Secretlab’s first PC desk keeps your cables under control with the help of magnets

Secretlab, which you may know for its gaming chairs, is announcing its first-ever PC desk — the Magnus Metal Desk — and the company has a smart solution to help you manage your cables: you’ll be able to attach magnetic cable-management accessories right onto the desk.

The company will offer proprietary accessories like magnetic cable holders to keep your phone’s charging cable from slipping off your desk and a magnetic cable sheath that can be attached to one of the desk’s legs. The desk has a cable tray in the back you can use to store cables as well.

The Magnus desk doesn’t just use magnets to help hide cables, though — Secretlab is also making a desk mat that attaches magnetically so it will stay in place while you’re gaming or working. The company calls it the Magpad Desk Mat.

The Magnus’ magnetic cable holders and the cable tray.
Image: Secretlab

And if you want to add a little color to your desk space, Secretlab is also offering a magnetic RGB lighting strip that connects near the back of the desk. You can see it reflecting off the back of the desk in the photo above.

The Magnus desk is 29 inches tall, but you can also manually raise the desk up as much as 0.8 inches higher to help make it the right height for you. But that still means this won’t offer as much height flexibility as a desk that can swap between sitting and standing positions. The desk will also be offered in two lengths: 59 inches, which is available now, and a smaller 47-inch model, which will be available “later.”

The desk itself starts at $449, and it will be available in the US, EU, and Singapore at launch. The magnetic accessories will cost extra.

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