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Halo Infinite Valor: Valor sources list and how to get Valor fast in Halo Infinite

Valor is the in-game currency that gives you access to a long list of Halo Infinite unlocks during the main campaign.

As you fight the Outcasts in story missions, you’ll be rewarded for your actions with valor, which you can then spend on unlocking weapons, vehicles, and more. To get the most out of your expeditions, it’s important to know the best way to get it as early as possible.

This page explains all the sources for Valor in Halo Infinite, as well as the complete list of Valor you unlocked so you can get the Wasp.

Valor in Halo Infinite explained and Valor sources list

Bravery is not a rare currency in the purest sense of the word, but neither does it grow on trees. Knowing when and where you can find it is key to saving time, especially if you’re looking for a specific upgrade.

You must complete the campaign by the end of the second mission to unlock this feature. When the third mission starts, you will receive Valor for the first time and the mechanics will be automatically unlocked.


valor’s sources in Halo Infinite are as follows:

  • Main story missions (~ 350 Valor)
  • Destroying Outcast objects (100 Valor)
  • Rescue of UNSC naval troops (30 Valor)
  • Destruction of the Banished Propaganda Towers (10 Valor)
  • Found in containers or chests in the Zeta Halo

These are all of Valor’s existing sources so far – thankfully there are plenty of them, allowing you to diversify and avoid having to grind a specific activity or goal to get them. But if you want to get the most amount as quickly as possible, skip to the next section.

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Royale High Halo Answers – Winter Halo 2021

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