Sea of Thieves installation – unlock times, how to download Sea of Thieves on PC and Xbox One. How to get sea of thieves for pc

Outdated or incorrect drivers for your video card, network card, sound card, etc., can cause problems. Updating drivers is a good bug fixing option. What else, this method can also give you a better gaming experience.

[Solved] Sea of Thieves Won’t Launch

Worried when Sea of ​​Thieves won’t start? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Click on this post and you will learn how to fix this problem.

Last updated: 4 months ago

It’s really annoying when you want to play Sea of ​​Thieves but won’t boot up! Don’t worry, try the solutions below and enjoy the game.

Well, there is one thing you should do first is make sure your Windows operating system is up to date and meets the minimum requirements.

Minimum Requirements for Sea of ​​Thieves

AXIS Windows 10
Processor Intel Core i3 2.0 GHz / AMD Athlon IIT X3 455
Hard disk space 9 GB
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7850
Aries 4 GB

How to check for updates:

Fix 2: Do an App reset

Reset Sea of ​​Thieves is a good option to try. This method will restore the game to its default settings which may fix the no startup issue.

It is possible that the problem is due to the wrong time and region. When Sea of ​​Thieves is launched, the game automatically compares the date and time via the Internet. If your computer’s time zone is different from your region’s, the connection may not load and cause a problem.
Look at the time displayed on the screen, if it is different to your region, you can follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Note: If your language and region are already set to English (United States), please change it to English (United Kingdom.

november 20, 2021 | Sea of ​​Thieves news is no stranger to crossovers, and starting November 24, Microsoft and Rare’s Halo-themed content will be unlockable for the open world game.

Sea of Thieves unlock time – when can you start playing Sea of Thieves?

Sea of ​​Thieves will be unlocked at midnight in your country’s easternmost time zone, as Monday March 19 changes to Tuesday March 20. So if you’re in the United States, for example, no matter where you are when it’s midnight EDT! Here is a short list of unlocking dates and times for different regions:

Sea of ​​Thieves unlock times

  • UK, Ireland and Portugal – Monday 19th / Tuesday 12.00am
  • US EDT – Monday 19th / Tuesday 20th 12:00
  • US CDT – 11pm on Monday 19th
  • US MDT – 22:00 Monday 19th
  • US PDT – 21:00 Monday 19th
  • US Alaska – 8:00 PM on Monday 19th
  • United States Hawaii – 6pm Monday 19th

How to install Sea of Thieves on PC for both game pass players and owners

Fortunately, it’s very simple this time! However, there are two ways to own Sea of ​​Thieves: by subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass, and by purchasing the game itself.

The main difference is that Game Pass owners can actually get into the game and play early – we have access right now, at the time of this writing, ahead of the game’s official unlock time – but the problem is you can’t actually download the game unless you bought and own it the old-fashioned way.

Interestingly, in a weird kind of overlap, we got an Xbox Game Pass subscription before we got the full game – by doing that we were able to download it just like we pre-ordered but we got access right away, for example we only had it as part of Game Pass.


Either way, unless you are lucky or perhaps unwilling to change your location settings and live somewhere further “ahead” in time like New Zealand, you will likely be waiting for the official unlock times we have listed above. With that in mind, here’s how to download and install it so you’re ready to play as soon as possible.

1. Go to the Microsoft Store (search for it in the taskbar if it’s hard to find).

2. In the search bar at the top-right corner, search for “Sea of ​​Thieves” – it may appear as a suggested term when you are halfway typing.


3. Click on it and you will be taken to the game page. Whether you’ve played the beta before or not, you’ll need to re-download the game from scratch, so here click the little ‘. ”To the right of the game name.

Click “Redeem Code” and when prompted, enter the code you received into your digital pre-order and your download will begin! When it’s finished, you can find it in the Xbox app on your PC or by simply searching for it in the Windows search bar.


Job done! Fortunately, it was a little easier than before.

The first season is here! Find out about all Season 1 Battle Pass rewards and everything else added in the Sea of ​​Thieves patch notes. New to the game? Learn what to do in Sea of ​​Thieves and participate in the Maiden Voyage tutorial that will teach you the basics of sailing and ship battles. It is also useful for beginners who know how to survive battles with skeletons and kraken. Elsewhere we have tips on how to get easy gold and doubloons, complete skeleton forts and The Shroudbreaker, get involved in fishing on the Sea of ​​Thieves and Sea of ​​Thieves island maps.

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There are 50 offers from € 12.13 to € 46.20€ .

EU STEAM CD KEY: A EUROPEAN IP address is required or you must activate it with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to play Sea of ​​Thieves. May have language restrictions or language packs. Read the description on the game’s store page to find out if the UE IP address is only needed for activation or for the game (maybe on EU servers). Most stores offer their help or show you how to do it using a follow-up tutorial.

EUROPEAN STEAM GIFT: This is a Steam Gift for Europe that requires a European IP address to activate and play Sea of ​​Thieves on Steam. Please read the store description carefully for regional and language restrictions.

STEAM GIFT: A Steam Gift is a one-time transfer that you receive. You activate and install Sea of ​​Thieves to play on Steam, it is a non-refundable game that remains in your Steam game collection. Read the store description about language or regional restrictions.

STEAM CD KEY: Use your Steam key code on Steam to download and play Sea of ​​Thieves. You must log in to your Steam account or create one for free. Download (Steam client HERE). Then, after logging in, click Add a game (located in the lower left corner) -> Activate the product on Steam. Enter your CD key there and the game will be activated and added to your Steam account’s game library.

Windows 10 Global: This is Microsoft’s worldwide code to play on a PC around the world. You must have the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition update installed on your computer. Sign in to your Microsoft account to download and play. Read carefully the description provided by the store to activate the game.

EU XBOX ONE GAME CODE: Xbox Live game code FOR EUROPE ONLY. Use the digital code you received in the mail on your Xbox One account to download Sea of ​​Thieves from Xbox Live. An internet connection is required. Read the store description about language or regional restrictions.

PC Win 10 / Xbox Key. A digital code that allows you to play on both your Xbox console and Windows 10 PC. See below for more information.

European PC Win 10 / Xbox Key. A digital code for EUROPE that allows you to play on both Xbox and Windows 10 PC in Europe. See below for more information.

United Kingdom PC Win 10 / Xbox key. A UK digital code that allows you to play on both Xbox and Windows 10 UK PC. See below for more information.

North America PC Win 10 / Xbox key. A digital code for North America that allows you to play on both Xbox and Windows 10 PC in Europe. See below for more information.

Third-party applications may be causing the startup problem. You can try to disable applications like AfterBurner that display FPS, OSD, MSI, EVGA etc and then restart your computer. If that doesn’t help, you can also try disabling antivirus software such as Trend Micro that has been known to cause conflicts.

Sea of Thieves: Tokyo Drift

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a tense naval battle, or need to wade between jagged rocks, either way, knowing how to turn back quickly and efficiently in Sea of ​​Thieves can be a lifesaver as well as time.

You have several tools at your disposal if you want a quick turn. For starters, you can raise the sails by making sharp turns, allowing you to turn faster and without losing momentum. Alternatively, which is more dangerous, you can drop the anchor then immediately pick it up to perform what can only be described as a nautical handbrake turn. This can damage your boat, but it’s a great option if you’re looking at a volley of cannon fire or are about to crash into an island.

Store your puke

a sea of ​​thieves vomits sick

We all know the science behind this: drink too much and you’ll vomit. Do it in Sea of ​​Thieves by holding and emptying the bucket, and you can store the vomit for later. Why? Spew is an extremely effective tool for blinding enemy pirates during combat.

North America PC Win 10 / Xbox key. A digital code for North America that allows you to play on both Xbox and Windows 10 PC in Europe. See below for more information.

Sea of Thieves for Windows

A sea of ​​thieves

Raise the black flag and conquer the seven seas in Sea of ​​Thieves, a game that lets you discover your inner corsair as you sail across the oceans in search of fortune and glory. You will encounter endless hordes of enemies waiting to pounce on your reward.

Form a crew, search for hidden treasure and sail the oceans

Encounter legends lost at sea as you explore a vast open world in search of danger. But be careful, danger can also find you.

Take control of the seas and conquer the incoming waves as you play the role of a pirate. Your quest for wealth is hidden in the core game mode, Adventure Mode. The world is at your fingertips as you explore, fight, plunder, and stumble upon mysteries in the ocean.

Gather your crew and set sail. Discover skirmish-based events and story-based content between random battles between rival ships. As a team, destroy your enemies and loot their ill-gotten gains. Move up the ranks of the trading companies to become a pirate legend. Winning the title with your crew will not be easy as there are so many tasks to be done.

Discard the land rat outfit in the character customization menu, dress up as a real pirate. Unlock bold triplets, fiery tattoos, or elegant hooks as you play. Purchase custom options in the in-game store.

Encounter legends lost at sea as you explore a vast open world in search of danger. But be careful, danger can also find you. Fight hordes of skeleton corsairs in hidden forts, skeleton-crewed ships, or take on the Kraken. However, the most terrifying of all encounters are your teammates, their ship on your horizon can save your loot or fire a cannonball.

Why punch a hole in an enemy ship if no water gets into it? Aim your cannons below the waterline when attacking an enemy to deal maximum damage – this also means that if you misalign your trajectory you will likely hit something higher instead of wasting a shot.

What Will Run It?

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Option 2 – Automatic (recommended) – This is the quickest and easiest option. A few mouse clicks are all it takes – it’s easy, even if you are new to the computer.

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Microsoft finally releases Android 11 for the original Surface Duo

After a very long wait, the original Surface Duo may now receive an operating system update to Android 11.

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