of software options, meaning business leaders can ensure compatibility across their organization.

In addition to applications for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android, RoboForm also offers software options for Linux users. Web extensions for all major browsers platforms also mean you can integrate Roboform right into your web experience.

Users can easily access the applications via their device’s app store or the Roboform website. Once downloaded, the app is easy to get up and running. However, users must create an account before accessing any of the app’s features.

Unlike most password managers, RoboForm offers Linux compatibility. (Image credit: RoboForm)

Interface and performance

The RoboForm app isn’t the most glamorous password manager application, but it performs strongly, and the interface is easy to use.

We tested the RoboForm app on Windows, iOS, and Android, and were impressed by the speed of syncing. Although we had to conduct a manual sync, it took less than three seconds for data uploaded on the mobile app to appear on our desktop device. Automatic syncing is also available.

Another strength of RoboForm is the high degree of account control. When using the desktop or mobile app, users can make a high number of customizations to security protocols and account settings. These advanced controls are one of the reasons RoboForm is one of our favorite password management solutions for businesses.

RoboForm is a market leader in data security. (Image credit: RoboForm)


As with any password management solution, a top-notch security framework is integral. Luckily, RoboForm doesn’t disappoint. As a standard, all data stored on RoboForm’s platform is encrypted end-to-end with AES256 bit encryption. Two-factor authentication is also available for all businesses, and further enhances data security.

RoboForm also provides advanced administrator controls such as enforced minimum master password standards and periodic password changes.

Businesses can also make use of public-private key cryptography, which allows business administrators to share encrypted passwords and credentials with employees without them ever having to see the actual password. This feature alone makes RoboForm one of the best password management solutions for businesses.

The RoboForm support site is useful, and business hours phone support is another big plus. (Image credit: RoboForm )


RoboForm provides superior customer support for its business customers. IT administrators or employees can contact the RoboForm team either via their online support system or by phone during business hours. There are also several online learning and training resources available.

The online help center provides useful advice on topics as diverse as installation/uninstallation of the app, browser extensions, and RoboForm for business.

RoboForm’s tiered pricing model allows businesses to choose a subscription that best meets their needs. (Image credit: RoboForm )

Plans and pricing

RoboForm’s pricing model changes depending on how many users require access. A discount of 15% is offered for a three-year subscription and a 25% discount for a five-year subscription. All subscriptions provide access to the same features and software.

For businesses requiring only 1–10 licenses, the cost is $39.95 year/user.

For businesses requiring 11–25 licenses, the cost is $35.95 year/user.

For businesses requiring 26–100 licenses, the cost is $34.95 year/user.

Finally, for large businesses requiring between 101 and 1000 licenses, the cost is reduced to $29.95 user/year.

The RoboForm online help center. (Image credit: RoboForm)

The competition

Although RoboForm is close to best in class, it still faces competition from some of its competitors. LastPass, often considered the top provider, offers advanced administrator controls and centralized account management comparable to RoboForm’s platform.

RoboForm is also one of the most expensive password management platforms. Small and medium-sized businesses might therefore want to consider less expensive options such as RememBear, Sticky Password, NordPass or Dashlane.

Final verdict

RoboForm is a business-oriented password manager that all businesses would do well to consider for their organization. RoboForm, although more expensive than many of its rivals, offers advanced features that make it arguably one of the best password managers available.

Centralized administrator control, password sharing, and emergency access all make RoboForm particularly well suited to businesses and ensure a seamless experience across your organization.

RoboForm’s security framework is also close to best-in-class, so businesses can be confident that their passwords and credentials are secure and inaccessible, even to RoboForm.

We recommend RoboForm highly to businesses looking for a password management solution.

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