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Halo Infinite Valor: Valor sources list and how to get Valor fast in Halo Infinite

Valor is the in-game currency that gives you access to a long list of Halo Infinite unlocks during the main campaign.

As you fight the Outcasts in story missions, you’ll be rewarded for your actions with valor, which you can then spend on unlocking weapons, vehicles, and more. To get the most out of your expeditions, it’s important to know the best way to get it as early as possible.

This page explains all the sources for Valor in Halo Infinite, as well as the complete list of Valor you unlocked so you can get the Wasp.

Valor in Halo Infinite explained and Valor sources list

Bravery is not a rare currency in the purest sense of the word, but neither does it grow on trees. Knowing when and where you can find it is key to saving time, especially if you’re looking for a specific upgrade.

You must complete the campaign by the end of the second mission to unlock this feature. When the third mission starts, you will receive Valor for the first time and the mechanics will be automatically unlocked.


valor’s sources in Halo Infinite are as follows:

  • Main story missions (~ 350 Valor)
  • Destroying Outcast objects (100 Valor)
  • Rescue of UNSC naval troops (30 Valor)
  • Destruction of the Banished Propaganda Towers (10 Valor)
  • Found in containers or chests in the Zeta Halo

These are all of Valor’s existing sources so far – thankfully there are plenty of them, allowing you to diversify and avoid having to grind a specific activity or goal to get them. But if you want to get the most amount as quickly as possible, skip to the next section.

The Halo Infinite Cat Ears Helmet has finally been added to the game, giving players the chance to unlock this new cosmetic. This comic cat-themed helmet previously appeared in Halo Infinite’s Bot Bootcamp, where a Spartan named Meownir wore this feline design.

Royale High Halo Answers – Winter Halo 2021

These are all the correct answers to the fountains stories for the winter halo 2021

  • Buy a miracle scarf: Answers C and D (new)
  • Colossal Yeti is stealing cookies: answers A and B (new)
  • A Little Girl’s Village Was Destroyed by the Ice Queen: B Responses (new)
  • Snowball Fight: Answers A and B (New)
  • Bring a flower for the Winter Spirit: Answers ?? (New)
  • Read the book on Nugget: Answers A and B (new)
  • Sled race: answers B and C (new)
  • luminous unit: answers A and D
  • A scared penguin: answers A, B, and D
  • The Antique Store: Answers B and C
  • Helping the girl from the fountain: B&C answers
  • Snowman Building Contest Cap: Answers B
  • Speed ​​Skating Competition: Answers by A
  • Winter Festival: Answers from B & C

Royale High Halo Answers – Halloween Halo 2021

These are all the correct answers to the fountains stories in the Halloween Halo 2021

  • Abandoned Estate: Answer C
  • Costume Chest: Answer B and D
  • Dark kitty: answer B
  • Forrest’s voice: A and B
  • Cemetery Kingdom: Answer C
  • The Halloween Festival: Answer B and D
  • Jimx’s Potion Drink: Answer D
  • A Creation of Leaves: Answers A, B, and C
  • Maxwell Ghost: Answer B and C
  • Crafting Potions: Answer B

You can also use the Wasp to fly in directly if you have it unlocked. There is also an entrance on the other side of the skull platform. You will find a sniper, a pistol and grenades here. The Fog Skull sits on an ominous pile of armor.

What’s included in the Halo Infinite cat ears helmet bundle?

Halo Infinite helmet with cat ears item shop screen

The Halo Infinite Cat Ears Helmet includes other in-game cosmetics.

The Halo Infinite Cat Ears Helmet is unlocked as a bundle from the Cat Lover Item Store. This pack includes the following cosmetic items:

  • Faded Blush (Mark VII Epic Armor Coating)
  • Purrfect Audio (epic helmet mount)
  • Brindle (rare charm)
  • Kat (epic charm)

After purchasing the Cat Lover Pack, you’ll be able to put on the Halo Infinite Cat Ears Helmet and other accessories in the Hall of Armor.

So here’s how to unlock the Cat Ears Helmet in Halo Infinite. Make sure you check our Halo page for the latest news and updates.

You should start to hear a scary sound. There is another blue light on the other side of the abyss. Use the Grapple to get there and you’ll find a Blind Skull

How to Get Credits in Halo Infinite

In the current situation, the only way to earn Halo Infinite Credits is to purchase them. Unlike other games such as Warzone, you cannot earn Battle Pass Credits to get the next one “for free” if you complete the previous one.

Here’s the cost of credits at launch:

  • 500 credits for 5
  • 1,000 credits for $ 10
  • 2200 credits for $ 20
  • 5600 Credits for 50

When Season 2 arrives, you’ll be able to level up your Battle Pass to earn credits as well.

So What’s XP for in Halo Multiplayer, Then?

Credits are different from the XP you’ll earn by completing some of the many challenges in the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Campaign. XP unlocks Battle Pass ranks, but not every Free Battle Pass tier includes a free new item. The Free Pass has quite a few rewards, but if you want new items at each rank, you’ll need to purchase a paid Battle Pass for, you guessed it, credits.

On the other hand, the Halo Infinite Battle Pass never expires. If there is something you can see but cannot obtain at that moment, it will still be available later.

There is also the occasional XP booster you can claim to double the amount of XP you earn. Of course, this only applies to the Free Battle Pass, but it helps you beat levels without rewards so you can get the items you want.

Hirschmann said: “Working with Lucasfilm Games on a new FPS in the Star Wars galaxy is a dream come true for me, because it’s a story I always wanted to tell.”

3 Destroy Propaganda Towers

Found throughout the Zeta Halo, the Banished Towers of Propaganda will cast discouragement to all people within earshot, hoping to weaken their resolve and weaken their hopes. While destroying the Banished Propaganda Towers will not bring you a tremendous amount of Fortitude, there are so many of them in the Zeta Halo that it is worth taking them down when noticed. Bravery adds up over time.

The Banished Propaganda Towers are home to some of the funniest and most memorable Halo Infinite dialogue lines, so players should listen to every message before destroying the tower. From begging Boss not to destroy the Towers as it would deprive him of his job, to lying to his audience about the Boss’s fabricated death, the announcer Grunt in charge of the Banished Propaganda Towers will say almost anything to win the war against the humans.

2 Defeat High-Value Targets

Patrolling the various areas around the open world, Halo Infinite are some of the deadliest members of the Outcasts. These enemies have long rap sheets and are known within the UNSC as “high value targets.” Taking down high value targets is no easy task as each one has their own unique strengths and abilities that make them a threat to the Master Chief. They are also often surrounded by a team of lower-level enemies with whom players also have to fight in order to win.

Killing high value targets has more advantages than just bravery, as each HTV carries its own unique weapon. These weapons have slight modifications compared to their standard counterparts. Whether it’s a target lock rocket launcher or a spire that can target two enemies at once, these weapon variants are well worth the hassle players can encounter when clearing out important targets. Once defeated, each high-value target’s unique weapon will be available for players to commandeer at the weapons table at any Forward Base of Operations.

The thunderstorm skull is located at the top of the column near the tall, slender peak to the west of the northernmost lighthouse. If you climb to the top of the hill (you don’t have to, but it’s a great sight and shows you how to spot this skull) you’ll find a video, a sniper, a dead marine and a few steps down the hill, a dead Brute.

IWHBYD Skull Location


Location: Tower (Island 1 – Recovery)

The Skull of the Tower is marked as part of the mission collectibles, but unlike other collectible missions, it can be collected after completing the Recovery and the Tower.

To get this Skull, you need to climb to the top of the Tower. It’s much easier if you’ve upgraded Grappleshot twice to unlock 40% less cooldown, but you can do it without upgrading. If you’re trying to do this without upgrading, you’ll especially need to get the right height and distance while throwing your Chief around the turret. When using Grappleshot, scale the side by using support beams as shelves.


Once you are as high as you can and meet the top of the tower you will need to shoot the Grappleshot at an angle to climb the Tower and throw the Chieftain upwards. Then, while facing the top of the Tower, you can use Grappleshot again to catch the top. This may take a few tries, but the trick is to move the Chieftain while you are being pulled by the Grappleshot so that it moves in an arc rather than simply being pulled in a straight line.


This is obviously much faster if you’ve already unlocked the Wasp or stolen the Banshees. The skull of IWHBYD is on the platform in the middle of the roof.


There is also a neat Easter egg just below it.

IWHBYD Skull Effect: Rare combat dialogues are becoming more common.
IWHBYD’s skull description: “Did they really say that?”

Blind Skull Location

Blind Skull

Location: Island 1 – Recovery

This skull is located between the two southern mountains on the first land.

Blind Skull Map.png

Come up from the western pair of mountains and about halfway down you should see what looks almost like an overturned pillar rather than the collapsed structure of the Ringworld pillar. Go through it and you will see dead marines in glowing blue slime below.

blind Skull (1) .png

When you get close to the first one with a rocket launcher, you will be attacked by the Outcast ship. You can bypass him in the nearby rocks while he flies by.

Jump down next to another marine’s corpse. Down and to the right of them, you should see blue light reflected from the wall of the silver pillar in the cave. Jump over there.

blind Skull (2) .png

You should start to hear a scary sound. There is another blue light on the other side of the abyss. Use the Grapple to get there and you’ll find a Blind Skull

blind Skull (3) .png

Blind skull effect: Hud and weapons are not displayed on the screen
Blind Skull Description: “Great for taking photos, bad for shooting enemies.”

The Halo Infinite Cat Ears Helmet has finally been added to the game, giving players the chance to unlock this new cosmetic. This comic cat-themed helmet previously appeared in Halo Infinite’s Bot Bootcamp, where a Spartan named Meownir wore this feline design.

Apex Legends studio working on new Star Wars FPS game

Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Apex Legends, is working with Lucasfilm Games to create an all-new Star Wars FPS title.

Republic Commando in Star Wars Battlefront

Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Apex Legends, Titanfall and Jedi: Fallen Order, has announced that it is working with Lucasfilm Games to create an all-new Star Wars FPS game.

Star Wars video games are almost as popular as the movies themselves, and games like the Battlefront franchise, The Force Unleashed, and Knights of the Old Republic are adored by fans of the science fiction franchise.

In anticipation of the release of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Jedi: Fallen Order, the studio behind Apex Legends and Titanfall has announced that it is working on a new Star Wars FPS game.

In a January 25 press release, EA announced that Respawn Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games are developing “an all-new first-person shooter for Star Wars.”

The project will be led by Peter Hirschmann, who has worked on almost every Star Wars game to date, including the original Battlefront II, The Force Unleashed, classic LEGO games and Republic Commando.

Hirschmann said: “Working with Lucasfilm Games on a new FPS in the Star Wars galaxy is a dream come true for me, because it’s a story I always wanted to tell.”

It is not known what the game will be, but EA has confirmed that Hirschmann’s team has “just started working on the title,” so we probably won’t see the game for at least a few years.

FIFA Team of the Week arrives weekly, so players can expect TOTW 19 to launch on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 10:00 PT / 1 PM ET / 18:00 GMT, with EA’s announcement usually coming soon sooner.

The TOTW cards replace the normal pack player cards for the duration of the week, which means the enhanced card is the only version that can be packaged for seven days.

Each wave of forms remains in the bundles until replaced by the next team of the week the following Wednesday.

Team of the Week 19 predictions

Chelsea players celebrate in FIFA 22

All the top five European leagues were in full swing last week, with tent duels spanning several competitions.

With his marvelous performance as a super substitute who scored two goals, including a match winner in two minutes, Tottenham winger Steven Bergwijn’s place in TOTW 19 is inevitable. Leverkusen’s Moussa Diaby scored a hat-trick on Saturday as his side beat Augsburg 5-1.

Elsewhere, Joshua Kimmich is making a strong scream after assisting on two goals and winning the Match Player’s praise. Both Marco Verratti and Frenkie de Jong have acted as midfielders in their clubs and should be in TOTY 19 thanks to their winning goals.

Finally, all three of Virgil Van Dijk, Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva made it to their clubs’ scoreboard. It is unlikely that all three center-backs will come out, but two out of three are to be expected.

We’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see the official line-up of the Team of the Week 19, but until then, here are our best forecasts.

  • Alisson Becker – Liverpool – GK
  • Nick Pope – Burnley – GK
  • Noussair Mazraoui – Ajax – RB
  • Kyle Walker-Peters – Southampton – RB
  • Andrew Robertson – Liverpool – LB
  • Ferland Mendy – Real Madrid – LB
  • Thiago Silva – Chelsea – CB
  • Serigo Ramos – PSG – CB
  • Virgil Van Dijk – Liverpool – CB
  • NemanjaMaksimovic – Getafe – CDM
  • Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munich – CDM
  • Marco Verratti – PSG – CM
  • Frenkie de Jong – Barcelona – CM
  • Jonjo Shelvey – Newcastle United – CM
  • João Moutinho – Wolverhampton Wanderers – CM
  • Emre Akbaba – Alanyaspor – CAM
  • Matheus Cunha – Atletico Madrid – CAM
  • Hakim Ziyech – Chelsea – RM
  • Marcus Rashford – Manchester United – LM
  • Stephy Mavididi – Montpellier – LM
  • StevenBergwijn – Tottenham – LM / ST?
  • Moussa Diaby – Leverkusen – LW
  • Dries Mertens – Naples – CF
  • Donyell Malen – Borussia Dortmund – ST
  • Max Kruse – Union Berlin – CF
  • Tammy Abraham – Roma – ST
  • Hwang Ui Jo – Bordeaux – ST
  • Danny Ward – Huddersfield Town – ST

These were our predictions for Team of the Week 19 in FIFA 22. We update this page every seven days with another batch of TOTW guesswork, so be sure to check back every week.

For more information on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, here is the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team shooting guide: What is shooting, how to shoot and earn coins.

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